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  1. 1. Microsoft Store - how to update apps remotely
  3. 3. why can i not download roblox on my new computer
  4. 4. Has anyone encountered challenges with downloading apps from the Microsoft Store recently?
  5. 5. Microsoft Store does not finish installing Roblox.
  6. 6. Paint 3d
  7. 7. OneDrive
  8. 8. My Microsoft Store has a Problem.
  9. 9. My Microsoft Store has a Problem.
  10. 10. My Microsoft Store has a Problem.
  11. 11. I cant login into the microsoft store on Windows 10. Help me please!
  12. 12. Microsoft store not updating no matter what I do
  13. 13. Microsoft Store error code 0x80240437
  14. 14. Microsoft store not downloading anything Code: 0x80070005
  15. 15. I cannot sign into my account on the Microsoft Store. I cannot change my account in...
  16. 16. Paint 3D program not recongised
  17. 17. Problem with Microsoft Store apps
  18. 18. Installation problem with Microsoft Store Win10 - Question
  19. 19. So I deleted Windows.Application.Model.dll and Windows.Application.Store.dll and now my...
  20. 20. Unable to Download or Update Apps from Microsoft Store on Windows 10
  21. 21. Microsoft does not install app after clicking install button in microsoft store, greys out...
  22. 22. I can't fix error 0x800704cf
  23. 23. I receive the error message “this microsoft account does not exist. Enter a diffrent...
  24. 24. PC Manager!
  25. 25. codigo n chegou para eu resgatar os robux
  26. 26. I am unable to install a program specifically Sea of Theives from the Microsoft Store.
  27. 27. I am unable to instal a program specifically Sea of Theives from the Microsoft Store.
  28. 28. Paint 3D still not appearing on Open With, Edit Using Paint 3D, or on the dropdown menu in...
  29. 29. My windows store is showing THE SERVER STUMBLED every single time I open it. Please what...
  30. 30. Microsoft store Missing apps
  31. 31. I need to download my pdf X subscription software onto my new computer but can't seem to do...
  32. 32. 0x800704cf Error everytime i login to XBOX live, Minecraft, and Microsoft Store.
  33. 33. I'm trying to install Disney + app on my surface pro but it's stuck saying "starting...
  34. 34. Has 3d Builder been Removed from Microsoft Store?
  36. 36. we are having trouble proccesing your payment
  37. 37. wsl app stuck in start menu
  38. 38. I can't open Microsoft store because it says "This app has been blocked by your system...
  39. 39. "Try another verification method"
  40. 40. how to get minecraft again?
  41. 41. Why is Microsoft Store Region not allowing purchases?
  42. 42. iCloud for windows 10
  43. 43. Microsoft Store does not exist.
  44. 44. H.265 codec on an offline computer
  45. 45. Cant opens Microsoft store
  46. 46. How do I uninstall the Phone Link app?
  47. 47. Microsoft To Do - duplicating items with tasks
  48. 48. Account isn't recognized when I try to log in, but i also cant create a new one.
  49. 49. I loose by acident game mirrors of albion,and can t download, it says i have a game bat i...
  50. 50. hi i need help fixing a error 0x803F8001 pls
  51. 51. cant instal minecraft launcher after deleting it.
  52. 52. Microsoft applications on Windows keep showing my previous name after changing it
  53. 53. Windows won't update my credit card info
  54. 54. cannot add an acount in emails and accounts prompt pops up and dissapears windows 10
  55. 55. We’re having trouble processing your payment and we’d like to get it sorted out.
  56. 56. Mon application Photo est en anglais et pad en français
  57. 57. My son sent game code to the wrong email address
  58. 58. I have not received any notification from Microsoft but I see that there have been several...
  59. 59. How can I play on my computer with my friends on my phone?If Minecraft bedrock edition is...
  60. 60. Trying to remove s mode
  61. 61. Microsoft Store not working, stuck at loading
  62. 62. Windows 10 Activation Error 0xc0ea000a
  63. 63. My laptop is unable to open Microsoft store. i have tried a lot but it doesn't work. Please...
  64. 64. When I Open Microsoft Store It Is Blank And If I Try To Search Its Blank And I Am Also Not...
  65. 65. When I try to pay with Ideal in the Microsoftstore, I always get an error message and they...
  66. 66. When I try to pay with Ideal, I always get an error message and the message "We want to...
  67. 67. When I try to pay with Ideal, I alway get an error message and the message "We want to fix...
  68. 68. Is it possible to suggest to Microsoft to verify an App for use in S Mode?
  69. 69. Can not download or update anything from the Microsoft Store
  70. 70. Microsoft store wont open and every method doesnt fix it
  71. 71. When I attempt to buy HEVC extension using my Visa I keep getting declined.
  72. 72. Installing HEVC extension
  73. 73. Message for Microsoft
  74. 74. Kod: 0x80073CFE Błąd
  75. 75. I didnt receive my reward
  76. 76. can i turn off direct deposit?
  77. 77. Is there a way to get a full refund of someway to get my money back if i bought the...
  78. 78. How to get Microsoft store apps to update if stuck?
  79. 79. queued up
  80. 80. Installation probleme with Microsoft Store Win10 App
  81. 81. Tiktok won't install on my laptop
  82. 82. Microsoft Applications Will Not Launch
  83. 83. Minecraft launcher not working
  84. 84. How to get and install Play Store?
  85. 85. Every time i try to open the Microsoft store it automatically closes. When i try to reset...
  86. 86. What is error code 0x800706d9?
  87. 87. Ilomilo Plus not connecting to my microsoft account
  88. 88. cant install and update any app like whatsapp
  89. 89. I needed to reinstall windows and lost the PDF X lifetime app I had installed and I cannot...
  90. 90. Where is Google Home app for Surface Pro 9?
  91. 91. Microsoft says my account doesn't exist
  92. 92. Abajeskeldi
  93. 93. I need a pin that I didn't make?
  94. 94. Microsoft store crashes when I open the settings.
  95. 95. Bought HEVC for the update, and didn't get it. Refund?
  96. 96. Microsoft Store has this weird blurry/frosted overlay
  97. 97. I purchased minecraft from microsoft store with upi payment but cant see in my order...
  98. 98. I purchased minecraft from microsoft store with upi payment but cant see in my order...
  99. 99. I purchased minecraft from microsoft store with upi payment but cant see in my order...
  100. 100. I purchased minecraft from microsoft store with upi payment but cant see in my order...
  101. 101. unauthorised billing of $139
  102. 102. Why wont Microsoft store roblox load?
  103. 103. How do I stop Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 from crashing?
  104. 104. Minecraft launcher won't install. Provides error instead.
  105. 105. I bought Minecraft and I can not install it on my computer because microsoft store does not...
  106. 106. Why is Microsoft Mahjong now providing hints to solve the game? It totally takes the...
  107. 107. Why am I getting RSVPS about borrowing money from a payday loan company?
  108. 108. I can't play Minecraft
  109. 109. Something went wrong. We're aware of the issue and working to fix it. Try refreshing or...
  110. 110. Still misleading!
  111. 111. Purple Heart Cape Code Already Redeemed?
  112. 112. Trying to download xbox app on pc through Micrsoft store it just gets stuck and wont finish...
  113. 113. My subscription has been cancelled. I paid the subscription last year in December 22, 2023,...
  114. 114. How To Get Microsoft Store.
  115. 115. windows store app has stopped working after the latest update of win 10
  116. 116. need to reinstall microsoft flight simulator Premier Deluxe Edition, purchased Feb 2021 to...
  117. 117. Why is my microsoft store not showing up in apps and downloads? But when I press the...
  118. 118. Where did Trio office go with automatic update today
  119. 119. i bought a movie but it dosnt show in my library on the store app
  120. 120. Error code 0x87E00009 when trying to install/download the Minecraft Launcher in Microsoft...
  121. 121. How to upgrade microsoft photos app in windows 10 22h2 ?
  122. 122. Microsoft PC Manager update!
  123. 123. I did a windows reset and now my games dont show up in microsoft store
  124. 124. I can't spend my microsoft balance even though I have 30 euros yes, my country uses euros...
  125. 125. Xbox App Fails to Update
  126. 126. Cant launch minecraft and broken microsoft store
  127. 127. my Microsoft store keeps giving me an error code 0x80131500 can it be fixed?
  128. 128. my microsoft store keeps giving me a error code 0x80131500 how do i get it to work again?
  129. 129. Installatie Windows store
  130. 130. I bought a code for a game and when activate the code he doesn't show me the game in xbox...
  131. 131. Blank pop up appears when buying subscription products from Microsoft store. UWP, MS...
  132. 132. I can't open Microsoft store or any other windows apps such as sticky notes, calculator,...
  133. 133. Microsoft Store error code 0x80246008
  134. 134. microsoft-services-store-engagement is missing
  135. 135. i can't install HEVC video extension from microsoft store after purchased it.
  136. 136. Why is Microsoft force-installing viruses that cannot be removed???
  137. 137. "Retrieving information from the Microsoft Store"....and nothing happens when trying to...
  138. 138. Stucking here for always
  139. 139. outlook new
  140. 140. Microsoft store says this alot.
  141. 141. Hi there. I pay £5.99 for the 365 subscription but you have taken £59.99 this month. How...
  142. 142. Microsoft store Install button is grey after I press it and it never does anything after....
  143. 143. Cant install Minecraft launcher from Microsoft Store
  144. 144. Error 0x80073d05 when installing the X-box App on PC
  145. 145. I cant download app from the store it always says pending
  146. 146. Microsoft Sign In problem
  147. 147. Microsoft Store Check Your Connection error
  148. 148. I need to reinstall PDF X lifetime version. How do I do that on a PC? I can't find a...
  149. 149. Can't find microsoft store in apps & features
  150. 150. All Install apps stuck on "Retrieving information from the Microsoft Store..."
  151. 151. Не вдається ввійти в XBOX LIVE на ПК 0x89235107
  152. 152. I am not able to download whatsapp,
  153. 153. Microsoft PC Manager UK!
  154. 154. my computer says: this app can't open
  155. 155. in my microsoft store i cant find ubuentu and orcale linix and whatsapp but i need them a...
  156. 156. Can't logon to MicroSoft Store and XBox app, logon circles endlessly when typing password
  157. 157. When I try to launch Sea of thieves it says i don't own it even though I do and wont...
  158. 158. Xbox app bugged
  159. 159. Charged for a subscription I cancelled
  160. 160. Why is there no way to make the progress bar bigger for windows store when downloading a...
  161. 161. Microsoft store not opening ''try that again something happened on our end. waiting a bit...
  162. 162. Unable to download apps from Windows Store
  163. 163. Is 866 595 9341 a valid Microsoft number?
  164. 164. How to Fix Microsoft Store Not Opening/Broken?
  165. 165. Minecraft still says buy the full version
  166. 166. MSFS 2020 for classroom
  167. 167. I bought the complete season of stargate and I can't download or play it.
  168. 168. missing pre-installed apps along with MS STORE in win 10 after a factory reset
  169. 169. I need help because my Microsoft says that is block please unblock it on pc.
  170. 170. Microsoft Store stuck at selecting folder location for Killer Instinct game
  171. 171. HEVC Extension Purchase - no delivery
  172. 172. Microsoft PC Manager!
  173. 173. My apps that have been downloaded from Microsoft Store keeps crashing.
  174. 174. I Uninstalled Microsoft Store because it would not open. Now i can't install it again!...
  175. 175. PowerShell Errors upon Opening
  176. 176. My microsoft store updates are stuck on pending AND it's persisting
  177. 177. What that means ?
  178. 178. When I try to dowload Bluemail it gets stuck on Retrieving information from the Micosoft Store
  179. 179. Please can I have a refund
  180. 180. Microsoft Store will not find folder to install a game.
  181. 181. i cant redeem my gift code
  182. 182. Order history does not specify if I refunded the game
  183. 183. Microsoft Store When I try to install apps, it gets stuck at "Acquiring license...".
  184. 184. Cannot install Xbox app on Windows 10 through Microsoft Store & KernalBase.dll errors
  185. 185. Facing an Issue to Get Miscrosoft Account
  186. 186. How can I have Microsoft look at my pc to see if I meet windows 11 requirements
  187. 187. my xbox is dead
  188. 188. Issue with a digital Microsoft store page/purchacse
  189. 189. Im having this problem. Microsoft store is not downloading apps and it is showing as...
  190. 190. Download option not showing for Microsoft Translator app on my PC.
  191. 191. Pls add GD back to Microsoft store
  192. 192. Mouse Without Borders Version
  193. 193. microsoft store issue can't download anything
  194. 194. This title is powered by great new features in the windows insider program. Unable to...
  195. 195. Blank white account login window for all Windows related services
  196. 196. Downloading on microsoft store stuck on white screen.
  197. 197. stop taking money off my credt card
  198. 198. I cannot install the Media Feature Pack
  199. 199. I am getting error trying to reinstall windows store app in win10 prof.
  200. 200. am getting error trying to reinstall windows stopre top win10 prof.
  201. 201. I need install package of microsoft store app,please help
  202. 202. Excuse me, I can't download Roblox can you please help me out?
  203. 203. I can't sign into the Microsoft Store anymore
  204. 204. Does anyone know how to fix this problem, so everytime i open roblox only on opera gx it...
  205. 205. impossible d'envoyer ave Office WORD 2016 vers le destinateur je pocéde windows 10
  206. 206. can't get any games in game store to open ?
  207. 207. Windows Store not available on my computer
  208. 208. I cannot install/update anything on ms store
  209. 209. Ms Flight simulator Error on Launch
  210. 210. ClipSVC service disabled and can't be started
  211. 211. I can't access the microsoft store. I need to install Lenovo Vantage due to any problem...
  212. 212. How can i have back my microsoft account
  213. 213. What does error code jo1wE3dNqU6vrzqE mean
  214. 214. I can't find microsoft store after resetting my pc
  215. 215. I bought Insurgency Sandstorm Gold Edition and i haven't received my Dlc add on's, Is...
  216. 216. I Pre Ordered Insurgency Sandstorm Gold Edition and i haven't received my Pre Order Dlc add...
  217. 217. Reorder of rows and columns of matrix in power bi
  218. 218. TypeError in windows store, i can't connect to my account.
  219. 219. excuse me, is anyone here had trouble when installing Share it on windows? it says Runtime...
  220. 220. Where do you see the date an app was last updated in the Microsoft Store?
  221. 221. Snip and Sketch doesn't allow me to edit taken screenshot
  222. 222. I can't log in to Microsoft Store
  223. 223. Key Board Shortcuts are not working on Microsoft Whiteboard.
  224. 224. HEVC Extension via Microsoft store
  225. 225. Microsoft store continously fails to download anything
  226. 226. Unauthorized credit card deduction for Office 365
  227. 227. I am having problems processing payments using Paypal Credit playing Fishdom. It was...
  228. 228. Windows Store and/or the Xbox app seems to be completely broken for me. Windows store gets...
  229. 229. I cannot redeem a code for a game
  230. 230. Microsoft store issue
  231. 231. Microsoft Majong for April 10, 2024 the Lightning Tile Game on the Daily Challenge. Is it...
  232. 232. Can't download Sea of Thieves on Xbox app on PC - says I need to have a controller
  233. 233. Are these apps for real?
  234. 234. Unable to make ANY purchase from IN-Apps/games from the Windows stores Apps
  235. 235. I was required my Microsoft to purchase Microsoft 365 when I didn't need to as what...
  236. 236. here is the summary in my microsoft order. how to download the files and install in my...
  237. 237. How can i reactivate my license ?
  238. 238. Code: 0x80070005 occurs when trying to install Minecraft and any other app that needs a licence
  239. 239. Sign in buttons for Microsoft store and Xbox apps not working
  240. 240. I don't have the Phone Link app on my Windows 10 computer.
  241. 241. Microsoft Store "Try again later, something happened on our end"
  242. 242. Microsoft Store "Try again later, something happened on our end"
  243. 243. I have an unexplained charge on my card
  244. 244. i have paid for microsoft flight sim deluxe 40th Anniversary Edition but it doesnt show me...
  245. 245. How to bypass app is currently not available in your account.
  246. 246. Why i cant redeem the code?
  247. 247. Endless Microsoft store password entry
  248. 248. "We’re having trouble processing your payment and we’d like to get it sorted out. Get more...
  249. 249. How to bypass app is currently not available in your account.
  250. 250. minecraft