Windows 10: Rundll32.exe issues | Hello ! :D

Discus and support Rundll32.exe issues | Hello ! :D in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; First of, hello, just made an account for this one issue. Now then, you can clearly see in the image what the problem is, [img] if for some... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by PoPDieTy, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. PoPDieTy Win User

    Rundll32.exe issues | Hello ! :D

    First of, hello, just made an account for this one issue.

    Now then, you can clearly see in the image what the problem is,

    Rundll32.exe issues | Hello ! :D [​IMG]

    if for some reason you can't see the image, then the problem is Rundll32, which is a windows host process. It run's it self multiple times at the same time consuming all of my resources. This is a fresh copy of Windows 10, MalwareBytes show no signs of virus or malware on the file or the PC it self.

    I've tried what was suggested in this thread: Solved CEIP - rundll32.exe high CPU use in Win 10? - Windows 10 Forums

    But it didn't help, I would appreciate a little more help, please.

    Process Explorer, doesn't show anything useful, just say's n/a or simply blank fields.

    PoPDieTy, Jun 12, 2016
  2. Mdmsr Win User

    rundll.exe doesn't work with Nvidia graphics driver

    rundll32.exe stops working, c++ sharp issue?
    Mdmsr, Jun 12, 2016
  3. alibulbul Win User
    Rundll32.exe "Suspicious botnet" warning

    I use Opera and Eset Smart Security 9.

    There is not a popup window but Eset shows me a warning screen.(it is original, no problem)

    It shows the problematic program as Rundll32.exe and shows malicious servers IPs, too.

    for example,

    There are lots of this kind of IPs and Eset's warning screen appears every 30 seconds.

    I can hide this window but this won't solve the problem.

    Rundll32.exe will continue to try to contact these servers, it will keep reducing the performance of my computer,too. I tried to stop Rundll32.exe from task manager and stopped it. Warning screens are not showing.

    But after restart, they will come back. If it is possible, can I delete rundll32.exe and paste the clean rundll32.exe to the same file directory? I f it is possible, where can I find the clean rundll32.exe?

    alibulbul, Jun 12, 2016
  4. Ztruker Win User

    Rundll32.exe issues | Hello ! :D

    Ztruker, Jun 12, 2016
  5. PoPDieTy Win User
    I'll get back to you in a short while, see if it shows up or anything.
    PoPDieTy, Jun 12, 2016
  6. PoPDieTy Win User
    I disable the startups and kept the services running. Rundll32.exe hasn't shown up in neither Task manager or Process Explorer, I'll start enabling on at a time, with any luck It'll show.
    PoPDieTy, Jun 13, 2016
  7. Ztruker Win User
    Sounds promising, good luck.
    Ztruker, Jun 14, 2016
  8. PoPDieTy Win User

    Rundll32.exe issues | Hello ! :D

    It was Nvidia related, I reinstalled the drivers, removed that experience program and it hasn't shown up. Thanks !
    PoPDieTy, Jun 14, 2016
  9. Ztruker Win User
    Sounds good. Please post back in a while and let me know how it's going.
    Ztruker, Apr 4, 2018

Rundll32.exe issues | Hello ! :D

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