Windows 10: KB3081441 or KB3081444 Update Causing Shutdown Hang

Discus and support KB3081441 or KB3081444 Update Causing Shutdown Hang in Windows 10 Updates and Activation to solve the problem; I'm not sure which update it was, but both KB3081441 & KB3081444 installed on the August 19th and now my laptop doesn't want to turn all the way off on... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Updates and Activation' started by Gryphon, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. Gryphon Win User

    KB3081441 or KB3081444 Update Causing Shutdown Hang

    I'm not sure which update it was, but both KB3081441 & KB3081444 installed on the August 19th and now my laptop doesn't want to turn all the way off on shut down. It will do a restart normally, but I have to hold down the power button to force it to completely power down, and would rather not do this.

    I've also noticed at least one of the apps from - Portable software for USB, portable, and cloud drives called FreeCommander XE Portable now loads, but you can't see the display. It worked fine before the updates were installed, and again: this is a laptop with only one screen. The only way to exit out of the program is to kill it in Task Manager.

    Are there some instructions around for backing out updates so I can find out which one is actually causing the problem? I'm a bit more concerned about the shut down hang than the file manager, needless to say, but I wouldn't mind squashing both bugs.


    Gryphon, Aug 21, 2015
  2. jym_bzh Win User

    Window 10 and Nikon D7000 dslr

    Yes with the cumulative update KB3081444 which includes KB3081441 it works!

    jym_bzh, Aug 21, 2015
  3. Update for Windows 10 for x64-based Systems (KB3081441)

    kb3081441 fixes the boot loop problems people have been having problems with with cumulative updates kb3081444 fixes a vunerability in ie browser 11
    DarylReceF, Aug 21, 2015
  4. XweAponX Win User

    KB3081441 or KB3081444 Update Causing Shutdown Hang

    Get rid of them both! KB3081444 caused all kinds of problems.
    XweAponX, Aug 21, 2015
  5. Gryphon Win User
    I would if I could, but that doesn't seem to be an option.

    While I was able to uninstall KB3081444, the other one, KB3081441 doesn't show an uninstall option on the menu and I'm not sure at this point how to force the issue. Uninstalling KB3081444 didn't help any of my issues though, so I still have the same problems, but now it seems KB3081444 wasn't the cause of it. That makes KB3081441 the suspect. Now I just need to figure out how to kill it. *Smile

    /rant mode on

    Mandatory updates are fine - if only they didn't hose your machine! They suck when they do that. Yeah, I'm looking right at you, Microsoft.

    /rant mode off
    Gryphon, Aug 21, 2015
  6. XweAponX Win User
    I was fortunate to have had a restore point set for earlier in the day when I allowed KB3081444, I believe it included 1441 too. Both were wiped out, then I shut off the Windows Update service. I have been using WHdownloader to get other less insidious updates, and the Windows 10 Cab installer to install the ones that came in CAB format. Hopefully you will have a restore point set, if you can't get into Windows 10, you can use an Install DVD to run System Restore, it should run more successfully that way. You can make an Install DVD from the Windows 10 download page, it tells you how, takes about 15 minutes to download it and create the ISO with the Media Creation Tool.
    XweAponX, Aug 23, 2015
  7. Gryphon Win User
    Love your choice of words, "less insidious updates." That's what is seems like when they quietly install an update that breaks your system. Thanks for the head's up about WHdownloader and the Windows 10 Cab Installer. I'm going to look those up and see if that would help, along with turning off the update service because I know that the update will come back if I don't.

    I'm in the process of moving and am down to one PC that is needed for work, so I may be going back to Windows 7 if this doesn't get straightened out soon. I've had enough of this.

    In the interest of full disclosure: The wife saw the notification about the Win 10 update and though it was good idea. *Eek
    Now she's upset (at me) about all the problems. Ya just can't win some times . . .
    Gryphon, Aug 23, 2015
  8. Gryphon Win User

    KB3081441 or KB3081444 Update Causing Shutdown Hang

    Sadly I have had to return to Windows 7, which originally came on my laptop. It works with no problem. The last 2 updates for Win 10 really finished it for me because it made the system unusable for some of the software I must have for work. I'll give it another go on Windows 10 after the move and my other system is set up again.

    Sorry I don't have better news, but I couldn't get rid of the KB3081441 update that was causing all my problems . . . so I used the "nuclear option." Sometimes overkill just works better.
    Gryphon, Aug 24, 2015
  9. how did you go back to windows 7?
    danderson400, Aug 24, 2015
  10. Gryphon Win User
    I still have the Windows 7 Home Premium disk from the other machine I built & the Windows 7 COA (aka License) on the laptop. All I had to do was download some utilities and drivers from the manufacturer's website to a USB stick, make sure everything important was backed up, and then format the C:\ drive. Good bye for now, Windows 10. After that, boot from the Windows 7 DVD and let the install run. I gave the install program the laptop's Windows key when it asked. Its a clean install, which means a few things needed drivers, and then there's all the Windows 7 Updates . . . about 200 of them from what the machine said. Let that run and went to bed after everything downloaded.

    It would have been easier (and faster!) if I had the Restore Media that I made when I first got the machine, but those got packed away somehow and I have no idea where they are, so I used what I had available. It worked, even if it wasn't pretty. *Smile Its about the same thing as building a new machine from scratch only without all the assembly work beforehand.

    I'll probably try the upgrade again in a few months. Hopefully the major issues will be worked out by then.
    Gryphon, Aug 24, 2015
  11. i have a windows 8.1 lisence from my laptop
    danderson400, Aug 24, 2015
  12. would ripping the iso help me?
    danderson400, Aug 24, 2015
  13. KB3081441 or KB3081444 Update Causing Shutdown Hang

    i am holding off on updates until i see how the service release goes if its buggy that's it!
    danderson400, Aug 24, 2015
  14. Gryphon Win User
    Always make sure you have anything you don't want to loose backed up elsewhere before making major changes to your system! This includes pictures, videos, music, etc. Any data files you don't want to loose.

    Disclaimer: If you break things - you get to keep both pieces. It is not my fault.

    Then you'll need one of 3 things along with the Windows 8.1 License:

    1. The Recovery Media from your laptop's manufacturer, or you may need to make a set of media from the recovery portion of the machines hard disk. You'll need more than one DVD if you have to make a set. My system needed a total of 5 DVDs for a recovery set - so you might want to get a stack of say, 10 or so.

    2. Trying to revert from the Windows 10 upgrade might be an option, but there seems to be a lot of problems with it from what I've seen here on the forums. A lot of things, like shortcuts, user installed software, and other things may not work. That's why the Recover Media option is a first choice.

    3. A Windows 8.1 DVD (and the license number from your laptop. Plus any hardware drivers, utilities, etc. specific to your laptop. This is important! You must have those drivers available (preferably on a USB stick or CD) because some devices may not work when you first install this way.

    My experience with the OEM DVD was that Windows 7 came up - but I had no USB 3.0, LAN or WiFi adapters because there were no drivers for them on the DVD. The video even came up as standard VGA at 800x600 . . . really basic, but the system came up. My Logitech wireless mouse and the trackpad came up also. This is the same experience many have when building a system from scratch - which is why you've got to have your drivers, etc. first, or make sure you have access to a working computer with an internet connection. You'll need it, because after you have Windows up and your hardware working - then it will be time to reinstall all your software again, followed by your data files. A day off and rainy, nasty weather is perfect for this sort of thing . . . and a book to read, of course. *Smile

    I'm going to assume you mean downloading the Windows 10 ISO and burning that to a DVD. You can, and it won't hurt anything . . . but it won't help you bring back Windows 8.1 if that's what you want to do. I downloaded it and followed the directions to make a bootable USB stick for Windows 10 and it worked fine. I already had the Windows 7 OEM from my other system and the license number for my laptop, and with no access to my recovery media, doing things this way was my only real option. I'm just glad it worked. Hope this helps.
    Gryphon, Aug 24, 2015
  15. well then should i only download and install security updates or get the service updates?
    danderson400, Aug 25, 2015

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