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Discus and support I hate W10 in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hi there @ -- some things will last a long time --great artwork. a good building, decent hand crafted wooden furniture etc. It's not 100% hopeless... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by crimson, Sep 25, 2015.

  1. BunnyJ New Member

    I hate W10

    I agree that art and music can be timeless but when it comes to technology it has to be moving forward or it(the OS) dies.. just like a shark and Xp.. well. It's a dead shark. *Wink
    BunnyJ, Sep 26, 2015
  2. lx07 Win User

    I'm interested here, and please don't think I'm being sarky or anything, but what newer software?

    What new software (apart from Games) has been written for legacy Windows since, I don't know, 1992?

    Nothing right? Updates for Office with better spell check, bigger version of Photoshop, bigger version of PDF reader, the odd utility to do something the OS should do anyway.

    If you can name ONE new program written in the last decade (or even 2 decades) that did anything new (not an upgrade or a rip-off but something genuinely NEW) then I'll eat my hat.
  3. Mystere Win User
    First of all, people forget that Microsoft has *ALWAYS* fiddled with the OS and Apps to try to find better ways to do things, and they don't always succeed... For example, back in the Windows 98 and Windows 2000 days, Microsoft created these horrible "self-hiding" menus (it hid menu items you didn't use very often). in XP they got rid of them and there was much rejoicing.

    Then Microsoft created the Ribbon, which has been much more divisive. You either love it or hate it. Many people love it, and unfortunately for those that hate it, it's been more successful than not.

    Microsoft is now moving away from desktop apps (Win32 applications) to WinRT apps. Lots of people wonder why they didn't just wait to make this change when everything was done. And the answer is that they tried this....

    Did you ever wonder why it took 6 years for them to release a new OS after XP? That's because they were creating a whole new OS, that was then code-named Longhorn. It was based on the .NET framework, and basically they found that too much change all at once just didn't work. People needed compatibility "bridges" and to take major changes like this slowly. That's how the transition from Windows 3.x to NT happened. Windows 9x was that Bridge" and took 6 years for it to complete.

    The transition to WinRT is even longer in coming because it's much more of a change. But, like the previous transitions from DOS to 3.x to NT/XP, each new release brings more of the new OS.
    Mystere, Sep 26, 2015
  4. lx07 Win User

    I hate W10

    Yes, but WHAT? Seems to me that something here has stalled (this isn't a MS complaint at all). Already we have moved from local to cloud. I can't see what next - thin client again?
  5. Cliff S New Member
    The Internet’s Vanishing Point?
    Cliff S, Sep 26, 2015
  6. Mystere Win User
    It's not cloud or touch or anything like that. It's technology. WinRT apps are a different OS with a different API. This API is more portable between different platforms than Win32 was. Yes, it's possible to port Win32 apps to ARM or other processors, but it was much more difficult to do so consistently, and it was typically a lot of work, especially for GUI heavy apps.

    WinRT is about harmonization of all platforms, and not just for desktops... servers as well. Eventually even server apps will be written to WinRT.

    Win32 will eventually transition from the primary OS to a "compatibility mode" that runs in a virtualization layer, and at that point you can officially call it an afterthought.
    Mystere, Sep 26, 2015
  7. CountMike New Member
    I didn't say innovative SW but newer versions of same ilk. How many of newer SW would be able to run on 1992 HW ?. Not to mention games. Try running GTA5 on 5 - 6 year old computer.
    CountMike, Sep 26, 2015
  8. lx07 Win User

    I hate W10

    Bfff. I can't run GTA5 at all and mine is only 2013...

    I guess I agree with @Mystere (he writes better than me). There isn't much (any) new development on the old OS but as far as I can see there isn't much on the new one either...
  9. What I like about Windows 10 and the new Office 2016 at last my printer works without having to have a third party Office installed.
    I used to have to with windows 8 and office 365 or 2013 and the ones before that copy and paste to open office then print.
    Now I can just click on what I want printed and away my wifi printer goes.
    So now no more third party office for me.
    Also once my subscription as finished on incredimail then will link all my e-mails into one via the new outlook.
    hTconeM9user, Sep 26, 2015
  10. Mystere Win User
    Uhh.. what? there's 10's of thousands of new apps for WinRT. Now, granted, most of those are junk. But, there are still thousands of new apps that are legitimate and totally new.
    Mystere, Sep 26, 2015
  11. lx07 Win User
    What I mean is something you HAVE to have. Like (in my case) Office, Notepad++ and VLC. I don't see any new MUST HAVE apps doing something new.

    Mind you if anyone could think of one they would be on the way to be a millionaire.
  12. Emma Win User
    I have had several OS since 1965 and ME which oozed resources was the only one that gave me problems, I just learned to restart before I worked with photos or music. Vista had a problem which was corrected with an update. I don't like W 8, 8.1 and especially 10. I do hate it and hope it is not the future. I can use 8 or 8.1, just preferred previous OSs. Some of my good luck with those OSs maybe because I don't do near the things people in this forums. It's the very basic stuff for me.
  13. I hate W10

    A few problems there.

    1. You must already have the Mac you want. If you don't have a 15 inch portable, you'd have to spend $1999. But then --
    2. -- you'd also have to buy a copy of Windows 10.

    So that's like $2140 to 'solve' a problem I solved for $799 with fairly similar spec.
    The Pool Man, Sep 26, 2015
  14. Sorry. OS X is the best by a longshot, but what's it is lacking is the memory management/speed of Windows 10. If it had it the contest would be over. (But I doubt it ever will or Apple couldn't force you to buy newer hardware.) This is why Windows 10 is impressive, and since it lives on far cheaper hardware -- amazing kinda sorta.

    Several Linux distros are fairly amazing as well.

    Windows Peeps like to scream OS X and Linux "aren't as secure as you think" but both are only %98 more secure than Windows.
    The Pool Man, Sep 26, 2015
  15. BunnyJ New Member
    My 2c on this thread and the post by the OP. FWIW,,,,,

    1. What I find interesting is that someone would take the time to join a forum like this one and post a wall of text complaining about an OS, in this case Win10. And in the case of the OP he/she just drops a single post/thread and runs. But what was the motivation? To just rant?? Or just to show much he/she hates Windows 10?? Or Windows in general.

    Heck… if someone wants to take the time to write all of that down, create an account and start a thread.. More power to them. But to my eye it’s silly. Fine, you’re a hard core Apple fan but telling people that you hate Windows is.. Well not going to change or affect any of the users here since I think the majority of users here like Windows.

    It reminds me of someone joking an Apple forum to say they hate their products. The result would be a flame war.. all heat and no light. Just like this thread.

    2. The way I look at it Windows is a fine OS and it’s just as good as OSx or any Linux Distribution. I use windows because I started using it at work back in the 80’s and I found it to be a very nice tool to run the programs/tools that I had to. When I worked at The Travelers I used Windows, Unix and IBM’s OS2 Warp. All good operating systems, IMO. But I just like windows more and when 95 came out I was hooked. And why didn’t I use an Apple product?? Well, they cost too much, that simple. I couldn’t justify spending that much for a computer. I’ve always been a home-brew person and I love to buy parts and build my own PC. That way I have total control over what goes into it. To me Apple is a fine computer but way over priced and it’s just using a glorified version of Unix. But heck.. if you got the money to burn go for it.

    Bottom line.. hatters will hate I guess.
    Jeff *092
    BunnyJ, Sep 27, 2015

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