Windows 10: Sitemap

User Accounts and Family Safety
  1. 1. how do I remove the family safety facility from my windows 10 pc?
  2. 2. how did my husband become my *** Email address is removed for privacy *** administrator?
  3. 3. How to remove a unknow child account from my family group when it claims I did not give...
  4. 4. how to change dob of child account in family group
  6. 6. Hi I have an adults account but for some reason it has my child’s date of birth instead of...
  7. 7. Need help changing the main microsoft account of a windows user
  8. 8. deleted
  9. 9. Need help changing main microsoft account of a windows user
  10. 10. Hello I need help with my renewal...also if I am the account holder...I seem to be sharing...
  11. 11. family consent
  12. 12. Are there Family Member, Adult? And other related questions about accepting Members in...
  13. 13. How do I restrict a user from downloading apps
  14. 14. How do I add my daughter's Microsoft account to a Windows 10 device?
  15. 15. I still have to ask an adult to use an app Roblox
  16. 16. How Can i remove my child account from a Family?
  17. 17. my age is wrong in microsoft but i can't edit it through family settings or my account...
  18. 18. my age is wrong is microsoft but i can't edit it through family settings or my account...
  19. 19. MS Account>Family: Manage Permissions page is blank.
  20. 20. I am getting TraceId: GaNk7nWr8k2xdBS7.75.118 when I try to join a Microsoft Family...
  21. 21. I am above 13, but when I try to leave my microsoft family group, it says that I am under...
  22. 22. Changing age of Family member due to incorrect set up
  23. 23. Microsoft family issues
  24. 24. I'm having problems with signing in my childs account
  25. 25. Applications are not terminated after the time limit of my children’s accounts on Windows10.
  26. 26. Get child out of dummy family group and back into genuine family group
  27. 27. How to get rid of Microsoft family safety?
  28. 28. Cannot add my child account back in my family groupe on Family Safety
  29. 29. Microsoft Family Safety Screen time page not loading
  30. 30. Unable to remove child account from Family
  31. 31. Unable to Add Husband to Family Account?
  32. 32. Does Microsoft Family have a limit on how many websites you can approve?
  33. 33. You can't use Google Chrome because of your family safety settings, but it doesn't hurt to ask
  34. 34. Please can you let me know how I can reset the password of my childs family account
  35. 35. ou can't use Google Chrome because of your family safety settings, but it doesn't hurt to ask
  36. 36. How do I remove user account control?
  37. 37. My son gets around screen time restrictions in family safety
  38. 38. Microsoft account not working
  39. 39. problem with family safety
  40. 40. Unable to proceed beyond "It's not you. It's us" when attempting to log in to child...
  41. 41. I turned the time back on my PC and now the Microsoft family features pop up won’t stop...
  42. 42. My adult account has been changed to a child account and I am unable to access my account.
  43. 43. Child account in family safety is no visible
  44. 44. Microsoft family
  45. 45. Mail hesabıma giriş yapamıyorum.
  46. 46. Error con mi fecha de nacimiento
  47. 47. I unsubscribed from the family, but I still can't access my account because permission is...
  48. 48. Can children sign out of their microsoft accounts?
  49. 49. How can i remove the family featuressubcriber on my account?
  50. 50. microsoft screen time locks my pc, but i have no family on my account and no screen time...
  51. 51. I can't remove family safety group and even i can't remove myself from this group
  52. 52. Family Safety won't allow child to login to Windows
  53. 53. about Unusual
  54. 54. Why does my time keep running when i lock the account?
  55. 55. Problem with using EAAnticheat app for Fifa 23 in EA App
  56. 56. Hi my son cannot access his account even after removing the family restriction
  57. 57. I have problems with parental control
  58. 58. How do I fix not being able to leave my family group.
  59. 59. How to gift points to family members? It doesn't work for me.
  60. 60. my wife and I share a printer and I signed in on her computer to print from mine but y...
  61. 61. why cant i leave/change my age on my microsoft account?
  62. 62. How do I turn off the Safe search setting filters in Bing and Microsoft Edge?
  63. 63. How can I overcome "Something's wrong. It's not you, it's us" error upon verification of...
  64. 64. Account links?
  65. 65. Regarding locking of devices using same child accounts on different versions of Windows
  66. 66. Changing date of birth on Microsoft account
  67. 67. How do I get rid of this **** app? The **** family settings basically mean my sons laptop...
  68. 68. Child can make a purchase on my account with their own pin!
  69. 69. How do I get rid of screen time restrictions when they were never created
  70. 70. Family Safety screen time on PC - can children view what time is remaining?
  71. 71. Can't remove childs account on my account. Family features stuck and remove button won't show.
  72. 72. Anyone experiencing issues with the Family security app on an iPhone?
  73. 73. Microsoft Family account still registered as a child despite being over statutory age
  74. 74. Can I sign in with a different email?
  76. 76. How to transfer my husband's account to my name
  77. 77. Family safety does not allow to manage consent.
  78. 78. Unable to add a family in a family group.
  79. 79. I can't leave my family account.
  80. 80. Need access to parent controls for kids account
  81. 81. How do I get the switch users feature back?
  82. 82. Cambiare data di nascita
  83. 83. How to connect a Windows Device to Microsoft Family?
  84. 84. how do i retrieve my music ?
  85. 85. how do i retrieve my music ?
  86. 86. YourFamily_000000000000000000023000085c134e5@groups. outlook. com In contacts app for...
  87. 87. Minecraft launcher keeps asking for parental permission after already providing it
  88. 88. Is there a way to transfer the money in my Microsoft cashback account to another other than...
  89. 89. Cant leave microsoft family?
  90. 90. I am trying now for the past week to add a family member to my account.
  91. 91. How to debug Microsoft Family Safety
  92. 92. Folder disappearing in
  93. 93. How do I install an app on my child's account?
  94. 94. Can't authorize through Microsoft Family Safety to buy Minecraft as the store assumes I'm...
  95. 95. Need to change the birthday of a 5 years old account for which the parent account is...
  96. 96. "User Privilege Error! Sorry, your account settings restrict you from certain features of...
  97. 97. Incorrect birthdate
  98. 98. comment changer la date de naissance erronée sur un compte en Suisse ?
  99. 99. Unable to authorize my daughter's account from mine for a new Asus chromebook
  100. 100. How do I remove someone from a family group who can't be removed? Instructions given on...
  101. 101. Xbox purchase and error message
  102. 102. Family safety doesn't work if laptop name has changed after repair
  103. 103. i cannot add new family member to safety family TraceID: uN6WMh6IHk+vESwM.6.340
  104. 104. Is there a way to add an adult child to my family group to apply screen time limits without...
  105. 105. My administrator account was deleted but the computer still uses it, what can I do?
  106. 106. cant reopen my account
  107. 107. How do I accept my son's family request?
  108. 108. Can't add a family member after many attempts
  109. 109. My parents approved a game for me to play Yakuza 0 yet I still can not play the game....
  110. 110. unable to add member to family safty. get an traceid error
  111. 111. Cannot connect a child's device.
  112. 112. why is microsoft and one drive so incredibly incompetent
  113. 113. preciso alterar a data de nascimento, pois foi informada uma que não é verdadeira
  114. 114. VHS to DVD
  115. 115. How to add child account that is currently set to Organzer on his computer? How to add...
  116. 116. "It's not you it's us" stopping me opening child account
  117. 117. Account
  118. 118. non riesco a cambiare la data di nascita sull'account
  119. 119. I deleted an app from my kid's device. When I open my family link that app is still listed...
  120. 120. How to change account from being an admin
  121. 121. Grandparents Account Locked 2FA set to Landline
  122. 122. cannot add child to account
  123. 123. I’m getting a pop-up on my computer saying my screen time is up but this is my own account...
  124. 124. parental restricions
  125. 125. Cannot send invites from my family safety account
  126. 126. How can I dis-connect a device from a child account in MS Family Safety?
  127. 127. Win 10 does not appear as a "connected device"
  128. 128. How do I remove this account? Help!!
  129. 129. family safety
  130. 130. No puedo agregar mas de 10 miembros a mi grupo familiar, cómo solucionar?
  131. 131. Location not working since past weeks
  132. 132. How to fix error
  133. 133. whats is a TraceId: 62nKXf6FKkSPquI6.10.129
  134. 134. I am unable to consent my childs account or add it to family account
  135. 135. Microsoft Family Safety issues
  136. 136. How do I lock my child's PC thru Family Safety?
  137. 137. How do I change my date of birth? I'm a parent and it was accidently set to child while...
  138. 138. Why didn't a factory reset work on my pc
  139. 139. Microsoft Family: Any VPN not showing up in app list
  140. 140. Trouble setting up a family account
  141. 141. Looking to deactivate a family member but can't
  142. 142. Cannot add a family member to Family Safety
  143. 143. How to change birthdate on "child" account
  144. 144. My account is incorrectly set as under 13 and there is no way to change it already checked...
  145. 145. why do I need parental consent?
  146. 146. Microsoft Family recognizes OneDrive as 3rd party
  147. 147. когда я нажимаю на три точки в углу аккаунта ребенка,меня переводит на страницу с ссылкой...
  148. 148. My laptop is displaying a blue screen with the stop code UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME. It keeps...
  149. 149. Still have Microsoft Family Safety restrictions even though I am the only person in the group.
  150. 150. How do I change my Microsoft Account into a Local Account on Windows 10?
  151. 151. How can the owner of a family group be changed when the owner has passed away?
  152. 152. How do I remove device from Microsoft Family Safety if it doesn't appear anywhere?
  153. 153. Family Safety location tracking not working
  154. 154. Admin User, Adult, I need permission from Myself???!?!?!?!!!
  155. 155. How can my son play with others online Minecraft Java edition?
  156. 156. Is there a way I can block game bar in parental controls or remove it from the PC completely?
  157. 157. Não consigo desativar o grupo familiar mesmo sendo a organizadora dele
  158. 158. microsoft azure fundamental certification
  159. 159. Why is it day after day I would add my Dad's contact information to laptop and the next day...
  160. 160. I cannot add my son in my Family Microsoft
  161. 161. I can't add family member to my account
  162. 162. turn off family permissions
  163. 163. Cannot add my child as family member, my account has been blocked
  164. 164. Single use code emails
  165. 165. Die Bildschirmzeit wir nicht angezeigt
  166. 166. Family safety is still after I left the family form family safety
  167. 167. Family Safety shows reinstalled computer as multiple devices and screentime statistics lost
  168. 168. Estou tentando mudar a idade do meu filho, mas a opção de editar perfil da criança não...
  169. 169. How do I change the primary microsoft account associated with my windows login?
  170. 170. How to set weekly not daily time limits on Windows
  171. 171. i cant get a code to reopen my accouny
  172. 172. Family safety: child position on maps does not update
  173. 173. i cant get a code to reopen my account
  174. 174. How 2 hack Microsoft family or parents control gy, oh please, I have been lock for six year!!!
  175. 175. Cannot get laptops to show up in Family Safety
  176. 176. Family Safety is not updating new downloaded apps or showing screen time used,
  177. 177. Microsoft Family Safety corrupted my laptop
  178. 178. Family Safety - Group Inbox - Exception
  179. 179. Can I review family safety activity reports from the last two or three months?
  180. 180. Screen time restrictions not updating
  181. 181. How do I stop the files in file explorer from being shared across the other Microsoft...
  182. 182. Is there a way to stop Microsoft from allowing other family members to access my apps?
  183. 183. in ms family zijn de users verstrikt geraakt. hierdoor kunnen we niet meer wijzigen of...
  184. 184. How to remove family safety.
  185. 185. Mein Konto wurde einem Familienkonto zugefügt welches falsch ist. Mailadresse *** Email...
  186. 186. Why do i keep getting the family restricted stuff
  187. 187. How do I add a device to my Microsoft 365 family
  188. 188. Changing Birthday of an account under 13 years of age
  189. 189. It's not you. its us. Can't approve child account
  190. 190. Case I’d 1050122238 Family safety restrictions are enable on my child’s account but they...
  191. 191. Child Account added herself as Organizer Cant add to the family
  192. 192. pc continues to need to ask for parent permission despite not being in a family
  193. 193. Family Organizer cannot remove child from Family in Family Safety
  194. 194. I need to speak to a live agent or chat. RIDICULOUS!
  195. 195. Microsoft Family group after removal
  196. 196. Access to google excel files after deleting them from the trash
  197. 197. Cannot add children to family
  198. 198. case 1049926024
  199. 199. How can I change my daughter's account country?
  200. 200. Screen time error.
  201. 201. how do i leave a family i never put myself in
  202. 202. Leaving microsoft family group
  203. 203. Unable to Log Out of Kids' Profile and Into Admin. Profile
  204. 204. unable to remove a kid from the Family Safety
  205. 205. I need to change the birth date of a child account
  206. 206. Sharing M365 Home Subscription - unable to add under other person.
  207. 207. how to remove a child from a family!
  208. 208. How can I amend my date of birth if changed in error?
  209. 209. DE: Kann die Family Gruppe nicht verlassen ENG: Cannot leave the Family Group
  210. 210. Um estranho me adicionou na família como filho e não consigo navegar na internet, o que fazer?
  211. 211. Sign out - Family Safety
  212. 212. Cannot change Date Of Birth of an child account
  213. 213. I have a family group with 2 organisers on it. I am trying to delete one of them but the...
  214. 214. changement date de naissance
  215. 215. Blocked out of YouTube from restrictions
  216. 216. Microsoft Family Keeps Blocking App
  217. 217. Alterar data de nascimento ERRADA
  218. 218. Add Windows 10 account
  219. 219. Why does child account have to be local and how does it even work
  220. 220. Impossibile aggiungere membro a Family Safety
  221. 221. Removing 13 year old Child from Family Group
  222. 222. How do I set different screen time limits for different devices?
  223. 223. How do I stop a child account downloading exe and installing it in Windows 10 and Edge
  224. 224. Screen time recording no longer registering
  225. 225. Roblox windows 10 will not allow my kids to ask for my permission to play it
  226. 226. Guest User Password Attached To Email
  227. 227. grhrhrthb
  228. 228. My personal account on Windows 10 has screen time limits.
  229. 229. Remove Parental Controls
  230. 230. Why are new members of M365 Subscription in Microsoft Family Group
  231. 231. Account reset when Recovery Form isn't accepted?
  232. 232. I use MS family safety to limit screen time for children. Every day it re-sets to unlimited.
  233. 233. it's not you. its us. can't log in.
  234. 234. Changing my Individual Microsoft account to an existing Microsoft 365 Family Plan.
  235. 235. family link account problems
  236. 236. Child is locked out of everything, and we can't remove him from the family group
  237. 237. Can't add my son to my family group
  238. 238. Non riesco ad accettare l’invito per il family link perché l’account di mio figlio ha l’età...
  239. 239. Commment changer la date de naissance d'un compte microsoft
  240. 240. Approval Not Working
  241. 241. All family safety actions I am doing as a parent in the safety app or the web page are not...
  242. 242. Grent more time and app unlock not working
  243. 243. Onedrive documents syncing with my sons
  244. 244. Family Security Safety
  245. 245. why is it like this?
  246. 246. asked parent permission despite being adult
  247. 247. “We couldn’t connect to Microsoft family right now, so your family on this device might not...
  248. 248. how do i delete family.
  249. 249. I bought a new windows computer. Created a Microsoft account with my email. Now it won't...
  250. 250. Lost access to my parent account