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Discus and support Synching Mail with Gmail in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; Added my gmail account to mail and mostly it works. But, some synching issues: 1. When first starting mail, it takes far too long to first sync... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by andyalp, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. andyalp Win User

    Synching Mail with Gmail

    Added my gmail account to mail and mostly it works. But, some synching issues:

    1. When first starting mail, it takes far too long to first sync inbox, even manually - like 1 min, even though settings are set to sync as mail arrives. It is quicker to go on the net and open gmail, which defeats the point.

    2. When first linking to gmail account, I have multiple sub-folders under some parent folders that need to be synched. Select a parent folder, select synch, wait 5-10 minutes while it is 'synching', finishes but no sub-folders synched.

    3. So now have to go to each sub-folder one by one and run manual sync, even though my settings say to sync mail from anytime. So for around 50 sub-folders at 5 min each it takes hours manually synching each folder. Worse still, after the sync has run, the mail settings dialog box opens and requires a 'Save' or 'Cancel' command, either of which takes yet another 5mins or so! And worse still, sometimes after all this, the mail still does not appear in the folder, so I have to repeat the whole process again, and then it arrives.

    Help! Is there anyway to batch sync all the mail folders in one go, otherwise I'll be at it for days.
    And how can I get the inbox to sync as soon as I open mail, not 5 mins later?l

    andyalp, Jul 4, 2016

  2. Import contacts from Outlook to Windows 10

    If you are running Outlook in Windows 10 and wish to synch Contacts from Outlook to People and Mail in Windows 10, the simplest method to make it automatic is to create a Microsoft email account within Outlook, it must be an exchange account in the setup
    of this new account. If you achieve this the Contacts will be synched to, then People and Mail will synched from You may need some help, but first establish the Microsoft account email account, you do not need to use it for emails,
    simply to synch contacts. A similar result will occur by setting up a Gmail account. Gmail and accounts both will synch emails and Contacts. If you use other devices (mobile phone) for Contacts and emails it would be best to adopt either of these
    synching accounts for your main email usage.
    Davmax1589, Jul 4, 2016
  3. Emails not arriving any more?

    same problems here: nokia mail on e71 and gmail.

    synching off and on, folders behaving strangly...delete mails does not work, nokia does not get along with gmails labels

    etc. etc.

    I second the idea to open again for BB support like it was on e61... so much better.....!!!!
    davidfree---01, Jul 4, 2016
  4. philc43 Win User

    Synching Mail with Gmail

    I have been using Gmail in the W10 Mail app and tend to agree that the synching of folders is not working as well as it should. What I find is that when the PC is first turned on it does take a long time before the mail program is up to speed. If your habit is to turn on your PC and immediately want emails then use the Gmail website - it is much faster. However, I now turn on my PC and do other things for about 15mins or so and at that point the Mail app has already finished synching in the background before I even open it up. Emails are all there ready to be read. For the rest of the day it works fine, whether open or closed, with all new emails appearing as they arrive (as set in the settings) either in the app or in the notification area if I had closed the app.

    Although I have sub-folders I have only chosen to sync a few of them so I can't really comment on this aspect. If I need to search through emails I find the web version is much better - in fact Gmail search is so good you can store masses of emails in one folder and always find what you want.

    The Mail app in my view is just for convenience and I have added several emails accounts to it just to have one place where I can see them all arriving. In most cases the app is perfectly fine for dealing with the replies or deleting things I don't need. As I use IMAP everything is replicated and kept up to date so my other methods of reading emails all mirror each other.
    philc43, Jul 5, 2016
  5. andyalp Win User
    Thanks philc43. That is pretty much my experience and conclusion. I finally got all folders synced, but now when trying to open a pdf attachment in a mail, the Mail app crashes.
    So gmail it is, which works great, even in Edge. Windows Mail is out - a waste of time. My Windows phone mail app works better! *Mad
    andyalp, Apr 5, 2018

Synching Mail with Gmail

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