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  1. 1. Windows is so much Windows. I'm getting this everyday for years. Hope sometime it will succeed!
  2. 2. Why this appeared on my taskbar ?
  3. 3. How to fix Yellow HDR?
  4. 4. The taskbar, the settings, the RUN app, or any other windows app(photos, calculator..) is...
  5. 5. Start/Search Bar Open to Newsfeed Now?
  6. 6. All applications relaunch themselves after I close them, how to fix?
  7. 7. Search bar and windows start menu button not working
  8. 8. I wanted to know if there can be multiple versions of Directx installed on my windows ?
  9. 9. Simple questions and Help thread - Week of June 04, 2023
  10. 10. Where'd the search icon go after a restart ? BAD improvement...
  11. 11. App and browsing control turned off by itself?
  12. 12. Windows defender no notification after a scan
  13. 13. last windows 10 patch killed my pc
  14. 14. How the heck did I do this?!
  15. 15. Windows Login Incorrect Password
  16. 16. I found a typo in Windows 10 22H2
  17. 17. Windows Spotlight missing "Like What You See?" and image information.
  18. 18. Laptop reset to update when I closed my lid
  19. 19. Disable all the annoying stuff and suggestions!
  20. 20. Error code: 0xc0000001
  21. 21. anyway to encrypt some files/ usb without buying win 10 pro?
  22. 22. Storage full even though its not (example: Temporary data)
  23. 23. Simple questions and Help thread - Week of May 28, 2023
  24. 24. Cant connect to internet on ROG G15.
  25. 25. I just updated my Windows Vista HP TouchSmart IQ500 Desk top
  26. 26. File Explorer does not refresh automatically when creating new folders, deleting items, etc.
  27. 27. Desktop apps to see computer usage for cosmetics purpose
  28. 28. How do I delete a hidden language?
  29. 29. Blank Taskbar bug today where it's totally blank no icons nothing, I can't even access the...
  30. 30. PowerPoint designer has videos now!?
  31. 31. Windows 11 Home to Windows 10 Pro
  32. 32. firewall problem cant fix
  33. 33. Simple questions and Help thread - Week of May 21, 2023
  34. 34. Computer grey-screening
  35. 35. Hi, I'm looking to download a game which requires 26GB available. Can I use this disk space...
  36. 36. Light grey bottom ribbon still there in dark mode after unchecking 'show status bar'
  37. 37. Why does Windows 10 explorer feels so slow?
  38. 38. I have a legion 5(AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, 16 GB RAM, RTX 3050Ti, Windows 10).
  39. 39. Possible security issue. Windows 10 unlocked without asking for PW
  40. 40. is everything alright windows?
  41. 41. Is this a new feature when searching windows 10 after the last update?
  42. 42. Windows settings crashes when opening video playback option
  43. 43. Command prompt always opens in the upper right corner
  44. 44. Just found out that if you hold ctrl in task manager the apps stop moving around so you can...
  45. 45. Windows 11 is NOT a new Operating System
  46. 46. Simple questions and Help thread - Week of May 14, 2023
  47. 47. Uhhh, what? Is this some sort of feature, and how do I go back
  48. 48. Really? Why would you need something like that?
  49. 49. didn't say update yet has been preparing for minutes
  50. 50. Update KB5025297 changes the search icon in the taskbar
  51. 51. Looking for good Windows Media Player 12 Dark mode skin
  52. 52. In need of a Windows driver expert. COM ports/ambigious device name/Not migrated.
  53. 53. The Search icon have gotten larger after an update. Do anyone know how to revert the size?
  54. 54. Airpods Pro playback controls work in the Movies & TV app!
  55. 55. Mouse disconnects when event id 5379 appears in event viewer
  56. 56. New search icon on Windows 10 LTSC 2021?
  57. 57. DVD Packet writing broken after KB5025221 still not fixed in KB5026361
  58. 58. Windows 10 wants to install old/wrong drivers today. Can I cancel this update?
  59. 59. I Added the Only Useful Feature From Windows 11 back into Windows 10
  60. 60. What browser are you guys using?
  61. 61. Exe error on all file
  62. 62. Easily open PowerShell or CMD in any folder with this registry file
  63. 63. Unsure, unsettled. Funny though.
  64. 64. Windows 10 automatically upgraded me to Windows 11
  65. 65. Whenever I transfer files between volumes the transfer always starts off super fast then...
  66. 66. Simple questions and Help thread - Week of May 07, 2023
  67. 67. how to remove this popup from your screen?
  68. 68. Anyone know how to disable sharepoint?
  69. 69. My Windows 10 says paggles right next to the time, what does this mean?
  70. 70. WinUI 3 apps - Why aren't the top borders colored?
  71. 71. Search Icon bug or it works fine?
  72. 72. Windows 10 Search Icon suddenly increased in size on new install
  73. 73. Can you open MS Store apps in full screen without tablet mode?
  74. 74. When trying to go to "My Library" it instead takes me to whatever/whichever Tab this is
  75. 75. How to uninstall Print 3D from all computers in AD
  76. 76. I installed Windows 10 LTSC IoT 2021 x64 on my old PC and it worked fine
  77. 77. Windows store bug on fresh install, keeping me from updating or downloading anything
  78. 78. possible to change the phrase “reset password” that is on the Windows lock screen?
  79. 79. I installed Media Player from Microsoft Store, but it came as Groove Music.
  80. 80. Snapping bug after recent updates?
  81. 81. I tried reinstalling windows because my pc kept crashing now I can’t even get in anymore… help?
  82. 82. Windows Media Player Sucks
  83. 83. W10 doesn't detect my WiFi
  84. 84. Need Help: Issue with language/font
  85. 85. Hello, I am pretty sure this is a bug, can anyone confirm? - Folder is empty but still...
  86. 86. Simple questions and Help thread - Week of April 30, 2023
  87. 87. Got this latest Search bar on desktop with Edge update. Windows 10.
  88. 88. Why the hell is this on my desktop? I never agreed to this
  89. 89. Windows Defender Bugged?
  90. 90. How to stop downloads from opening in Google drive first
  91. 91. Is this a new bug, feature or what i am i seeing here? I can move icons anywhere out of the...
  92. 92. Anyone else not able to shutdown the last few days?
  93. 93. VBoxManage: Control VirtualBox via CMD or PowerShell
  94. 94. Is there an app that’ll disable / remove a lot of the inbuilt windows 10 bloat ware?
  95. 95. These updates are too annoying
  96. 96. Simple questions and Help thread - Week of April 23, 2023
  97. 97. Continue/Yes button not appearing
  98. 98. After updating my bios I have this random usb device in device list. It keeps coming back...
  99. 99. Windows 10 22H2 Photos app still blurry
  100. 100. why did microsoft add a search bar in the middle of the desktop
  101. 101. Cumulative Update April 2023 (KB5025221) - Possible no signal issue with Nvidia 471.41 driver
  102. 102. Interesting Bug in Windows Phone Link When Using Dual SIM and Messaging Function
  103. 103. Desktop freeze when i right click
  104. 104. Mouse feeling slower/heavier than usual
  105. 105. weird graphic artefacts appearing all over my screens
  106. 106. Not saving background
  107. 107. 19045.2846 added weird transparency issues to dark-themed programs?
  108. 108. Win10 updating when I’ve turned off auto updates.
  109. 109. What is going on with the desktop icons? (For anyone who can’t see it some of them are...
  110. 110. Why is Windows Explorer search function so terrible?
  111. 111. KB5025221 breaks brother multi-function printer's document scanner.
  112. 112. When should I be worried about 99% reset
  113. 113. Why when i close windows holding down shift makes the system remember the size of windows...
  114. 114. I updated windows 10 and now windows store apps icons are blank on search anyone else...
  115. 115. Window dragging lags on primary monitor but isnt laggy at all on secondary monitor
  116. 116. Login screen. Help..
  117. 117. This popped up on my moms comp. Is it real?
  118. 118. windows search function getting even worse?
  119. 119. Been having this issue ever since the February Culumitive update.
  120. 120. I can't believe that this issue still happens in 2023.
  121. 121. How can I stop Windows from deciding the Alt key is down?
  122. 122. Cant access Start menu or taskbar
  123. 123. A problem in the network bridge system
  124. 124. A Windows update corrupted the icon of a video game
  125. 125. Why do my icons have the Killing floor icon over their icon? While typing this they all...
  126. 126. installed win 10 without format C drive.
  127. 127. Pc screen turned white during gameplay, now everytime I turn it on, the screen turns fully...
  128. 128. Can my desktop have multiple pages ?
  129. 129. Permanent pausing of updates bug
  130. 130. Why are icons of some applications are appearing in start menu but not search menu?
  131. 131. The most useful Windows hotkeys
  132. 132. Open Settings from your desktop, taskbar or any folder
  133. 133. How can I uninstall this? (I tried Revo Uninstaller and it doesn't appear on the list)
  134. 134. Windows store opening then closing
  135. 135. Mac vs windows? which one you prefer?
  136. 136. Alarm will only sound whilst PC is awake.
  137. 137. Task manager isn't showing anything
  138. 138. Is there a way to remap copy and paste shortcuts to a single key each without the use of...
  139. 139. Can some one explain this to me?
  140. 140. I think there is some sort of Command Prompt interfering with my search engine?
  141. 141. desktop toolbar (windows 10)
  142. 142. doesnt sleep when i click sleep
  143. 143. I recently opened a file history that showed what date I opened certain files on Windows 10...
  144. 144. Video player with pip feature for Windows.
  145. 145. tell me what is wrong with this image.
  146. 146. Downgrading to Windows 10
  147. 147. Does anyone know of a way or third party program that gives the ability to expand a toolbar...
  148. 148. Adjust Beats Fit Pro balance and Windows 10
  149. 149. Can't access file and uninstall apps
  150. 150. Want to be able to see running code
  151. 151. I just moved files around, and when I open a directory where I moved files in, it "loads" a...
  152. 152. I’m having problem with Microsoft Store.
  153. 153. New Update removed all my pinned start programs and put a Productivity category with...
  154. 154. Small bug: Windows battery level on icon in lockscreen does not match the actual battery level.
  155. 155. Programms often just get blurred. why?
  156. 156. Get help app keeps crashing then suddenly works.
  157. 157. Multiple Monitors + Multiple Screenshots
  158. 158. Happens when I press start on another screen. Anyone knows why?
  159. 159. Search bar flickering when start is pressed on another monitor. Anyone knows why this happens?
  160. 160. Windows is begging me to switch to Mac with their idiotic bass-up audio updates.
  161. 161. Windows 10 update may have ruined my pc.
  162. 162. idrk what this is but it looks odd
  163. 163. Thank you MS for automatic restarts
  164. 164. Turn Off On-Screen Keyboard at Login
  165. 165. Thank you, Windows. I definitely want to be able to eject my C: drive and my GPU
  166. 166. For some reason even after I removed two programs from my taskbar the can still be moved...
  167. 167. I accidentally opened two Task Managers. My computer froze, and I tried to open Task...
  168. 168. Should C:\Windows\System32\downlevel be in PATH
  169. 169. Here we go again, Windows restart itself INSIDE the active hours costing me an hour worth...
  170. 170. uh what is wrong with my start menu
  171. 171. Samsung laptop, this screen keeps coming up when I try to start and no matter what I do it...
  172. 172. Windows 10 high cpu usage after update
  173. 173. Why does Microsoft Store have music controls?
  174. 174. I got this message on my school laptop it runs windows ten
  175. 175. Why do Power Option change sometimes?
  176. 176. Trying to connect a 15in 1440p monitor to my already existing 23in 1080p monitor, but...
  177. 177. How can I save my organized desktop?
  178. 178. No Internet, secured
  179. 179. I enable Xbox Game Bar on settings and it disables it self
  180. 180. February Update issues (issues with drivers for unknown devices and USB is dead)
  181. 181. If I have several drives, is there any easy way to check what programmes are using which...
  182. 182. Shortcut Tab missing in Shortcut properties
  183. 183. Windows 10 won't connect to the net.
  184. 184. Has anyone managed to tweak the News and Interests taskbar to their preference?
  185. 185. My F8 key has a led on and I don’t know why
  186. 186. You cannot disable Modern Standby on Windows 10. This drains the battery of your laptop in...
  187. 187. Calendar App not Opening
  188. 188. Search Bar + Start Button Opens White Screen??
  189. 189. Is there something wrong with my TV? Its not even powered on... or is it windows?
  190. 190. File Explorer column settings change when open & file added
  192. 192. Snip and sketch taskbar stuck on desktop
  193. 193. I just wanted to turn off my laptop...
  194. 194. I need help. There’s an endless boot loop and the bitlocker page doesn’t come up.
  195. 195. Being spammed with Microsoft asking permission
  196. 196. scare the soul out of me, when I come back and see windows also updating BIOS.
  197. 197. Has anyone seen this sdiagnhost.exe error before? It pops up multiple times if I try to...
  198. 198. (navigation pane) looking for any way to change its icon, or hide it without removing its...
  199. 199. GameDVR unable to record with 60fps limit, because of 240hz monitor?
  200. 200. Windows update has renamed my profile to 'USER'
  201. 201. Poping Up even after clicking "Start action". Is it a Bug?
  202. 202. Windows Security icon doesn't turn red if you disable a firewall and then immediately click...
  203. 203. Taskbar notification area icons disappearing (won't show more than one)
  204. 204. A strange text appeared during search box loading on the taskbar
  205. 205. Core isolation and Hibernation/VT
  206. 206. Solution please ASAP
  207. 207. Wibdows 10 update doesnt let me use the start menu
  208. 208. Second monitor has black background after logging in
  209. 209. Acrobat reader showing windows 7 titlebar many times
  210. 210. Delivery optimization
  211. 211. The new Windows Media Player doesn't title when pinned to start
  212. 212. windows features stop working
  213. 213. This randomly happens to search. Any way to fix it?
  214. 214. The search won't let me type anything
  215. 215. whenever i click on a file on windows explorer, the app just freezes and i cant interact...
  216. 216. Possible explorer bug in newest update set? Happening across two systems with completely...
  217. 217. task bar aint workin
  218. 218. This dialog box is appearing whenever I take screenshot (via win+shift+s) i get 1st dialog...
  219. 219. Something odd is happening with Windows Update trying to install drivers every single time...
  220. 220. Since yesterday every 5 minutes six powershell.exe processes use 100% of my cpu, did the...
  221. 221. Apps keep opening on my second monitor despite making the first monitor as the main...
  222. 222. What is this sorcery?
  223. 223. I used this tool to clean the computer and the fingerprint doesn't work for me, does anyone...
  224. 224. Disk Management won't save appearance settings
  225. 225. Windows 10 installation without prompt
  226. 226. is it just me, or is the Split feature of the "Legacy" Video Editor no longer working...
  227. 227. C: Drive constantly increasing drive size
  228. 228. Can’t use Search (suspended)
  229. 229. Anybody else find it annoying how Windows puts a (1) in the timer or alarm name even if...
  230. 230. Drop to Desktop at 11:15 PM
  231. 231. Virtual Keyboard takes too much to open and doesnt always open unless you click more
  232. 232. MacOS like global menu in Windows 10
  233. 233. Windows 10 using integrated graphics THROUGH nvidia gtx 1060??
  234. 234. Synaptics touchpad options not visible
  235. 235. The Beta version of Chrome (desktop) now also has the full native dark mode (menus with...
  236. 236. Emoji Panel does not show up - but I can use the emojis o.O
  237. 237. Bug or feature? My task manager suddenly shows different shades for CPU workload.
  238. 238. Bash on Windows, pretty cool!
  239. 239. Microsoft's Fluent Design system comes to the web
  240. 240. Microsoft aims to simplify Windows 10 PC set-up with Windows AutoPilot
  241. 241. The Windows 10 notification slide-out needs to stay slid out.
  242. 242. window- why my chrome screen have this rainbow rectangle hiding differetn part of the screen
  243. 243. No wifi network available
  244. 244. Windows Persistence: COM Hijacking (MITRE: T1546.015)
  245. 245. So i was restarting my windows and there was a power outage in the middle, when i turned my...
  246. 246. Hi Everyone! I have this strange issue in file explorer where everything works except the...
  247. 247. Screen flickering windows10
  248. 248. Apparently my laptop was updating and missed pp inspection day; better late than never I...
  249. 249. KB5022282 is causing a BSOD after intallation.
  250. 250. Windows "Update" downgraded me from 22H2 to 2004????????