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User Accounts and Family Safety
  1. 1. Microsoft family safety
  2. 2. How do I change the time remaining notifications?
  3. 3. Child's Microsoft account suddenly linked to my local account - how to fix?
  4. 4. Ask an Adult ... but I am Adult'''
  5. 5. Locked out of laptop!!
  6. 6. How to remove myself from a microsoft family group
  7. 7. Why am I unable to use the windows store?
  8. 8. I am trying to update the payment with a new card and it won't let me enter it. Why?
  9. 9. Perchè non ricevo più i report di Microsoft Family Safety riguardanto l'attività sul pc di...
  10. 10. Broken family features.
  11. 11. Can't connect a Windows device in Family Safety
  12. 12. Where can I find BSP for LattePanda board to create a Windows 10 IoT Core image? Is there a...
  13. 13. please help me to become a community member, I would like to answer the questions wtih my...
  14. 14. Family potential Data Security Issue
  15. 15. Just a problem of date family safety features
  16. 16. How can i add a guest account in my laptop?
  17. 17. At only two of the three children in my family group show up....
  18. 18. Can't join Microsoft Family
  19. 19. C:\MSOCache\All Users\{90150000-0011-0000-0000-0000000FF1CE}-C\
  20. 20. Family member cannot join family despite accepting the invite several times
  21. 21. Ik krijg mijn account niet gedeblokkeerd met de zelfhulp.
  22. 22. registration to family account that does not actually work, thought look registered.
  23. 23. How to read my email of *** Email address is removed for privacy ***
  24. 24. I want ro add additional exceotional screentime to a family safety Account
  25. 25. Not able to accept invitation to Family account
  26. 26. ive removed myself but im still in a group
  27. 27. Turn off the parent needed
  28. 28. How can I create an account of a child without making a Microsoft account for them?
  29. 29. Microsoft account that tagged as both family administrator and member was already closed...
  30. 30. Family stuff boken fix please
  31. 31. Mavi Ekran Hatası
  32. 32. fehler bei den family features
  33. 33. How do you turn off notifications for replies to questions in Microsoft support community?
  34. 34. Hyper V and child account
  35. 35. How can my 14 year old son leave family safety without my permission?
  36. 36. I have reset my computer and cant get into it to login in
  37. 37. it wont stop why
  38. 38. why wont google chrome app open
  39. 39. Grant more time not working
  40. 40. how to switch windows 10 child account to local account
  41. 41. My daughter's profile has been accidentally removed from her Lenovo laptop Windows 10 with...
  42. 42. I can’t access my child account
  43. 43. I Can't Log In to Child account - Something's not working It's not you, it's us.
  44. 44. I can’t authorise my child’s new Microsoft account
  45. 45. When I tried to open a tab, it said: Trace ID: 9rCjcjDkokmUHe8e.2.0 Can you please help?
  46. 46. How do i change the birthdate on my account?
  47. 47. Changing birthdate on Adult
  48. 48. Getting an error message "We couldn't connect to Microsoft family right now, so your family...
  49. 49. Problems with e child account/family service not working.
  50. 50. Safety for a child when devices access internet on other networks - not at home. Also...
  51. 51. Microsoft Family Features Pop Up
  52. 52. family account schwachsin
  53. 53. Ask for permission first minecraft.
  54. 54. How do you sign in as an admin?
  55. 55. Can I use excel in a WORD document? I want to make a blank sign-in sheet for a group meeting?
  56. 56. How can i fix it?
  57. 57. Another microsoft family safety problem
  58. 58. Microsoft error message of "Something went wrong, it's not you it's us."
  59. 59. What do I do when someone i don't know added me to a Microsoft family and I'm underage?
  60. 60. You can't use Google Chrome because of your family safety settings, but it doesn't hurt to...
  61. 61. In the MFC application, the mouse cursor moves to the wrong position when selecting...
  62. 62. how do you delete the screen time on my childs laptop
  63. 63. How to launch Roblox on my daughters PC account.
  64. 64. How can I stop my family member adding her school account which I then have no control...
  65. 65. child account
  66. 66. Rearranging account priories
  67. 67. How to revoke extra screen time provided to child
  68. 68. Allowed Sites not working on family settings
  69. 69. Family Safety Issue With Websites
  71. 71. how do i change my age
  72. 72. Family member cannot accept invite to join my MS Family
  73. 73. There is always a white box in the edge of the screen when I open the desktop screen by my...
  74. 74. You are managing one or more child accounts. Before you change your profile information,...
  75. 75. Can't get into my account
  76. 76. Family restrictions still apply after leaving.
  77. 77. How to limit the number User Account allowed to be added to a Windows device sign-in.
  78. 78. MS Family safety button not working?
  79. 79. Mistakenly enabled family
  80. 80. I took screen time off my son’s PC but we still cannot access it
  81. 81. I installed this Minecraft but I have this error, I go into Minecraft and it says that I...
  82. 82. How to regain locked email
  83. 83. I dont have child account but i was required to remove the child consent before i can...
  84. 84. Family safety keeps locking my PC even though I am an adult and only user on my computer....
  85. 85. I am unable to remove my son from my family account.
  86. 86. How to setup screen time limits after midnight?
  87. 87. I can't remove my child from my microsoft family
  88. 88. My daughter's account controlled by a scammer and Microsoft replies they cannot fix.
  89. 89. Hi my daughter's account is now managed by a new UNKNOWN family organizer. How was that...
  90. 90. Hi, my daughter's account *** Email address is removed for privacy *** is for unknown...
  91. 91. "Something's not working. It's not you, it's us." How do I fix this in 2024?
  92. 92. Not allowed to accept Family invitation
  93. 93. family features blocking google chrome!!
  94. 94. how to remove said permissions for installing application ?
  95. 95. I have no access to Microsoft family that my child wants to exit.
  96. 96. I need my last bill to be reissued to my Portuguese address with my company tax ID
  97. 97. My hotmail account seems to have been swallowed up by outlook and I can't find it! How can...
  98. 98. Change birthdate
  99. 99. Change birthdate
  100. 100. I cant accept 0365 family invite
  101. 101. I have another email that I created, but I got the date of birth wrong when I created it,...
  102. 102. Family safety screen time not working but app blocking works
  103. 103. Bring back combined device screentime
  104. 104. I can not login into my account
  105. 105. My parents get a notification on their phones when I download something on my laptop is...
  106. 106. Need to edit my birtdate as I'm the adult on the account. But it won't allow me to edit.
  107. 107. My Microsoft 365 acct is signed into two family computers, will they still work if I sign...
  108. 108. unable to change my date of birth
  109. 109. How can I remove my kid from another family account as organiser himself?
  110. 110. How do I remove screen time limits
  111. 111. Microsoft Family, Kids, Admin Users, and Gaming
  112. 112. I have a conflict between two accounts
  113. 113. How can I programatically get the screen time usage from Family Safety?
  114. 114. I cannot get rid of my time limits for my xbox even though I left my family group.
  115. 115. Family safety child adminstrator error
  116. 116. How do I set up a PIN for my child's account?
  117. 117. family protection
  118. 118. i cant leave microsoft family
  119. 119. When i sign into my computer,it doesn’t always accept my password.This is very...
  120. 120. cancel home subscription
  121. 121. Family safety stopped working Again!!!
  122. 122. Why did the screentime pop up randomly appear?
  123. 123. Reset Childs password
  124. 124. "We couldn't connect to Microsoft family right now, so your family on this device might not...
  125. 125. in my win 10 pro version 22h2 family account option is disabled how can enable it
  126. 126. La cuenta de microsoft donde tenemos vinculadas las licencias de windows ha sido hackeada
  127. 127. I cannot gift points to my family members.
  128. 128. "Family and Other options" division in the windows setting
  129. 129. Family Safety Removal
  130. 130. How can I remove people as a child ?
  131. 131. Microsoft Family Features Problem
  132. 132. i have tried to turn off content filters on my sons laptop but it doesnt show anywhere that...
  133. 133. Question about Microsoft Family Mode
  134. 134. Microsoft Family keeps asking me to approve application for my child even though I turned...
  135. 135. I have no other members on the family account but I cant make any changes
  136. 136. how do i turn off microsoft family safety i dont need my dad knowing everything i do
  137. 137. my password does not get accepted on my i phone but it does on the computer
  138. 138. Tried to create new Microsoft account for grandma, received this message. Now what?
  139. 139. Trying to create an account for grandma but it just keeps on getting stuck on a page where...
  140. 140. I have tried Live Chat twice and they cannot help me change my date of birth it thinks I am...
  141. 141. Microsoft account has an incorrect birthday causing access issues to programs and apps, is...
  142. 142. Windows account has an incorrect birthday causing access issues to programs and apps, is...
  143. 143. Who does microsoft think they are?
  144. 144. Will leaving a group in Microsoft Family Safety alert the parents of the group?
  145. 145. Is it possible to reset your child's outlook password?
  146. 146. Moviesflix In New Movies Download Watch Free Bollywood 2024 Dual Audio, Is that Okay?
  147. 147. I'm not in a family but it still acts like I am.
  148. 148. I need to remove my account from my family
  149. 149. How did one of my children, whose birthdate is entered as 9, get kicked out of my family group?
  150. 150. how should i change a birth day date if a hacker changed
  151. 151. Add my wife account as family member to my Microsoft family
  152. 152. Several attempts to use link from my husband for Microsoft 365 family.
  153. 153. Unable to add and join Family Group.
  154. 154. How do we opt out of Family Safety Windows 10, small business
  155. 155. Microsoft Family Safety removing a child
  156. 156. why was i billed
  157. 157. Same problem as others; Microsoft 365 Family Safety - 'Something isn't working on our end....
  158. 158. i went to go buy minecraft on my one account its seems it family linked to my other account...
  159. 159. When unblocking websites in the family safety app, I get an error message: "Your changes...
  160. 160. Safe search override pops up on Bing images allowing it to be turned off. How can this be...
  161. 161. Trying to removing an adult family member from Family Safety Group, but receiving 'You'll...
  162. 162. Completely stuck and need help ASAP!
  163. 163. I have deleted the 2 tasks related to family monitoring in task scheduler how to bring them...
  164. 164. how to turn off child account when adult
  165. 165. Having trouble to change date of birth
  166. 166. Microsoft Family Screen time doesn't let me access my device.
  167. 167. How to change my age for my MS account?
  168. 168. How do I get back my kids accounts when I created them in 2020, and now no longer appear in...
  169. 169. My microsoft account has been hacked, the originall email was as followed: *** Email...
  170. 170. Family safety app set to no time, yet child is playing on PC and Xbox and app shows that...
  171. 171. Date of birth incorrect, one year old !! on parent account so cannot change
  172. 172. I cannot take ANY restrictions off of my laptop!!
  173. 173. How can I pay my annual bill for outlook?
  174. 174. Parametrage onglets deregles sur Msg OUTLOOK et tout navigateur
  175. 175. Can i add new users on windows 10 if im not on an administrators account?
  176. 176. bitlocker ishu TraceID: 7rP8VFvJz0uiNA68.31.65 Something happened. Wait a bit, then try...
  177. 177. Cant unlink microsoft online account
  178. 178. Unable to change birthday on account
  179. 179. How to get Roblox Unblocked on my device?
  180. 180. Account problem
  181. 181. Is this intentional? If not, could it be fixed?
  182. 182. Manage profile is blocked under family safety
  183. 183. Unable to get account added to my Family 365 subscription
  184. 184. Someone hacked into my account and bought a gift card, how do i get a refund?
  185. 185. unable to add device to monitor childs use
  186. 186. How do I change the DOB of my parent account which currently is showing as a child account...
  187. 187. We got a new computer I'm trying to download Roblox it says I have to get permission where...
  188. 188. Can't login to my child email as I am stuck on the parental consent loop. Also can't add...
  189. 189. 2 issues. Microsoft thinks I am a child. My DOB is incorrect. I also have two accounts...
  190. 190. How to change the mistakenly to the wrong account merged Date of birth ? child account...
  191. 191. How to login into a organizer account?
  192. 192. Problem adding my child to Family Safety
  193. 193. Trace id: EModU0A2O0WP8rVx.70.126 -- Unusual activity detected
  194. 194. My son just got a desktop for gaming. I put in my microsoft info and now my desktop from my...
  195. 195. Family member still shows as pending for organizer even after child accepts
  196. 196. Locked Out because Parental Control
  197. 197. I want to download a game, everytime I click download though it says its blocked and I need...
  198. 198. Microsoft Family stopped showing websites visited.
  199. 199. Screen time option not working/appearing?
  200. 200. Problem mit der Familienfreigabe für meinen Sohn, Signatur wird nicht angenommen
  201. 201. Recovering outlook account for 10year old who has forgotten password.
  202. 202. I need to change the admin to myself
  203. 203. My microsoft account has been hacked they changed both my email and secondary email
  204. 204. Does leaving a microsoft family notify the family organizer that you left?
  206. 206. A Honest Review of the windows Time Limit Program
  207. 207. Change the birth of date in microsoft account
  208. 208. Unable to Purchase subscription
  209. 209. Delete family group:
  210. 210. 13 year old still considered a child in canada?
  211. 211. How to disable ability to change time and date on child's PC
  212. 212. Support failure
  213. 213. I cannot edit my other account which is on "Child'" Account
  214. 214. Why is Microsoft Family so bad.
  215. 215. Do I turn off recurring billing or cancel subscription?
  216. 216. Logging in
  217. 217. When I sign into my account it automatically signs into my son's
  218. 218. Unable to remove child's account from incorrect Family or add back to correct Family.
  219. 219. Familyi Safety - child lost password and we cannot reset.
  220. 220. I never signed up for Wallet -
  221. 221. is there any way to actually get a person to help at microsoft.
  222. 222. Kan inte öppna mitt hotmail konto
  223. 223. i want delete my family sefety account i am adult and i cant access many site i am the...
  224. 224. How can I remove another adult from my family group who is an organiser when there is no...
  225. 225. This isn't about needing help, but....
  226. 226. When I made my Microsoft account by mistake I put the current date instead of my birth...
  227. 227. Is Family Safety app working at all?? .
  228. 228. Ok, I call shenanigans, Why did my son's PC suddenly start asking him to "sign in so he...
  229. 229. Son no longer shows in my family group, but still shows part of the group under his account...
  230. 230. I cannot leave my microsoft family.
  231. 231. Turn off screen time notifications of family safety
  232. 232. When can I leave a microsoft family group age in the UK
  233. 233. I cannot leave my Microsoft family
  234. 234. Family Safety after Parents has separated
  235. 235. Stuck on Parent permission?
  236. 236. unable to delete a user from my family account. I am the organizer, but when i remove...
  237. 237. How do I leave a family group after the "Something Went Wrong" response?
  238. 238. Product key for ID 003***-AA760 ?
  239. 239. Product key for ID 00326-30000-00001-AA760 ?
  240. 240. How do i turn off screen time for myself? if there’s no option for it and im not in a family
  241. 241. I have 2 children on my Microsoft family account but wish to change the email address for...
  242. 242. Daughter has Admisitrator flag on her account
  243. 243. Cannot remove child account from Microsoft Family Group
  244. 244. i miei tasti numerici non funzionano.
  245. 245. Can't leave from a unknow familly group!
  246. 246. Family safety
  247. 247. Error / Bug in Family Safety Settings
  248. 248. my site doesn't get enough of traffic?
  249. 249. Account incorrectly assigned
  250. 250. my dad died and can't access his computer