Windows 10: The Future of Windows: Subscription?

Discus and support The Future of Windows: Subscription? in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Although I have seen nothing on the official site I have seen this bouncing around other sites on the web. Here is one of those sites:... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Carsomyr, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. Carsomyr Win User

    The Future of Windows: Subscription?

    Although I have seen nothing on the official site I have seen this bouncing around other sites on the web. Here is one of those sites:

    Wondering if anyone can confirm/deny the possibility? I can honestly say that I think it would be detrimental to Microsoft as a whole. I myself would immediately jump ship. I'm already moving towards Linux/Unix like OS as they are more popular, FREE, open source, etc. Not to mention half the time you connect to a server with a windows machine the server is running a Linux/Unix variant. Thoughts, opinions?

    Carsomyr, Jun 17, 2015
  2. zohebnmx Win User

    The Future Of The N900?


    i do agree with you!!

    even after losing my 1st nokia n900, i cud not digest any other phone as similar and doing-business for me.

    hence to asnwer all easy options i bought again my 2nd n900.

    Certainly there is no match to its convinence, leave apart its processor.

    I am also amongst those who r eagerly waiting for new version, but the possibility seems to b diminishing The Future of Windows: Subscription? :(.

    hope nokia will revive this exclusive-not-for masses-smartphone!!!
    zohebnmx, Jun 17, 2015
  3. wilson63 Win User
    The Future Of The N900?

    I have no doubt of where the future of N900 & Maemo is heading, to me it's the best device I have ever owned. The Microsoft involvement is good news, I have never considered Android myself.
    wilson63, Jun 17, 2015
  4. Mystere Win User

    The Future of Windows: Subscription?

    Confirm or deny what possibility? There's a lot of stuff in that article, and it's all denying the rumors. So could you be more specific about the specific specifics you want to be specified by your less than specific question?
    Mystere, Jun 17, 2015
  5. Have you ever run a Linux OS? It's not plug and play like Windows is, just so you know. Running it on a server is one thing, trying to do all that you do now in Windows is a totally different story. I'm running Raspbian on my Raspberry Pi and its been a steady uphill climb. I am in no hurry to jump from Windows to Linux. I don't see ever doing it to be honest.
    alphanumeric, Jun 18, 2015
  6. Carsomyr Win User
    Your first post regarding the 1 year time limit for a free copy is irrelevant to this topic. Secondly Yes I have run several Linux Distros, and regarding the plug and play/compatibility issues it really varies distro to distro.
    Carsomyr, Jun 18, 2015
  7. Carsomyr Win User
    I apologize for not being specific enough, this is what I was referring to:

    On multiple occasions this year Microsoft has come out and said it sees itself as a services company moving forward and that it views Windows long term as a subscription service, not a buy once platform as it has been up to now.

    It is being bounced around that either with win10 later on, or the next version after that will be a subscription service as opposed to a one time buy license. That is what I'm getting at.
    Carsomyr, Jun 18, 2015
  8. Mystere Win User

    The Future of Windows: Subscription?

    Bad journalism. If you read through the links he refers to (he refers back to his own articles), you see that there is a fundamental misunderstanding in his reporting. He confuses "Windows as a service" with "Windows as a subscription". They are not the same thing.

    Windows as a service merely means that Windows will be treated as a service, with constant updates and an ongoing "service contract" methodology. The mandatory updates in Windows 10 are considered part of the "Windows as a service" policy, that keeps Windows always on "the most current version". Just like you would expect from any other service.

    Windows as a Subscription is an idea that Microsoft has bandied about off and on, but it's never outlined any real plans, and it was never clear whether or not they intended a subscription service to be in addition to regular purchase licenses or not. You can basically treat "Windows as a subscription" as rumor and vaporware until something more substantial materializes (which it probably won't).
    Mystere, Jun 18, 2015
  9. Carsomyr Win User
    That is pretty much what I was leaning towards. I honestly think running it as a subscription would make their customers turn tail and flee to a different OS The Future of Windows: Subscription? :p And as we all know we can't really take anything serious until they say what it is...
    Carsomyr, Jun 18, 2015
  10. Mystere Win User
    Microsoft already has a subscription service for Enterprise customers, called Software Assurance. You pay a yearly fee and get access to all software they have, and any version that is available. Businesses have not turned tail and run from this.

    People said the same thing about Office 365... Nobody would want a subscription Office suite, but Office 365 has been extremely successful. It gives you access to a lot of things for a low upfront cost.

    Most people would rather pay a small fee up front, and monthly than pay a large fee and save some money.. Not everyone of course, but if your thoughts on the matter were everyones, cell phone companies would be out of business.

    I don't think we'll see Windows as a subscription anytime soon, if at all. Not because people would revolt.. quite the contrary, I think it would be quite successful. But, because logistically it's too hard to do at this point.
    Mystere, Jun 18, 2015
  11. pparks1 Win User
    I have no concerns with a subscription based service. I pay monthly for TV, I pay monthly for Netflix, I pay yearly for Amazon prime, etc.

    I think Office 365 for many people is a no-brainer. You get a ton of software for a low fee per year. Unless you were pirating the software before, this is most likely a much less costlier approach.
    pparks1, Jun 18, 2015
  12. jimbo45 Win User
    Hi there

    A lot of Linux Distros are getting "More Windows than Windows" -- plug'nplay is not such a bugbear as it used to be as on popular distros updates seem to be much more available than previously. I use CENTOS which is actually the FREE version of RED HAT ENTERPRISE SERVER - used commercially by a lot of organisations - so CENTOS is incredibly stable - although if you want a Windows like GUI --I use KDE -- it needs a bit extra to set it up.

    I run all my multi-media servers on it -- Networking on Linux always beats Windows IMO -- apart from one - MEZZMO which only runs on Windows --so I use a VM for that. For File, Print, most multi-media and Network (Internet) gateway I use the Linux server - Windows Client machines have no problems accessing what they need to.

    The main problem is that for a lot of stuff you HAVE to have Windows -- for example there really isn't any comparable program to Photoshop or Ms Office (although WPS Office seems to be coming on nicely). Accessing Corporate applications also usually requires a Windows desktop too.

    WPS Office seems to be the most compatible thing to Ms Office (and it's FREE for personal users - runs on Windows, Android phones and Linux. I think though if you use EXCEL with a LOT of VBA macros then you can't beat the original Ms Office of course.

    The Commercial (PRO) version (around 40 EUR) DOES work with a lot of VBA Macros -- am testing it out currently so I might go down that route.

    WPS Office Perfect Compatible With Microsoft (MS) (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) For PC and Mobile - Free Download

    If Windows DOES go subscription - I'll simply keep running the old version on a VM --it will probably last until well after I'm in the grave !!!

    I think the whole topic of subscription has been addressed before --It's NOT going to happen for HOME users -- Corporates will get some sort of "Servicing deal" which is another issue entirely.

    jimbo45, Jun 18, 2015
  13. bromanbro Win User

    The Future of Windows: Subscription?

    The newbie-friendly Linux distros are plug-n-play (Ubuntu, Linux Mint), as long as your hardware is old enough.

    That said, LINUX IS NOT WINDOWS! It's as different as Windows is from Mac OSX, and isn't as newb friendly as either. But I'm dual booting Windows and Arch Linux on my laptop...using Openbox WM on Arch, and it's so lean and fast!
    bromanbro, Jun 18, 2015
  14. groze Win User
    I got newer hardware and I am running a triple boot system right now. My system is a Dell. Windows 7, Windows 10 preview and Xubuntu.
    groze, Jun 19, 2015
  15. I've only used Linux a few times on PC hardware. Older PC's that had an unsupported version of Windows on them. I tried a couple of Linux Distro's on them like Puppy and it just ended up in frustration trying to get all the hardware working. Especially networking/WIFI. YMMV I guess. I'm currently running Raspbian on my Pi because there aren't a whole lot of options. It works for the Pi including WIFI out of the box. Doing anything else though seems to be endless apt-get terminal commands. All I can say is, nothing I've seen makes me want to jump ship from Windows to Linux any time soon. I'd have to be between a rock and a hard place to make me do it. That's just me though. If you like it more power to you. *Smile
    alphanumeric, Jun 19, 2015

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