Windows 10: Mail App - Cannot set up 'Other account POP, IMAP'

Discus and support Mail App - Cannot set up 'Other account POP, IMAP' in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; Hi, my first post on the forum - can someone help? I can't see how to set up 'Other account POP, IMAP' in the Win 10 mail app - or rather I can see... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by CeeBee, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. CeeBee Win User

    Mail App - Cannot set up 'Other account POP, IMAP'

    Hi, my first post on the forum - can someone help?

    I can't see how to set up 'Other account POP, IMAP' in the Win 10 mail app - or rather I can see how to set up accounts and either the app is faulty or I must be missing something, because I've tried using the advanced settings as recommended in the Ten Forums tutorial on the mail app (Mail app - Add or Delete Account in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums) but I don't see anywhere to put the actual email address for the account I'm trying to set up.

    Likewise if I do it step by step setup from the 'Other account POP, IMAP' link in setup although I can put the email address in this eventually gets overwritten by my username when setup is finished - I have my own domain and my hosts username format is totally different to my email address - e.g. the mail format would be '' whilst the username would be in the format 'mydomain.com_someone' - the app appears to assume that mail address and username are going to be the same as when setup is completed the app shows my username as my email address. I've set up an ActiveSync account fine but I'm stumped on setting my personal mailbox up.

    I'm probably being stupid, but any help/advice please? Thanks.

    CeeBee, Aug 22, 2015
  2. aussiee71 Win User

    E71 Gmail imap vs pop issue

    I set up my Gmail account through my E71's default email service via the wizard (is there any other way?). That all works well. But my same Gmail account is set up on my Mac through Mail app as a pop account.

    I have gone into Gmail and changed settings to pop forwarding and enable imap, but the problem is this... I tested by sending an email from my E71 (imap) Gmail to my Gmail email address then I went into my Mail (pop) on my Mac but it doesn't come through. If
    I go to Gmail through my web browser the message is there.

    So my question is this. How is imap and pop different if it is still the same Gmail account? If I send an email from my E71 to someone it doesn't show in my Mail on my Mac. I'm confused LOL.
    aussiee71, Aug 22, 2015
  3. GordonB-P Win User
    windows 10 mail

    If your mail account is an IMAP or account, then there's no need. Just set up the mail account on the new computer.

    If the mail is a POP account, then I'm not sure. Windows 10 Mail app stores mail differently to previous versions as far as I know.
    GordonB-P, Aug 22, 2015
  4. RWOne Win User

    Mail App - Cannot set up 'Other account POP, IMAP'

    Click on add account in mail.

    Scroll down past Other account and you will see the option for "Advanced Setup" ... this is where you want to set that one up. *Smile
    RWOne, Aug 22, 2015
  5. CeeBee Win User
    Hi RWOne - many thanks for replying *Smile Unfortunately I've tried that too and if you go there, there isn't a field to insert the email address in! There's account name - but that's just what you want to call it in the app for reference purposes and it has no bearing on the send/receive process - and all the other expected fields (except there doesn't seem to be an option for changing ports). I have a feeling that M$ may have made a slight error on this one.

    In itself on my PCs this won't be too much of a problem in the short term as I can use Outlook for these accounts, but when my Windows Phone upgrades to 10 as it's scheduled to do I'm worried that this unbelievable error will be carried over, which will cause me problems*Sad
    CeeBee, Aug 23, 2015
  6. I noticed the same thing. I never managed to get the Windows 10 "Mail" "app" fully working with my ISP POP3 account, even though I've never had any trouble getting any other email client to work with it. Outlook 2007 is currently working with it just fine. I managed to get the Windows 10 "Mail" "app" to send emails, but it never received any. I gave up on it and "uninstalled" it because I didn't like it anyway. It is incredibly dumbed-down; it doesn't even have a send/receive button. It makes Outlook Express (which I would still be using if I could) look like a full-featured email client, even though it was already sort of a stripped-down version of Outlook.
    MaximRecoil, Aug 23, 2015
  7. dsmith888 Win User
    Similar setup problems for me for my POP3 email. No problems with Outlook but there aren't enough user configurable settings in Win 10 Mail app to customize it to my ISP. If any Microsoft folks out there can share registry tweakable settings some of us might be able to get this app to work for us.
    dsmith888, Aug 23, 2015
  8. city Win User

    Mail App - Cannot set up 'Other account POP, IMAP'

    It seams now that it is working, since this week an update rollup for Windows 10 is available. Now there is a field for setting the email address.
    city, Apr 5, 2018

Mail App - Cannot set up 'Other account POP, IMAP'

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