Windows 10: Random black screen/hibernate whilst browsing on chrome

Discus and support Random black screen/hibernate whilst browsing on chrome in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; So i was just using facebook on chrome, and stopped for a few seconds to do something on my phone, when i saw my screen randomly go black. I do not... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by jakeno, Nov 17, 2016.

  1. jakeno Win User

    Random black screen/hibernate whilst browsing on chrome

    So i was just using facebook on chrome, and stopped for a few seconds to do something on my phone, when i saw my screen randomly go black. I do not remember hitting the power button or anything. I pressed the power button a few times and there was no response, so i waited for a few seconds and pressed it down for longer and it booted up normally and took me back to where i was previously as if it had been forced into hibernation. I do not know much about software or anything, so you may have to be more specific.

    This is a 2 month old laptop and i do not recall ever experiencing this before. I looked in my system logs in event viewer and found error/critical error messages for the following (not sure if im formatting this right): -- what the logs from the time it happened looked like

    (1) Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller is disconnected from network. -- info from first warning sign log

    (2) The system has returned from a low power state. Sleep Time: ‎2016‎-‎11‎-‎17T22:28:59.279564000ZWake Time: ‎2016‎-‎11‎-‎17T22:31:03.967250900ZWake Source: Unknown --info from 2nd log on the list, it seems relevant to the issue

    (3) The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID {D63B10C5-BB46-4990-A94F-E40B9D520160} and APPID {9CA88EE3-ACB7-47C8-AFC4-AB702511C276} to the user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM SID (S-1-5-18) from address LocalHost (Using LRPC) running in the application container Unavailable SID (Unavailable). This security permission can be modified using the Component Services administrative tool. -- info from the 4th log in the list, the red error one

    I've seen (3) several times in my logs from today as well, if thats of any importance. I don't really know what these logs mean either.

    jakeno, Nov 17, 2016
  2. DonAmerex Win User

    Google Chrome causing screen to flicker


    For months now, at random times the screen will go black, and then come black, and then go black again. I usually have to press Ctrl+Alt+Del and restart the computer. I am starting to think Google Chrome is causing this, as when the screen went back to
    normal i was able to use the start menu and paint, but when i clicked on Chrome it went black again.

    What i want to know if Chrome is the culprit or if my graphics driver is.

    DonAmerex, Nov 17, 2016
  3. Black Screen No cursor at random times.


    Recently I have been having an issue with my laptop. At random times my screen will turn black, with no cursor (the backlight is still clearly on). I appear to still have full control over my laptop, just nothing being displayed. if I use the keyboard shortcut
    to hibernate, and turn my laptop on again it will be back to normal, but eventually turn black again. I do not know if it is a hardware or software issue, because it seems to happen more frequently when running certain programs (Google Chrome, and Quartus
    II), but also appears to happen when moving my laptop.

    As a few specific examples, it happened when I was using Chrome, and every time I would hibernate and reboot, as soon as it displayed chrome it would black screen. after 5 or 6 attempts at this, I eventually forced a restart, and upon restoring my chrome
    session, it black screened. I forced a restart again, and didn't restore my chrome session, and it didn't black screen. Similar situations have happened several times, but will often go days or even a week without happening. Sometimes it appears to happen
    as soon as I pick up my laptop to move it, but this may just be a coincidence, but has happened a few too many times for me to rule it out as a coincidence.

    It did not start until I had Windows 10 for about a month, and I have clean reinstalled several times. As far as I know, all drivers are up to date.

    My system specs are:

    MSI GS60-003 Ghost (2014)

    Intel I7 4710HQ


    Windows 10 Education x64

    If you need any other information, please ask.
    Squills2013, Nov 17, 2016

Random black screen/hibernate whilst browsing on chrome

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