Windows 10: Copy ISO file to DVD

Discus and support Copy ISO file to DVD in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; I have the windows 10 ISO file on my hard drive and am trying to copy it do a DVD+R. But I get a message that tells me that the DVD has to be formatted... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Frank1, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. Frank1 Win User

    Copy ISO file to DVD

    I have the windows 10 ISO file on my hard drive and am trying to copy it do a DVD+R. But I get a message that tells me that the DVD has to be formatted to NTFS. When I try to format I don't have a NTFS option. Isn't there a way to move the iso form my hard drive to the DVD? If not, where can I put the file so I can save it?

    Frank1, Aug 11, 2015
  2. neilpzz Win User

    Where Can I download Window 10 Build 10586 ?

    When you burn to DVD just make sure you are creating a bootable disc and not just copying the ISO file to the DVD.
    neilpzz, Aug 11, 2015
  3. Windows Repair Not Working and Command Prompt reveals my HD is write protected

    tried running iso from usb and dvd and even copied iso onto hard drive but the option to reinstall windows using a specific iso image is not finding the file.
    LindaGallant, Aug 11, 2015
  4. dougout Win User

    Copy ISO file to DVD

    Hi Frank,
    Not sure what is causing this NTFS (usually refers to Hard Drives) issue for you. I just right click on the ISO Icon, go down to Burn DVD (second option on my Windows 10 PC), stick a blank DVD in the drawer and click Burn. If it is a good, unused DVD, it works every time.
    dougout, Aug 11, 2015
  5. bobkn Win User
    If I understand what you post, you are trying to save a copy of the .iso to a DVD, not to create the DVD of which the .iso is an image.

    I presume that your problem has something to do with file size limits for the format of the DVD. I don't recall the limits; for FAT32 it's 4GB, but it's probably different for a standard DVD format.

    Do you have any way of creating a UDF DVD? I think that'll permit a larger file to be written. I'd use Nero for that, but it's not free.
    bobkn, Aug 11, 2015
  6. simrick Win User
    Hi Frank,
    As bobkn said, you can't just "copy" an ISO image to a DVD - it has to be "created". If you have an ISO of, say W10 Home x64, then that will fit on a single DVD, and you can follow dougout's instructions to right-click>burn DVD. However, if you've created an ISO which would install both W10 Home and Pro, in both 32 and 64 bit, then that won't work, because it would be too big for a regular DVD and you'd need a dual-layer DVD, of which the native Burn can't handle. In that case, you either make a new ISO with only the version/architecture you need, or use 3rd-party burning software which can handle dual layer.

    The ISO itself can be save to an external hard drive, for creating the DVD at some later time. The ISO can also be mounted from within the W8.1 OS, to do an upgrade that way.
    simrick, Aug 11, 2015
  7. Frank1 Win User
    Thank you, Dougout and the others who responded as you have solved my problem. It was something that I didn't understand. I was trying to do a copy/paste and from what all of you have said, I was just doing things wrong. So after reading what you said, I did a burn and that took care of it. That means that I'm a little smarter today than I was yesterday.*Cool I can't wait to tell my grandchildren.*Smile
    Frank1, Aug 11, 2015
  8. simrick Win User

    Copy ISO file to DVD

    Hurrah!! *Thumbs and, yes, I think we are all a little smarter today than we were yesterday....but the grandkids are gonna out-smart us all tomorrow!
    simrick, Aug 11, 2015
  9. topgundcp Win User
    I am not sure what software you use that asks you to format as NTFS. Normally UDF (Universal Disk Format) is used with CD/DVD. I am also not sure if you try to burn the ISO itself to a DVD or you want to create a bootable DVD so it can be used to install Windows. So I will show you both ways:
    • Download a portable version of Ultra ISO: UltraISOPortable_9.6.5.paf.exe and save it to your desktop. Double click to run, when ask where you want to install, select desktop.
    • Open the folder and run: UltraISOportable.
    • Drag & Drop the ISO file as shown below. You are saving the ISO file to a DVD as Data:

      Copy ISO file to DVD [​IMG]
    • If you want to burn the contents of the ISO File to a DVD then click on File->Open and select the ISO File, The contents of the ISO will display as shown. Note that it says Bootable UDF ie. You can use this DVD to boot up and install Windows:

      Copy ISO file to DVD [​IMG]
    • Put a blank DVD and either use 3 or 4. Next, Tools->Burn CD/DVD image... or just Use F7
    topgundcp, Aug 11, 2015
  10. Frank1 Win User
    Thanks, Dino--What I was trying to do was to do a copy/paste to move the iso from my hard disk to the DVD which I found out was not the proper way to do it. When I tried to do that, a message popped up. I don't remember exactly what it said but it told me that unless what I wanted to copy it to had be the NTFS format. So I then just burned it to the DVD which did the trick. I will read over what you said and make a bootable DVD.
    Frank1, Aug 11, 2015
  11. MickD Win User
    As others above note the built-in Windows 10 Image Burning Tool works 100% fine via Windows Explorer. IMGBurn is an alternative, but far from necessary. Personally I prefer not to install 3rd party apps if not needed.
    MickD, Aug 11, 2015
  12. BunnyJ New Member
    Simple.. right click on the file and select "Burn Image"..
    BunnyJ, Aug 11, 2015
  13. Craige Win User

    Copy ISO file to DVD

    I have related question: I have created an usb stick with windows Media creation tool...... now I want to transfer tht windows 10 files to faster another USB stick... can I just copy paste OR I have re-download files from Microsoft again.... ?
    Craige, Aug 11, 2015
  14. Kyhi Win User
    just copy over all files
  15. acmanten Win User
    Yes just copy / paste and that will work fine..

    acmanten, Aug 11, 2015

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