Windows 10: file explorer not in taskbar

Discus and support file explorer not in taskbar in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; This is the second time I have posted about the same problem. I can't move file explorer to the task bar. I tried to move it by right clicking on... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by rfcomptech, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. file explorer not in taskbar

    This is the second time I have posted about the same problem. I can't move file explorer to the task bar. I tried to move it by right clicking on start, then left click on file explorer the menu I get that way just says "pin to start" and more, when I click on more all that is there is don't show with this list, if I left click the start button and then left click file explorer the menu only says "pin to start". I am at a loss, I have had one problem after another with Windows 10 and considering going back to Windows 7. I have tried to revert back to windows 7 from windows 10 but that failed, the only other option I have is to format the hard drive and reload Windows 7. I understand by doing that I will get the Windows 10 10 upgrade icon in the right hand corner of the task bar. How do I get rid of that?

    rfcomptech, Feb 1, 2016

  2. File Explorer has gone crazy after last nights upgrade.

    My only has icons instead of full descriptions. I can not get back to a point where I have tabs that actually say something. Please tell me how to get my view repaired? help... Help.... HELP!!!
    File Explorer, Feb 1, 2016
  3. lacrumb Win User
    Windows 10 - taskbar icons

    The File Explorer icon on he taskbar opens File Explorer. That is what it is for.

    If you want a file put on the taskbar as an icon that is a different thing. Make a shortcut and then pin it to the taskbar.
    lacrumb, Feb 1, 2016
  4. file explorer not in taskbar

    My file explorer went in when it upgraded from 8.1
    When you click on file explorer does it show at all unpin form taskbar
    Because mine does.
    Have you run SFC /scannow from Command Prompt
    Here is how to do it
    SFC Command - Run in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
    hTconeM9user, Feb 1, 2016
  5. philc43 Win User
    To start with I'll just show you how to get the File Explorer pinned to the task bar. Then we can move on to your other questions.

    Type File explorer in the search box
    Right Click on the File explorer item and you will be able to select pin to task bar

    file explorer not in taskbar [​IMG]
    philc43, Feb 1, 2016
  6. Tony K Win User
    Hi there.So far as blocking 10 upgrade in 7:
    Tony K, Feb 1, 2016
  7. I tried to pin file explorer to the task bar by typing file explorer in the search box and I can either sync with other apps or go to the web. If I right click on either one nothing happens, I get no menu or anything. When I type it into the search box the other thing I noticed is that below best match it is not listed with desktop apps below it, the only thing I can do is sync it or go the the web.
    rfcomptech, Feb 2, 2016
  8. Tony K Win User

    file explorer not in taskbar

    You may want to try these:
    Tony K, Feb 2, 2016
  9. I just remembered something else, Windows 10 crashed and it was after I hit the reset button on my tower and everything finished that I noticed that the file explorer icon in the task bar was missing. I ran DISM and it came back that no corruption was found. I am going to run SFC next.
    rfcomptech, Feb 3, 2016
  10. I ran SFC and got message that everything is OK,no problems. Also got no problems found when ran DISM. How do I proceed from here?
    rfcomptech, Feb 6, 2016
  11. Ztruker Win User
    Open This PC.
    Right click on the File Explorer icon in the Taskbar.
    Select Pin to Taskbar.
    Ztruker, Feb 6, 2016
  12. Not sure how to do that, I clicked on icon down in lower left corner of taskbar didn't see this pc anywhere. Please explain
    rfcomptech, Feb 6, 2016
  13. file explorer not in taskbar

    Go to start icon
    Left click
    File Explorer
    Left Click
    Will open up
    Once open
    Scroll down to This PC
    hTconeM9user, Feb 6, 2016
  14. Ztruker Win User
    I have This PC icon on the Desktop.
    Right click on the desktop and select Personalize.
    Click on Themes then Desktop icon settings.
    Check Computer (and any others you want) then click OK.

    Now you can
    Or do the first few steps hTconeM9user listedL:

    Go to start icon
    Left click
    File Explorer
    Left click

    Now you can
    Either shou8ld work, does for me.
    Ztruker, Feb 7, 2016
  15. philc43 Win User
    Don't forget that you can also type This PC in the search box to find and open the app. I use this approach a lot now as it is very quick and convenient.
    philc43, Feb 7, 2016

file explorer not in taskbar

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