Windows 10: W10 Creator pushing Mail Version 17.8104.42387.0

Discus and support W10 Creator pushing Mail Version 17.8104.42387.0 in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; I use Yahoo but would like to transition to W10 Mail Version 17.8104.42387.0 after updating to W10 Creator. After the W10 Creator update I did try to... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by lpatrick, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. lpatrick Win User

    W10 Creator pushing Mail Version 17.8104.42387.0

    I use Yahoo but would like to transition to W10 Mail Version 17.8104.42387.0 after updating to W10 Creator.
    After the W10 Creator update I did try to move Yahoo email data to Mail but ran into a roadblock which actually gave me pause to think. If I moved to Mail using Yahoo address and all else I'm concerned that I really have not actually separated myself from Yahoo. Hope this is not to confusing but am I correct? Would not I really need to make a clean start with a all new address for Mail to be a truly new email account?

    Is Mail Version 17.8104.42387.0 superior to Yahoo?


    lpatrick, Apr 20, 2017
  2. Simard57 Win User

    Windows 10 Mail IpmSubTrees??

    I followed instructions. mail app in 17.8104.42387.0

    Same issue with Ipmsubtree
    Simard57, Apr 20, 2017
  3. Email problem

    Are you on the new creators build of W10? I'm still on the previous version, perhaps they are different.

    My W10 build - Version 1607, OS build - 14393.1358

    My W10 Mail app - 17.8241.40725.0

    If I open Mail and click the settings cog ( in Mail itself ), 'READING' is in the Mail settings 5th one down in the list, above 'Signature' and below 'Automatic Replies'.
    George222(2), Apr 20, 2017
  4. dalchina New Member

    W10 Creator pushing Mail Version 17.8104.42387.0

    Hi, as I understand it you are comparing
    - Yahoo accessed via a browser
    - Email accessed via an email client (Mail)

    You would need to configure Mail to access your yahoo account. That is, you would need certain information to set up Mail to access Yahoo via either Pop3 (older) or IMAP protocols. Details of this can be easily obtained from service providers or are posted on line. (A quick search usually finds that).

    An advantage of using Mail is that all your devices can be synced to use the same settings.

    Advantages of using an email client (rather than a browser):
    - logging in is automatic = quicker
    - you can scan multiple accounts quickly-
    - you can save historic emails going back years on your PC, including those related to closed accounts
    - thus you can search 1000s of emails from multiple accounts.

    I use Poppeeper (free) as a pre-scan with an anti-spam filter - that scans multiple accounts and lists new email in a few seconds.
    My main client is Thunderbird - When MS kept changing email clients, and then no client in Win 8, I left MS.
    dalchina, Apr 20, 2017
  5. Helmut Win User
    #2 gives a good summary apart from the fact that Windows 8.1 certainly did have a Mail Client App and indeed looked very similar to the Windows 10 Mail App.
    I used it prior to the Windows 10 mail App, this being an improved version.

    Whenever you use a Mail client App like that it does not stop you using the Webmail interface from a Web Browser, indeed you have to sometimes to set options in the Mail Account.

    Personally I have 6 Email Accounts, 1 of those is Yahoo, and it is convenient to use an Email Client application to access all those in one go.
    Use whatever Email Client Application you like, try them out for yourself that's what I did.
    The built in Windows 10 Mail Client is good in some respects, but bad in others.
    Good points - Notifications, can be a badge on the Taskbar icon, Preview in Action centre, Live Tile preview on the Start menu, each account or lumped together, or both, your choice.
    Bad points - The App itself is Touchscreen style in looks, thus inefficient in the use of space, particularly with multiple Accounts.
    Helmut, Apr 5, 2018

W10 Creator pushing Mail Version 17.8104.42387.0

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