Windows 10: Having issues converting video to DVD

Discus and support Having issues converting video to DVD in Windows 10 Software and Apps to solve the problem; For more then a decade now my wife and I have been taking photo's and videos of our daughter. Not wanting to blindly have faith nothing will happen to... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Software and Apps' started by jayv2251, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. jayv2251 Win User

    Having issues converting video to DVD

    For more then a decade now my wife and I have been taking photo's and videos of our daughter. Not wanting to blindly have faith nothing will happen to the SD cards these files are stored on, I'm attempting at moving everything onto dvd. I was easily able to burn off the photo's with no issues. Although I really wish I had a program to enhance the colors a bit in some. It's the videos now that are giving me grief. The video porting of the home movies comes out fine. The audio on the other hand is very choppy. Most of the video is in .avi format, with some in .mpg4. I'm using VSO's Convert X to DVD for conversion and burning. I had this problem once before a few years back, but I just upgraded the program to 6.0.18. I use quality blank Memorex DVD +RW's for media. Going cheap on something as precious as videos of our daughter growing up doesn't make sense to me at all. Can't remember what I did the last time to correct this.

    jayv2251, Nov 5, 2016
  2. j_ben Win User

    OVI suite vs. PC suite

    i have both suites on my pc. they work hand in hand. no prob if you use both.

    the video manager add-on of the pc suite does not convert dvd's to mobile viewing.

    so you'd have to rip the dvd from a different ripping/converting software then use the video manager to convert-transfer the ripped video file to your phone.

    of course, you must have a legal copy :smileywink: of the dvd to do this, to avoid legal implications. :smileywink:
    j_ben, Nov 5, 2016
  3. Nokia Video Manager 1.5.12 - "High Quality"


    And I've had lots of issues trying to get Video Manager to work so I gave up on it.

    I use Super, ImToo MP4 converter, ImToo DVD converter, and PSPVideo9 to encode my videos.
    el_loco---01, Nov 5, 2016
  4. Bree New Member

    Having issues converting video to DVD

    I use the Open Source DVDStyler to create DVDs - complete with the menus and the sort of functions you'd find on commercial DVDs. You can burn to DVD or to an iso image for burning later. At the heart of its video processing is FFmpeg, a well respected Open Source utility that can convert almost any video format to any other.

    A number of the 'free download' sites out there have a habit of packaging some less desirable 'optional extras' with their downloads, so I got the Portable Apps version (mercifully free of any extras) from
    Bree, Nov 5, 2016
  5. Berton Win User
    It may not be "going cheap" but the camera to DVD recording I've done always worked best with DVD-R or DVD+R discs, not the ReWriteable RW discs. I have a Hitachi camcorder that can transfer from its built-in drive to the small DVDs.
    Berton, Nov 5, 2016
  6. mike s Win User
    Rewriteable discs are inherently more "difficult" to read and could be the source of stutters on any video playback device.

    If, as you say, these are precious family memories, why use a non-archival media to store them? You should at least be using write-once DVD-R or DVD+R. (In my case I've been using M-Disc DVD+R for the irreplaceable stuff; and/or BD-R [whose optical substrate is more similar to M-Disc than to earlier dye-based media, and seems inherently designed for longer-term data retention])

    As an aside, I've used ConvertX (now on ConvertXtoHD) to create standalone-player compatible video discs for many years. There have been bugs and issues over the years - but systematic playback issues involving stuttering of the burned discs has never been one of them.
    mike s, Nov 5, 2016
  7. jayv2251 Win User
    The reason I use re-writable discs because, well...I've screwed up what I was burning. I have found out something else about this burning issue. We use a PlayStation 3 for playback. I know they can be a bit finicky when it comes to what will play or not. One comment I read as about how software converts DTS to AC3. Not sure which one would be selected as some of the video was done with my Fuji camera. Others were with my wife's Sony digital video camera. So just for yucks I tried to play what I burned on my laptop. It only played for a minute or two before it threw a "TDEV025" error. I tried looking that up then. Seen other errors mentioned but not that one specifically. I did run across several people having issues with thier Toshiba computers and the dvd burning or even working after upgrading Windows to version 10.

    The properties for the drive comes up as both a Matshita DVD-Ram UJ8E2 and a Toshiba MQ01ABF050. The driver version and date are the same for both, as 10.0.14393.0 released on 6/21/2006 from Microsoft. Should I delete and attempt a re-install the driver? I really wish I could find more information on the error I received when I tried playing on my laptop.
    jayv2251, Nov 7, 2016
  8. jimbo45 Win User

    Having issues converting video to DVD

    Hi there
    Not too sure of what you want to do when you say "Convert Video to DVD". If it's photos etc you can simply write to DVD with Windows .

    If you actually want to create Movies etc to DVD There used to be a working program called DEVEDE which I used a while ago to make DVD's for people who still wanted movies I'd ripped to MKV etc on old fashioned type DVD players etc

    Still free and should work

    It's unusual in that it converts TO DVD whereas most converters Rip FROM DVD.

    anyway you can try it -- works both on windows and Linux

    DeVeDe Free Video to DVD Converter.

    jimbo45, Nov 7, 2016
  9. Kari Win User
    My suggestion will cost you: I would get CyberLink's PowerDirector 15 video editor to make those precious DVDs. You can download a free 30 day trial (no registration, no personal info asked) at NEW PowerDirector 15 - The No. 1 Choice for Video Editors

    Not only does it allow you to freely edit your videos, add multiple tracks of audio, video and images, but it also has powerful tools to create titles and meus, your imagination being the only limit. With converters you just move videos from PC to DVD, with PowerDirector you create nice videos with transitions, effects, add subtitles when needed and much more.

    Compose and edit:

    Having issues converting video to DVD [​IMG]

    Create menus and burn:

    Having issues converting video to DVD [​IMG]

    I am a very happy PowerDirector user wholeheartedly recommending it.
    Kari, Nov 7, 2016
  10. jimbo45 Win User
    Hi there

    Good choice -- but like all these things it depends on what you want to do with them and what you want to pay.

    The suggestion I laid out is FREE with a certain amount of user adding covers / titles etc -- however it's nothing like as featured as Kari's suggestion which if you need those features is absolutely worth while.

    My own view is that storing on HDD these days is just as good as any DVD storage medium --DVD's and CD's can degrade over time, become unplayable etc etc. HDD's can be re-archived as many times as you require -- why not get a couple of small portable USB HDD's and then simply lock those up.

    I know when ripping a load of DVD's and CD's I bought a few years ago I had some real problems reading the media for some of them.

    Remember in the future less and less people will either have DVD players or even any optical media at all on their computers.

    That said Kari's suggestion will still allow you to make an ISO which you can copy / burn to DVD while keeping it also on HDD. Windows these days allows you to mount an ISO as a "Virtual Optical Disk" so things like VLC will still play it. For streaming though you will need to have it in some type of format such as MKV / MP4 / AVI .

    jimbo45, Nov 7, 2016
  11. jayv2251 Win User
    Several bits of advice since I posted yesterday. I'm converting mostly mp4's, and some avi's. The photos I did, worked perfectly. Remember, I'm using a PlayStation 3 as my playback device. Also, I'm not working right now, doing this keeps me from going nuts while I'm applying for work all day long. Everyone's gotta have a hobby, right? So, buying extra equipment or software isn't in the budget right now. I am aware that some of your have suggested free software, which is fine, I will most certainly check that out. Just because I've used VSO's "Convert X to DVD" in the past, doesn't necessarily mean it's the best. (Would be nice to have a converting-burning software that will also enhance video as well)

    I think my best course of action is trying to figure out what is causing the device error I received when I attempted to watch the last video I burned. Until then, I don't think it matters what software I use to burn a disc with, it won't work if the driver is bad. Right now I'm waiting on Toshiba's tech support to email me back what the specific code I received means...and what I should do about it.
    jayv2251, Nov 7, 2016
  12. Winuser Win User
    Memorex is far from being quality . If you want quality blank DVD's this site will help. Blank DVD Media Quality Review The Digital FAQ
    Winuser, Nov 8, 2016
  13. Dominik Win User

    Having issues converting video to DVD

    Dominik, Nov 8, 2016
  14. mike s Win User
    Try checking the Windows event logs for the time during which you got this hardware error. Very likely it's a "sector not found" or similar, indicating that the drive is having trouble reading the media.

    I very much doubt that re-installing the built-in mass storage drivers will change anything.
    mike s, Nov 8, 2016
  15. jayv2251 Win User
    Before I change anything else, I'd like to figure out what this "TDEV025" error means. Someone mentioned a log file I can check? Where would that be? Would it give a better explanation then just throwing out an error? FYI, I need to make sure my dvd burner is working properly, I still have to burn off the Windows 10 upgrade I've got cluttering up my hard drive. Suggestions?
    jayv2251, Nov 17, 2016

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