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  1. 1. Mirosoft Store Issue
  2. 2. Can file history backup the files that are on a usb drive?
  3. 3. Why are all the options gone? This is horrendous. The black screen is my 4 year old pc...
  4. 4. local experience pack
  5. 5. When ever i try to open the "windows update" section in "Update and Security" it...
  6. 6. I was just using my laptop and then all of the sudden my taskbar did the thing where it...
  7. 7. Question about my new laptop
  8. 8. Snippet tool takes a long time to load.
  9. 9. Clean reinstalling win10 (USB)
  10. 10. The last usb device you connected to this computer malfunctioned and windows does not...
  11. 11. Microsoft store is not downloaded on my computer. Can anybody help me?
  12. 12. Where to buy Win10 Pro key with O365 account?
  13. 13. Unknown program (size: 3,26 TB) | Virus?
  14. 14. I just updated to 20h2 and my file explorer icons didnt change, in the startup menu there...
  15. 15. Brand new gaming PC cannot install Windows 10 - asking to select drivers?
  16. 16. win + g cant record
  17. 17. My computer is freezing twice a day, usually when working with editing software. Please...
  18. 18. Laptop unable to boot after ( official ) update
  19. 19. I getting blue screen (driver irol not less or equal) when installing windows
  20. 20. Clean install latest windows 10, on boot this message appeared for a few file types. Can't...
  21. 21. Constant 100% Disk Usage
  22. 22. a question about a PhotosApp file
  23. 23. So I was doing my assignment. then when I want to insert the box, it changes to grey. could...
  24. 24. Can I block a specific Microsoft Store app from updating? Perhaps in some kind of hacky way?
  25. 25. Where to get 2004 update manually
  26. 26. it's been a month I'm stuck here, contacted customer service but nothing worked, any help...
  27. 27. Win + shift + s Screenshot tool freezes on editing
  28. 28. Make small but high DPI screen be recognized as small screen instead of big screen
  29. 29. Hey all! I am new to Reddit so I’m sorry if this post is inappropriate for this chanel but...
  30. 30. The copying speed is not constant. It reaches as high as 16-19 MB/s and sometimes drops as...
  31. 31. Why is my EFI partition full, and how can i free up space or add more???
  32. 32. Can't change Network ID to Home from Business
  33. 33. Start Save file dialog’s folder tree from the top?
  34. 34. Windows Virus Sample Submission Keeps turning off by its self
  35. 35. Should I migrate my HDD data to new SSD or CLEAN INSTALL??
  36. 36. 'S' key not working when vlc media player is opened
  37. 37. Windows 10 education edition: The user’s password must be changed before signing in
  38. 38. My file explorer and other windows started to look like this after restarting my pc one...
  39. 39. can you hide xbox game bar recording timer?
  40. 40. can you hide xbox game bar recording timer?
  41. 41. screentime limit on admin profile
  42. 42. GSOD Trouble
  43. 43. Computer crashes when using Microsoft Remote Desktop from Android.
  44. 44. Pdf file downloaded become code letter after using notepad to open it, how do I change it...
  45. 45. Question about Windows Reinstallation.
  46. 46. Two questions related to DISM/features
  47. 47. Ctrl + Shift + P not working system-wide?
  48. 48. Is there anyway to view uptime on laptop?
  49. 49. What is this program? Almost every windows 10 computer I've used has this.
  50. 50. Mic not working on xbox app
  51. 51. Constant BSOD, any help or advice would be appreciated
  52. 52. "Free up space now" takes so long to clean.
  53. 53. Skip and Sketch not working properly
  54. 54. Program specific GPU selection
  55. 55. Windows 10 stuck on 1909 with no new updates
  56. 56. Can I add Wintab to win 10? I have a new drawing monitor.
  57. 57. Random E drive
  58. 58. How far do i adjust the slider to the right? I do watch alot of movies and tv shows at...
  59. 59. Cannot switch to high-performance GPU
  60. 60. What does "https" mean at the end of a foreign address? (netstat)
  61. 61. Windows 10 new update won't update
  62. 62. Windows Home upgraded to windows 10 enterprise randomly while restarting the PC
  63. 63. Does anyone know where my search bar went it disappeared some how
  64. 64. Is it possible to install windows onto a partition of an external hard disk.
  65. 65. UEFI and BIOS when old main drive is MBR
  66. 66. Can I install Windows FROM a secondary SSD
  67. 67. hi um having a weird proplem i have a black square in my windows i tryied to fix it by any...
  68. 68. We've been waiting since the first Windows update and now we can finally turn off PC...
  69. 69. Black Screen w/ Cursor After Login
  70. 70. Can someone help I’ve YouTubed it and I’m so confused I want to delete it it’s clogging my...
  71. 71. PC not able to start back up just after installing Windows Update
  72. 72. Pc login issues
  73. 73. all file types apear as blank paper icons in file explorer, tried all ways, no fix.
  74. 74. My friend Uninstalled a game for 50 G and got no space back
  75. 75. Files not showing preview? (Happened Randomly) Explained on Comments.
  76. 76. Windows 10 version 20H2. Update is ruining my experience .
  77. 77. Windows hidden icon are big for no reason (sorry for the quality) **Windows isn’t activated**
  78. 78. blue screens since latest windows update
  79. 79. Windows 10 not letting me remove Chinese from my language preferences- what might you try?...
  80. 80. User Permission Error
  81. 81. Need quick help
  82. 82. Screentime on Admin account
  83. 83. Can someone help the taskbar want like this before and I’m confused and wanna change it back
  84. 84. Microsoft is winding down another Windows 10 feature, the Timeline
  85. 85. anyone know how to fix this? i can't change my product key to activate windows
  86. 86. Resetting C drive permissions after deleting ‘SYSTEM’
  87. 87. What's causing my W10 to become super slow after sleeping
  88. 88. This message popped up on my screen and I can't get rid of it
  89. 89. What is HohollookKi?
  90. 90. DPC Watchdog Violation BSOD
  91. 91. Windows update error 0x80070002
  92. 92. Anyone have an idea why its like this?
  93. 93. Read only issue
  94. 94. How does disk cleanup work?
  95. 95. Windows update error (0x800f0900)
  96. 96. Multiple Unique Keyboards
  97. 97. File transfer spikes. File is on Disk 1 but Disk 0 (SSD) is spiking. What's going on?
  98. 98. Windows security notification icon not appearing in tray, not in startup. Never use another...
  99. 99. How to completely eliminate Library Folders from This PC?
  100. 100. USB boot install crashing? No issues with Ubuntu?
  101. 101. Updated Windows and now it won't let me change the color of the taskbar (option greyed...
  102. 102. Microsoft Word 16 on Windows 10 lag while scrolling
  103. 103. PowerShell startup is very slow
  104. 104. I have been hacked
  105. 105. Miracast From Desktop to Tablet
  106. 106. Both my search bar and xbox game bar screen recorder dont work
  107. 107. The speakers reproduce sounds at a lowered volume
  108. 108. Fresh Install, How to Save clean state for future restore instead of clean install?
  109. 109. Is there a way to renumber a display's identity number?
  110. 110. How do I remove VLC and WinRAR from this list, they're already uninstalled but this shows up
  111. 111. Recent files is always zero
  112. 112. power surge on the usb port
  113. 113. Stuck on the "Your PC did not start correctly"
  114. 114. I screwed my windows while trying to shrink partition C
  115. 115. Deleted files acting strange
  116. 116. Wifi option not showing in taskbar and settings
  117. 117. Can someone please provide a script to change which drive MS Store apps and games are saved...
  118. 118. So um... I've had issues lately after updates and now it's bluescreend on me. Stop code...
  119. 119. Windows 10 lets me neither start nor reset my PC
  120. 120. Microphone privacy settings turn off instantly after opening it. Microphone doesnt work
  121. 121. Icon Images too small
  122. 122. Laptop wakes up (seemingly) without input.
  123. 123. Realtek EQ application completely broke (after windows 10 update). can't fix it
  124. 124. Windows doesn't work, everything freezes
  125. 125. Guys how do I encrypt a folder and how does it work?
  126. 126. UWP Apps and Whole Computer is so slow
  127. 127. How to Uninstall Windows 10 while keeping FreeDOS to return PC
  128. 128. How to increase my VRAM???
  129. 129. Admin rights
  130. 130. Error 0*00000000 while copying files. Literally tried everything by watching YouTube...
  131. 131. windows 10 20h2 screen refreshing in games
  132. 132. Want to change users with the apps still installed
  133. 133. Remove system reserved partition
  134. 134. Mouse arrow wont move
  135. 135. PowerShell
  136. 136. Bad System Config Info
  137. 137. How do I have only the pin option while logging in?
  138. 138. I have no clue why I'm not getting the detailed icons, and it's really bothering me.
  139. 139. Blue screen of death says INACCESIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE, how can I fox this?
  140. 140. Missing a personal folder in my documents and I've tried everything
  141. 141. Graphical bugs that I can't figure out a solution for
  142. 142. does the newest gen xbox controller fix the fps drops of the older gen when connected via...
  143. 143. Ctrl + and Ctrl - not working in MS Paint
  144. 144. deleting old files
  145. 145. Windows is acting up after i installed the latest update
  146. 146. Decrease in usable RAM? Is something causing this or is it a normal thing?
  147. 147. Anyone know how to fix this?
  148. 148. This occasionally pops up and I can't type or close that crap. Anybody know what is going...
  149. 149. Brand new windows install first update wipes hd
  150. 150. How is Standard User Account recommended if I cant have programs like MSI Afterburner start...
  151. 151. Is there a way to replace this icon?
  152. 152. This has been appearing randomly every once in a while and I don't know how bad it is or...
  153. 153. Internet Explorer 11
  154. 154. How to STOP Windows updates?
  155. 155. Why are my Desktop Icons like this?
  156. 156. [ask] why i need to update the app i never install?
  157. 157. I accidentally deleted Network adapter
  158. 158. I'm locked out of these settings despite having a legitimate win10 Home license - is there...
  159. 159. How to stop windows from updating itself?
  160. 160. Microsoft Store issues
  161. 161. Why am I missing the "Customize" tab in the application properties?
  162. 162. Xbox app and Gamebar cannot be downloaded
  163. 163. All updates are stuck at zero percent. Nothing I have tried has worked.
  164. 164. Change default log in screen to local user account
  165. 165. Sound Crackling/Popping
  166. 166. How do I turn the matches section from the search engine dark and/or grey?
  167. 167. Windows 10 “ Your device is missing important security and Quality Fixes “ Error Code:...
  168. 168. How do I download DirectX and launch Steam games?
  169. 169. I am having problems with my permissions on windows 10, its not allowing me to save...
  170. 170. How to prevent Windows 10 from disabling touchpad
  171. 171. Windows 10 popped up with "we need to finish setting up your device", should I be worried?
  172. 172. Will reinstalling Windows 10 erase the old copy of Win10?
  173. 173. Never read the text, now it’s on this. Fml. What did I miss? pls help me /windows my hp...
  174. 174. How do I protect a folder from accidental deletion?
  175. 175. Windows background goes black
  176. 176. How to get rid of this annoying tray icon?
  177. 177. Why does using "send to" make a copy of the file but clicking and dragging doesn't?
  178. 178. Bluetooth issues
  179. 179. Help needed with hard drive
  180. 180. Does anyone know what can cause extremely high active and passive opens for TCP Statistics...
  181. 181. I damaged the audio of my windows
  182. 182. Weird bluescreen
  183. 183. Broken Windows update?
  184. 184. How to keep windows defender away from "dummy mode" ?
  185. 185. How to prevent windows from download sound drivers..
  186. 186. Update broke windows
  187. 187. What the actual fawk? Plz help
  188. 188. some start menu icons are showing up like this. I rebuilt the icon cache and stuff but it...
  189. 189. Unable to connect to my NAS (Running on Win10) over OpenVPN
  190. 190. Why is this happening?
  191. 191. Infinite Restarting
  192. 192. Keys getting stuck.
  193. 193. Windows Cumulative Update failing, 0x8007000d
  194. 194. 'System Sounds' in the volume mixer keeps unmuting and resetting itself to 100%
  195. 195. Is there no way to have no 1px border but have coloured title bars?
  196. 196. Blue screen error
  197. 197. This is all there is in C://windows/system32/license.rtf. Seems... odd? Is this normal?
  198. 198. Windows10 inaccesible boot device
  199. 199. How can I change disk order? My C: drive is for someone reason not first which is confusing
  200. 200. Is there a way to see what's keeping my laptop from going to sleep mode?
  201. 201. Been ripping my hair out trying to delete these two iCloud files that apparently "don't...
  202. 202. Error 0x80070643 on a brand new installation.
  203. 203. Windows 10 monitor flickers black for 1 second at a time.
  204. 204. How to access a folder in a Windows 10 computer with another one over WAN?
  205. 205. Installed Windows Update, now brightness changes without a smooth transition?
  206. 206. Question about Windows 10 key and which license type suits me
  207. 207. Sorting files within folders
  208. 208. windows stopped recognizing audio inputs after forced restart.
  209. 209. I was getting my energy report and noticed this. Anyone have any idea on what device this...
  210. 210. Universal file tool
  211. 211. Even after a restart this has been happening
  212. 212. Error when trying to apply a windows update to a windows 10 iso
  213. 213. Blank screen for a while after welcoming to windows 10
  214. 214. Color calibration resetting on sleep/restart. Nothing helped so far
  215. 215. Windows Screenshot tool copies image only in .png format
  216. 216. The latest update broke a lot of basic features, how do I rollback?
  217. 217. HELP I can't log in with my pin code and can't empty the Ngc folder.
  218. 218. help im trying to upgrade to windows 10 20h2 from 1909 and at working on updates its stuck...
  219. 219. Looking for an app that would display the approximate time in the taskbar, rather than...
  220. 220. Does Remote Desktop Work on a Hidden Log In Account?
  221. 221. Can't update windows
  222. 222. Is there a way to disable windows 10 auto switching?
  223. 223. Dismiss Spotify windows media key?
  224. 224. Looking For DesktopBackground
  225. 225. How do I sign out of my microsoft account on Windows 10 Education Edition?
  226. 226. Removed apps link is dead
  227. 227. Some of my Windows apps (also the settings app) started taking very long to launch and...
  228. 228. Desktop icon keeps disappearing then reappearing
  229. 229. Cannot boot into Windows unless I keep usb in that I downloaded windows with
  230. 230. One of my 3 monitors is very zoomed in and I cant change the resolution.
  231. 231. PC will not boot.
  232. 232. Mouse exceptionally slow
  233. 233. CRC Mismatch
  234. 234. Guys my laptop keeps crashing it has become really difficult to use it the fact that I have...
  235. 235. Internet Information Services
  236. 236. This update has been failing the past 2 weeks, should I worry about it?
  237. 237. Worth optimizing regedit for gaming?
  238. 238. Stuck in restart loop
  239. 239. i typed snapchat into my file explorer and 2 .js files came up
  240. 240. New monitor running at 144hz but programs aren't
  241. 241. What is ASHelper.exe in startup tab of task manager?
  242. 242. Small black window always starting with windows 10
  243. 243. Is this a virus?
  244. 244. Laptop does't detect second monitor since the updates
  245. 245. How to remove quick access from File Explorer
  246. 246. How do I see how much storage is left
  247. 247. Bluetooth Earphones - Media to Communication channel issues
  248. 248. Unable to download items from Store
  249. 249. Trojan malware
  250. 250. Background colour in windows explorer keeps resetting to white.