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Discus and support Help - Multiple PC Issues in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; First post on this forum, and not great technically - hope I can give enough information to get some help. i have a custom built pc which is about 5... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Jakally, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. Jakally Win User

    Help - Multiple PC Issues

    First post on this forum, and not great technically - hope I can give enough information to get some help.

    i have a custom built pc which is about 5 years old.
    Upgraded recently to Windows 10 (which may or may not be relevant). Had increasing issues since which I seemed to get around by turning off & on, but as of today my PC is mostly unusable.

    Cannot get onto the Internet which is, I think, network adaptor related - the wifi symbol in the task bar is replaced by a box with a red 'x'.
    Cannot access device manager to resolve this. (This was an intermittent issue over the last 2 weeks which I was resolving by disabling/enabling the network adaptor).
    Cannot access task manager.
    Can access Network & Sharing Centre, but cannot access Change Adaptor Settings.

    Can access some programmes - iTunes, Mcafee (ran a full scan which showed no issues).

    2 days ago, on start up, Internet not connecting, everything very slow, and one of the fans in the box very loud.
    had the box open & cleaned everything of dust - quite a lot. Seemed fine that day but not after.

    Not sure what to do to be honest, hence coming on here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Jakally, Apr 17, 2016

  2. Multiple Issues After PC Reset

    We appreciate your response. We suggest that you perform a clean boot. It will help us determine if there is a third-party program/app that is causing this issue. It could be some other applications or programs. To do this, see this
    link, and follow the steps and instructions.

    We would appreciate it if you could get back to us and provide us your feedback.
    Michael Gall, Apr 17, 2016
  3. Multiple Issues After PC Reset

    Some rogue app was utilizing 100% of my disk, so I decided to do a PC Reset from the Recovery Menu. Resetting did fix the disk usage issue, but now I'm facing a lot of issues. The search in the start menu doesn't work, the user added shortcuts in the start
    menu don't work, can't open Windows Apps like Store and Maps. I can't even change the region and date-time format of the system. Changing the region from settings, changes it back to Afghanistan and the region button in the Control Panel doesn't do anything
    at all. The only way I was able to change the region, was by editing the registry. All the other issues still exist. Heck, I was not even able to post a feedback using the Feedback Hub, so now I'm using the browser version.

    What I have tried :

    Reinstalling the Windows Apps using Powershell, WSReset, Creating a new user account (on creating a new account, the store does app open, but doesn't connect to the store).

    My windows is fully up-to-date.

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    Windows 10
    Windows update, recovery, & backup
    manan.kukreti, Apr 17, 2016
  4. Help - Multiple PC Issues

    Jakally, I think that you have more than one problem

    Is your rig built from the ground up for Windows 7?

    Regardless, you already ran a deep anti-virus scan. Download the free Malwarebytes program and do a deep scan. These will both take a few hours, by the way.

    There is more than one way to enter Task Manager. Right-click your taskbar; press Ctrl-Alt-Del at the same time; right-click the Start Button.
    Vince Massi, Apr 17, 2016
  5. Jakally Win User
    Hello Vince, and thank you for your reply.
    I'm pretty sure the system was built with windows 7 installed.
    Unfortunately I cannot download the malware bytes program as the PC will not connect to the Internet.

    I have tried the different ways of accessing task manager and none of them work. After a few minutes I get the following message ' C:/WINDOWS\system32\taskmgr.exe The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion'
    Jakally, Apr 17, 2016
  6. Jak, I hate to say this, but you might have to revert to Win 7. Yes, you can still upgrade to 10 again.
    Vince Massi, Apr 17, 2016
  7. Jakally Win User
    Ok. How do I do that?
    Jakally, Apr 17, 2016
  8. Help - Multiple PC Issues

    um i dont know if this would work but
    you could run a "sfc /scannow" in an administrative command prompt (without the quotes)
    snowiblind, Apr 18, 2016
  9. Jakally Win User
    I cannot get a command prompt box to open. ( I could do this yesterday but not today).
    I can open Settings but it will not let me go any further - I was trying to get into Update & Security section to look if I could revert to a previous point, or go back to Win 7.
    I guess that the operating system is not operating?

    The only things that work are installed programs such as iTunes etc...
    Jakally, Apr 18, 2016
  10. Jakally Win User
    When I try to open a command prompt, or Task Manager I get the following message.

    This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel.
    Jakally, Apr 18, 2016
  11. Jak ,try to get into Cortana and type Revert to Windows 7.

    It is possible that your custom-built rig used high-quality unsold parts for Vista or even XP.

    I'm a big Windows 10 fan, but sometimes you just have to accept that your rig can't handle it.
    Vince Massi, Apr 18, 2016
  12. Jakally Win User
    Typed it, 'Didn't find anything'.
    Seems that I can't get into anything useful or do anything within the system.
    Jakally, Apr 18, 2016
  13. essenbe Win User

    Help - Multiple PC Issues

    Hello, Jakally, welcome to the forums. Can you access Settings or access a USB drive which is inserted? Do you have access or can you get access to another PC? If you can do either of those, you could try a repair install through settings as explained in this tutorial Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade - Windows 10 Forums.

    If you can get the Techbench ISO (from Windows 10 ISO Download - Windows 10 Forums

    If neither of those work, let us know and we will get you up and running again. You may just have to work with us a little until we figure out how to do it.

    Here are some other options Windows 10 - Go Back to Previous Windows - Windows 10 Forums. You can usually get into the recovery options by holding down the Shift Key and pressing restart from the windows start flag.
    essenbe, Apr 18, 2016
  14. Jakally Win User
    I have put Windows 10 on a USB, but cannot open it / run the setup on my PC.
    Comes up with an error message 'The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.'
    Jakally, Apr 18, 2016
  15. essenbe Win User
    Can you get to recovery options by holding down the shift key and pressing restart?
    essenbe, Apr 18, 2016

Help - Multiple PC Issues

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