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  1. 1. I have Microsoft Cashback money that I have been trying to transfer into PayPal
  2. 2. flagged emails show 3 times in task pane
  3. 3. i need help erro 0x803FB107
  4. 4. My Minecraft for Windows wont update to the latest version
  5. 5. how can i buy minecraft for someone in bangladesh from the uk?
  6. 6. I don't have the microsoft store in my windows 10 computer, what can i do?
  7. 7. Issue with powerpoint add-in and microsoft account
  8. 8. Problemas para instalar una aplicación
  9. 9. How do I fix "looks like you already own this" error message.
  10. 10. Unable to install MS To-Do - Store Blocked
  11. 11. You already own this product - Buying robux with microsoft gift card
  12. 12. Microsoft Store saying "Just a Moment" then going away while trying to sign up.
  13. 13. How to fix "Looks like you already own this" when buying currency?
  14. 14. Problema de compra
  15. 15. Microsoft store opening, loading, closes.
  16. 16. "Groove music" New "Media player" doesn't show currently played song.
  17. 17. I was charged for a microsoft subscription and i don't know what the subscription is or how...
  18. 18. The latest version of WhatsApp failed to install
  19. 19. why it always locked
  20. 20. [SOLVED] Microsoft store and mail app won't open, wsreset gives the error "the app didn't...
  21. 21. How do I cancel microsoft defender?
  22. 22. "Groove music" - "Microsoft media player" doesn't show currently played music.
  23. 23. "Groove music" - "Microsoft media player" doesn't show currently played music.
  24. 24. Store is not available in your country or region
  25. 25. [Windows 10]Roblox keeps crashing,i've done all the basic steps like...
  26. 26. Installing the Xbox app error.
  27. 27. Sir why are sendoff my 100 ruppes giftbox of Microsoft rewards sir
  28. 28. I have no more access to my Microsoft Store so like updates like one year ago...Chaos?Fraude?
  29. 29. Can't uninstall Power Toys
  30. 30. how to install movie and tv without microsoft store?:
  31. 31. How can I get my farmville 2: country escape back?
  32. 32. Clipsvc stops after few minutes i start it and upon restarting. I already merged Files, Did...
  33. 33. I bought a game off of the Microsoft store and it says I own this but will not let me...
  34. 34. snip and sketch
  35. 35. Storage device missing or disconnected for 2 games and unable to reinstall games on D or F...
  36. 36. Payment method declined
  37. 37. Hey, i have trouble reinstalling Minecraft. i get a constant error
  38. 38. Dev Home Preview and Dev Home GitHub Extension Preview
  39. 39. Downgrade apps available from the Microsoft store
  40. 40. Microsoft Store Won't Load and is Spinning Indefinitely
  41. 41. Error message "E:\ CLiP license device ID does not match the device ID in the bound device...
  42. 42. I cannot install roblox on the Microsoft store error code 0x803F8001
  43. 43. UPS returned my package Xbox series x to sender, before I received, what do I do?
  44. 44. Ran a powershell code to reinstall my broken microsoft store and its just stuck on "processing"
  45. 45. Can't download Gears 4 on MS Store. Error 0x8024001E
  46. 46. To Ask For A Windows Phone
  47. 47. Grey Box / error whenever trying to sign into any microsoft program!
  48. 48. Movie Purchase- Wont let me watch
  49. 49. I can't install any apps and the error code is 0x80070422.
  50. 50. i now have 3000 points can i buy 2 of the 100 robux option? or i can only buy one?
  51. 51. Excel will not load to my computer and I would like a refund.
  52. 52. Owned apps cant be reinstalled
  53. 53. MS To-Do crashes when I open it.
  54. 54. Reinstall Microsoft Store and fix Microsoft Flight simulator
  55. 55. Roblox microsoft store closing after pressing play
  56. 56. Microsoft Store Cannot Install
  57. 57. why is my windows store can't open, it loads everytime
  58. 58. No Pre-installed apps on windows
  59. 59. how do i fix the microsoft infinite loading screen
  60. 60. Microsoft store and mail app won't open, wsreset says gives the error "the app didn't start"
  61. 61. Microsoft Store will not connect to the Internet
  62. 62. i really dont know what to do i just tryed to down load roblox and this showed up by the...
  63. 63. I want to reinstall microsoft store , I removed it a long time ago . I am redownloading it...
  64. 64. Unable to download Netflix on new Xbox series X
  65. 65. How do I get Microsoft.UI.Xaml.2.7_7.2208.15002.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe appx package?
  66. 66. Why I can't find USD in my calculator?
  67. 67. Excel issue
  68. 68. How do I fix installing minecraft?
  69. 69. Unable to download Whatsapp on windows 10 from the microsoft store
  70. 70. Possible fix for 0x800706d9
  71. 71. I want to change my bank details
  72. 72. I cancelled my subscription because I was charged for it and didn’t realize, now I am...
  73. 73. MS Store - no access!
  74. 74. Microsoft store not opening and displaying "you'll need a new app to open this app...
  75. 75. Is there a Microsoft Store workaround for downloading a game?
  76. 76. WhatsApp desktop old version, cant update on my pc. Thank you
  77. 77. Unable to install a play anywhere game I own on xbox on my PC.
  78. 78. Game bought from not showing up in my xbox app on my pc.
  79. 79. My Microsoft store is stuck in the loading screen i have tried all the steps but it never...
  80. 80. i need to speak to someone at microsoft
  81. 81. مشكلة في التنزيل .
  82. 82. How do I get Microsoft Store to notify when one of my apps has an update?
  83. 83. Why this error appearing
  84. 84. How to restart the Microsoft Store
  85. 85. Unable to install snip and sketch./New snipping tool
  86. 86. How do I re-download a codec I already purchased? Microsoft Store crashed during...
  87. 87. Microsoft Store won't take me to Library or Downloads and Updates after reinstalling...
  88. 88. Windows Store has Stopped Working after Installing and Using Zoom
  89. 89. my Microsoft store isn't opening.
  90. 90. I can't download anything from the microsoft store or the xbox app.
  91. 91. I need to change my Microsoft email address but don’t want to loose my excel information...
  92. 92. hi so i cant log in microsoft store with my account but i can log in with another account...
  93. 93. Microsoft store wont open no matter what
  94. 94. My Microsoft store app keeps opening itself and I can’t fix it
  95. 95. My outlook will not send invoices out of my sage program
  97. 97. "Store is not available in your country or region"
  98. 98. Microsoft Store Not Working
  99. 99. Install WSL manually with 0x80073CF3 error
  100. 100. microsoft account sign in assistant is missing
  101. 101. how do I get an app for google chrome to work if I cannot get the app
  102. 102. Roblox Abre e Fecha
  103. 103. My Microsoft Store does not load in, I have tried everything on the web, even installing...
  104. 104. i cant open my rewards page.
  105. 105. i need to buy windows 10 pro with activation key
  106. 106. Robloc crashing every time becuse of svchost C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\svchost.exe
  107. 107. Microsoft Translator Windows 10 app does not detect speech from microphone
  108. 108. How do i fix my microsoft store
  109. 109. Been charged by microsoft
  110. 110. microsoft store say i already has roblox owned but there is no sign of it
  111. 111. StoreAgentScanForUpdatesFailure0 Windows.Desktop
  112. 112. 0x8007000e error, can't connect to microsoft services edge, store, commentary hub... how do...
  113. 113. MSN Weather App suddenly showing advertising? Did it get hacked?
  114. 114. Microsoft Store
  115. 115. unable to view one drive login page error code is 0x8004de40
  116. 116. Error Code 0x800704cf
  117. 117. Where is my missing game?
  118. 118. open ROBLOX please and thank you :
  119. 119. Can I get my money back for a transaction that I didn't make?
  120. 120. How do I stop payments because I no longer have the device in question.
  121. 121. Microsoft store apps fail to update, cannot open or uninstall them.
  122. 122. microsoft reward programme
  123. 123. how do you fix store ver roblox it keeps closing when i start it
  124. 124. App store PP and Visa payment problem
  126. 126. My Windows has lots of errors
  127. 127. when i try to connect my dragon city account to facebook it says connection error straight...
  128. 128. after resetting power director been deleted, microsoft store didnt produce the old one
  129. 129. Microsoft store won't install anything
  130. 130. Windows Store will not load on PC
  131. 131. Microsoft Store Error Code: 0x80070424
  132. 132. How can I fix this issue
  133. 133. Remove microsoft applications Whatsapp data without uninstalling the application
  134. 134. why don't the add-ons in the Community folder show up in the Profile Hangar of my MSFS 2020?
  135. 135. Having problems with Microsoft Store and Mail app in Windows 10 Home
  136. 136. I have a pending sale im MSFS 2020 that prevent me from buying in marcedplace.
  137. 137. Forza Horizon 5 will not install
  138. 138. Unable to download Sticky Notes from Microsoft App Store; this has been the case since...
  139. 139. Can't Download Anything From Microsoft Store
  140. 140. 0x80131500 error in MS Store
  141. 141. Why can't I sign into my Microsoft account?
  142. 142. How can we get a COA replacement sticker that is OEM software and the keycode in not able...
  143. 143. Microsoft Store button greyed out
  144. 144. How do I stop unwanted pop-ups from PC App Store
  145. 145. Unwanted pop-ups
  146. 146. Microsoft Store error code 0x80040154 - Troubleshooter won't download
  147. 147. I can't download anything from the microsoft store or the xbox app.
  148. 148. Microsoft store crashes whenever I select an app
  149. 149. Cant download xbox game pass on my computer
  150. 150. Error to download app in Microsoft store
  151. 151. compre una pelicula en microsoft store y no la puedo ver
  152. 152. micrsoft store says i have own roblox but there no button or trace of it on my account
  153. 153. how to reset microsoft games
  154. 154. why is my mic super quiet
  155. 155. Windows Store can't Update on New Windows 10 install
  156. 156. Roblox restars my pc upon launching
  157. 157. I can't sign in in my Microsoft Store
  158. 158. Microsoft store apps updating problem.
  159. 159. Hello, i am not able to re-register my computer to my microsoft account and am not able to...
  160. 160. How do you install Minecraft Java with the POS xbox app and microsoft store being FUBAR?
  161. 161. I can't open xbox app, microsoft store and other related microsoft programs. cant access my...
  162. 162. what sure naim
  163. 163. Trying to open windows store, it isn't working tried the tip given in an earlier thread to...
  164. 164. How do I redeem the code for a microsoft gift card?
  165. 165. Improving Collaboration Efficiency: Microsoft's Latest Tools and Features
  166. 166. Where can I find the key I bought from window store back in 2017?
  167. 167. I am not able to move Halo: The Master Chief Collection from my laptop to Samsung external SSD
  168. 168. Is there any way I can get rid of the WindowsApps folder and the folder inside it? error...
  169. 169. please i need help with microsoft store
  170. 170. you'll need a new app to open this ms-windows-store link
  171. 171. Microsoft Store not working correctly, how do I fix it?
  172. 172. Unable to find PFN
  173. 173. Hello I have got a problem with installing minecraft
  174. 174. I bought a redeem code from a shopping app. When I proceed to enter the code it tells me to...
  175. 175. installation of games i already have wont start on microsoft store ive tried so many...
  176. 176. Cannot open microsoft store no icon too
  177. 177. Refund request File Viewer Plus
  178. 178. Question about Photoscape pro X purchased at Microsoft Store
  179. 179. 0x00000000 error code on Windows 10 Microsoft store
  180. 180. Ha habido un problema Intente actualizar la página o vuelva más tarde TraceId:...
  181. 181. how can i fix VP9 Video Extension vulnerability in windows 10 x64 22h2
  182. 182. Updating MS Store applications
  183. 183. I cant install forza horizon 5 on a diffrent drive
  184. 184. microsoft store keeps closing windows 10
  185. 185. hi i am abdulla from bahrain i have a problem in microsoft store, i cant open it , i try...
  186. 186. I think my IP adres is blocked from my home network
  187. 187. Why can't I launch Minecraft?
  188. 188. "Something happened on our end. Try again later."
  189. 189. Windows Store fails to update apps
  190. 190. Trying to install MSFS 2020 onto new PC.
  191. 191. Unable to install latest version of WhatsApp to PC
  192. 192. Gostaria do reembolso do minecraft, pois comprei a versao errada.
  193. 193. I want to screen record trainings but need to also pick up on my voice that is not coming...
  194. 194. why can't I sign in due to no internet after account being hacked and new account created...
  195. 195. how to install snipping tool on Windows10
  196. 196. Microsoft Store error 0x80D02017 - Why is this IP dependent?
  197. 197. how to reinstall windows calendar Windows 10
  198. 198. Problems with microsoft store:
  199. 199. Can I refund a product key that was bought?
  200. 200. I bought a game for 20 dollars, and now I no longer have it.
  201. 201. Can't update or install anything on Microsoft Store
  202. 202. My sign in button on the microsoft store app is not working
  203. 203. Microsoft store won't download/update apps and games
  204. 204. problem with app installer after setup from microsoft store
  205. 205. 0x800704cf when trying to install Microsoft Store app via WINGET
  206. 206. Unable to sign in into Microsoft Store with my current account. However, it works using a...
  207. 207. The alexa app on the microsoft store isnt there what do I do?
  208. 208. Software Required : Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS Source : Microsoft Store. Error : Code: 0x80080204
  209. 209. Microsoft Store refuses to update error code 0x80080005 even after being restarted
  210. 210. need help to fix xboxinstaller's problem 0xC0020036
  211. 211. Microsoft store, black screen or something, i dont know
  212. 212. Can I sign into my Microsoft Store without automatically signing into Windows
  213. 213. How long would it take to receive my HEVC Video Extension if I bought it on Apr 4, 2023?
  214. 214. I redeemed a 5$ microsft giftcard on my microsft account but when i go to roblox and try to...
  215. 215. Device not appearing in the Microsoft store devices list
  216. 216. How i refund a world and get my mine coins back
  218. 218. New downloaded apps from MS Store now requires MS Store to open them
  219. 219. I can't reinstall fs2020
  220. 220. Windows 10 Pro for Workstations not in MS store
  221. 221. Why won't the install button pop up when I want to install a game I own but it isn't installed?
  222. 222. Why won't the install button pop up when I want to install a game I own but it isn't installed?
  223. 223. Microsoft Remote desktop primary process name in windows
  224. 224. my microsoft store wont open.
  225. 225. how to fix Code: 0x80070057 on microsoft store
  226. 226. When i go to install minecraft off the site, it sends me to the MS store.
  227. 227. How long takes age rating?
  228. 228. I can't receive or send emails and I paid $2.99 three days ago for basic extra storage and...
  229. 229. Voice Recorder Crashing
  230. 230. A Problem with the Microsoft Store
  231. 231. I have been hacked and they have changed the email of my microsoft account and they have...
  233. 233. Why is an app purchased from the Microsoft Store no longer available to install when logged...
  234. 234. Publisher will not open files that have been used, or allow new docs.
  235. 235. How do I find out the Company or Person who enrolled a device in MDM?
  236. 236. Hi! I bought Flight Simulator Premium Deluxe DVD version. After second installation of all...
  237. 237. Tem como jogar o minecraft bedrock edition comprado pelo pc no telemóvel?
  238. 238. Reformat your external storage
  239. 239. Forza Horizon 5 launch issues
  240. 240. Windows Store fails to update apps
  241. 241. Help , weird things appears on screen Minecraft.
  242. 242. Microsoft store asking me for a non-existent microsoft pin after being forced to sign into...
  243. 243. changing wallpaper for lock screen
  244. 244. how to solve error0x800700e7
  245. 245. How to clean my one drive whereas most of documents have been deleted ?
  246. 246. I can't download wechat on my desktop
  247. 247. how to fix Code: 0x80070057 on microsoft store
  248. 248. My account closed, is there a way to reopen it after 60 days?
  249. 249. Microsoft Store Error Try again later Something went wrong at our end
  250. 250. I'm unable to download Halo wars 2 after accidently moving and deleting the windows app folder.