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Windows 10 Network and Sharing
  1. 1. trying to delete files but need admin permission. I AM ADMIN!
  2. 2. how to create an area that doesn't upload to onedrive but stays on my desktop
  3. 3. Using Proxy Settings to Restrict Web Access
  4. 4. Bluetooth Pairing With Speakers but not connecting
  5. 5. calculator is missing from windows 10
  6. 6. stop slowing my internet connection
  7. 7. Possible to retrieve 'Cut' data if Clipboard app wasn't enabled?
  8. 8. task manager, some normal files and other administrator-esque things cant be opened
  9. 9. OneDrive Sync issues
  10. 10. is it possible to set the text between the 150 & 175?
  11. 11. Why are Microsoft Windows networking developers so bad at their jobs?
  12. 12. Missing or corrupt message when trying to install an application on Win10 64b H2
  13. 13. Temp files are created automatically while working on excel file or saving them in the...
  14. 14. How to print/save Fonts sample file as a PDF in Windows 10
  15. 15. some older one drive files on desk top are locked or corrupt - but can access them via...
  16. 16. Wifi is connected on windows laptop but it does not work I’ve tried resetting the network...
  17. 17. Why does my PC and only my PC keep crashing while trying to connect to the Wi-Fi after I...
  18. 18. Two documents folder but no download folder
  19. 19. Windows 10X64 V 22H2
  20. 20. Cellular option missing after upgrading to Windows 10 the pc is hp elitebook 840 g4
  21. 21. Microsoft applications not connecting to internet
  22. 22. My Internet connection is suddenly gone.
  23. 23. Files Downloading with the Wrong Extension
  24. 24. Rename "OneDrive - Personal" to "OneDrive"
  25. 25. Clicking or even pressing enter on a file deletes it
  26. 26. Problem Making a Payment
  27. 27. Mouse keeps dragging file at single click
  28. 28. Disable right click drag menu
  29. 29. How can I see my 'contacts' in my 'contacts' folder?
  30. 30. sim not show in my laptop windows 10
  31. 31. Is there an easy way to select non-consecutive files in File Explorer?
  32. 32. How to delete files that are open in Windows Boot Manager?
  33. 33. Shrinking Windows volumes - critical BitLocker system files missing or corrupted
  34. 34. Can access shared folder but cannot see it in "network:"
  35. 35. Error when mounting NFS Share
  36. 36. Windows not detecting WIFI networks
  37. 37. Can't change metadata in Window 10
  38. 38. How can i make a partition in my current HDD with only my Windows 10 OS in it?
  39. 39. Cellular option missing
  40. 40. {URGENT PLEASE} HOW can i decrypt previously encrypted files on another laptop which has...
  41. 41. My device is connected with wifi but I am getting error saying Your internet access is...
  42. 42. Folder does not show deleted as usual until I refresh the page.
  43. 43. Onerive context menu missing
  44. 44. Microsoft One Drive Not Syncing
  45. 45. Problem with Hard Disk
  46. 46. Can all usb printers be shared on network in windows 10 and 11?
  47. 47. HEIC photos
  48. 48. does windows 10 automatically defragment files when moving them to a different partition?
  49. 49. Can all usb printers be shared on network in windows 10 and 11?
  50. 50. I accidently removed the systems user from my C drive and now I have lost admin permissions.
  51. 51. how do i add all photos from my connected phone and pc to me pc camera roll so all photos...
  52. 52. I have a file in my recycle bin I want to delete that file permanently but I can not
  53. 53. External disk Access denied - Win 10
  54. 54. Random IPs in Resource monitor
  55. 55. Uninstalling a software will also uninstall its fonts
  56. 56. Unknown file...
  57. 57. Win10 File Explorer Quick Access Cannot Hold More Than 1 Entry
  58. 58. Reset pc แล้วลูปอยู่หน้า choose an option
  59. 59. Windows Optimization. How to disable? At last give us a solution that works.
  60. 60. Bonjour, j'ai un nouveau disque dur qui n'est reconnu qu'au redémarage de windows, jamais...
  61. 61. Strange Internet behavior after I think an update
  62. 62. The Interactions Between Office and Onedrive
  63. 63. Windowsapps permission
  64. 64. Delete some folders & files unrecoverable but keep programs & OS
  65. 65. Can not signin and sync in latest version of Edge
  66. 66. I am struggling to get access to folders and files within my HDD
  67. 67. PPTP VPN won't connect
  68. 68. Error: An attempt was made to reference a token that does not exist
  69. 69. Why can't I modify my iCloud files?
  70. 70. Dont have permission to delete folder.
  71. 71. I cant delete these files and when I do they come back.
  72. 72. How to access, website not opening?
  73. 73. Sync Your Setting and OneDrive
  74. 74. The backup to the previous page arrow is missing on my Mac. I do I restore it?
  75. 75. Keep getting "something went wrong" when I try to import photos
  76. 76. Need to Remove Write Protection from a USB
  77. 77. Resetting Microsoft Account Password with no internet connection after Computer Reset
  78. 78. Is Msolrm Protector a virus?
  79. 79. UNC Browse by FQDN works for some login profiles but not others on Azure Joined laptop
  80. 80. how to delete a system folder
  81. 81. Computer cannot see wifi but can see other networks.
  82. 82. Dont have permission to delete folder
  83. 83. How do I retrieve an overwritten file without File History or System Restore?
  84. 84. I want my ad users when login to common machines to be direct to a temp profile.
  85. 85. There are lots of ".exe" files in system32 and its taking areound 100GB of space.
  86. 86. my windows 10 Pro 64 bit all data has been encrypted by ransome ware and above it all...
  87. 87. UNSOLVABLE? Qualcomm atheros ar5b125 in Windows 10
  88. 88. My Wifi and bluetooth stops working and I have to network reset to make it work again every...
  90. 90. I don't have any sound.
  91. 91. More then 1device
  92. 92. Need to update system so I can access Microsoft Edge!
  93. 93. Why can I not see my own wifi in my laptop connection list but i can see many others
  94. 94. Can't format a RAW drive to NTFS
  95. 95. Files in OneDrive do not sync. How to resolve?
  96. 96. Destination Path to Long
  97. 97. Can't format A drive to NTFS
  98. 98. Task Scheduler having issues running .hta in Windows 10 environment
  99. 99. Can't able to make an unallocated partition into a primary partition!
  100. 100. Can not delete file
  101. 101. USB shared over network perm error
  102. 102. One Drive isn't connected
  103. 103. help fixing WIFI and Bluetooth
  104. 104. No prompt for "File is locked" and opens in read only
  105. 105. Is there a way to change the File Explorer folder color in Office 365/Windows 10?
  106. 106. fix my disk space issue
  107. 107. Block simultaneous wired network connection
  108. 108. Copying the content of one HDD to another, the copy stops at one point and doesn't want to...
  109. 109. [HELP] It looks like we don't support this file format
  110. 110. How to declutter C:\ Drive?
  111. 111. whenever i press alt+tab there is two tasks open but there is nothing.
  112. 112. Is there any way to recover an undo history in Microsoft Paint?
  113. 113. I want to restore files in One Drive deleted by Microsoft after expiration
  114. 114. How to free up space on email OneDrive by transferring files to computer?
  115. 115. Cannot delete OneDrive Temp folder on my C Drive.
  116. 116. File Explorer Not Working
  117. 117. Creating a new folder
  118. 118. after downloading windows 10 on my laptop. i cant connect to the internet when i press the...
  119. 119. Does Windows automatically compress files when copying new files into a folder with...
  120. 120. Are Microsoft Remote Desktop and Remote Desktop Connection the same?
  121. 121. Can Anyone Explain what this icon menans
  122. 122. Can't access on home computer, only on work computer.
  123. 123. Not able to transfer or receive files on PC using local network
  124. 124. USB tethering NOT WORKING on new built PC
  125. 125. Duplicates found in Duplicate Files
  126. 126. Blackmail from ICloud!!!!!!
  128. 128. Weird Registry Key in Current User
  129. 129. Not being able to transfer or receive files on PC using local network
  130. 130. Is it ok for me to delete "Healthy Primary Partition?"
  131. 131. Former User path still holds all files in Windows 10
  132. 132. How is this possible?
  133. 133. File sharing between Hyper V and local computer.
  134. 134. i can't download windows file recovery for surface pro 7
  135. 135. Why is my ethernet upload speed stuck at below 1 mbps upload speed when my vpn is off
  136. 136. Mobile hotspot suddenly wont let me use 5ghz
  137. 137. After a fresh install, my 250 GB SSD only has 186 GB free out of 216 GB total capacity
  138. 138. Why does my screen show me Mobile App only pages?
  139. 139. windows 10 on desktop: unable to open files 'saved as' in Documents folder. options given...
  140. 140. Restore Search Function in Documents Page
  141. 141. Deleted files
  142. 142. why is there a g infront of some .exe files?
  143. 143. OneDrive doing whatever it wants
  144. 144. What happened to my version of Word? I want macros enabled and nothing works!
  145. 145. Error 0x8007016A: The cloud file provider is not running. OneDrive Access Lost. Cannot...
  146. 146. Can I connect multiple devices like keyboard, mouse, speaker and stylus using Bluetooth and...
  147. 147. External USB Storage drive not detected in WIn10
  148. 148. How to know which software installed the font also how to backup fonts folder in Windows 10
  149. 149. Tearing my hair out with file manager.
  150. 150. System32 takes too much space 300gb
  151. 151. 4tb hardrive, can only partition 2tb. the other 2 are unable to be interacted with.
  152. 152. How to stop games from saving to OneDrive and move my files elsewhere.
  153. 153. After clean install windows 10 I cant see images in only one specific folder
  154. 154. I do not have permissions to save files in folders.
  155. 155. Is it safe to remove this particular partition?
  156. 156. File problems
  157. 157. One Cloud Password problem
  158. 158. why when I restart my PC, many files are opened automatically?
  159. 159. i have forget my bitlocker password
  160. 160. why i cant delete my fonts?
  161. 161. is this address reliable? *** Email address is removed for privacy ***
  162. 162. My files disappeared from my Desktop, is there any logs to traceback what happened to them?
  163. 163. R/ is unavailable
  164. 164. Google Bookmarks
  165. 165. Associating .pl files with Perl installation
  166. 166. How can I reset "User folders" documents, downloads,... etc to their default arrange and...
  167. 167. Could you please help me uninstall OneDrive from my PC Win 10?
  168. 168. I moved pictures onto my desktop and the location is stuck on a folder in my desktop and it...
  169. 169. Can someone help me with my network adapter?
  170. 170. Mapped network drives hangup/suspends, File Explorer in Windows 10
  171. 171. Cannot Create a "New Folder"/ only Allows me to Create Compressed Zipped Folder. Already...
  172. 172. Windows Photo Viewer The old old is not working despite me having it
  173. 173. How do I delete a Internet short cut off my desk top
  174. 174. Space problem in hard drive
  175. 175. How do I permanently delete a folder in windows 10 using CMD commands?
  176. 176. how to encript a file in windows 10 home
  177. 177. View Slideshow Windows 10 Not working
  178. 178. Help transferring photos from PC to USB stick?
  179. 179. DFS Referral Cache Is Invalid and Not Automatically Refreshing
  180. 180. Why are files opening on a single click when setting is to open on double click?
  181. 181. Apps not showing
  182. 182. microsoft boot management
  183. 183. how to make less virtual memory storage
  184. 184. OneDrive File is replaced by an older version.
  185. 185. Je ne peux pas activer le service stockage du système.
  186. 186. Can't extend C drive with unallocated space
  187. 187. Trying to copy, move, or delete files with Windows Explorer results in it slowing to a...
  188. 188. Win10 Home Defender Antivirus is blocking ECHOLINK
  189. 189. Windows10
  190. 190. Wifi Signal drops the lowest bar once connected.
  191. 191. I can’t find the wifi network or any devices. It’s always no internet access. No connection...
  192. 192. I have an urgent cases regarding VPN and issue
  193. 193. Ethernet speed limited to 10mbps
  194. 194. slow upload speed while using wifi on laptop
  195. 195. Why does my PC and only my PC keep crashing while trying to connect to the Wi-Fi after I...
  196. 196. Why does my PC and only my PC keep crashing while trying to connect to the Wi-Fi after I...
  197. 197. there is something wrong with my wi-fi
  198. 198. Why won’t my PC connect to wireless networks?
  199. 199. Intermittent lag spikes over Wi-Fi
  200. 200. wifi is disapperaring
  201. 201. Hi , i have a problem with my xbox series x controller.On some games it switch to pc and...
  202. 202. "Unidentified network" "Invalid IP configuration"
  203. 203. I have just installed Windows 10 on my ASUS laptop for the first time, when I try to...
  204. 204. wifi icon not show in my windows
  205. 205. Windows 10: IntelR Wireless-AC 9560 160MHz wifi driver/adapter keeps crashing ONLY on my PC...
  206. 206. How do I get edge to play sounds from YouTube?
  207. 207. Wi-fi fine, but not so with Ethernet
  208. 208. Teredo is not eligible
  209. 209. Internet cuts out during sleep mode
  210. 210. Setting up a new router what does security type mean?
  211. 211. Problem with DNS after connecting second Win10 Device to one account
  212. 212. Pc running Windows 10 will not show any available networks on
  213. 213. Cant extend C: since its noncontiguous space with EFI system partition in between - Can I...
  214. 214. Google Drive reports Error: "Location is not available. G:\ is not accessible. Access is...
  215. 215. I can't see the file transferring progress popup when I transfer files to my phone
  216. 216. My other laptop is locked out because you changed my password to a pin or something else....
  217. 217. Windows 10 freezing a lot.
  218. 218. Laptop refuses to connect to WiFi after being connected, works fine after restart, until...
  219. 219. Corrupted Notepad++ text file.
  220. 220. Win10 update breaks my networking
  221. 221. File Explorer freezes 30s when opening or right-click OneDrive or Dropbox folders
  222. 222. My laptop has been using way more data than usual, checked my data usage and found out that...
  223. 223. Repeatedly losing internet connection for few seconds
  224. 224. losing internet connection for few seconds
  225. 225. I click and drag a Internet Shortcut folder to my desktop. Now I can't get rid of it. I've...
  226. 226. how do I solve file system error -2015294512
  227. 227. Windows Explorer save location defaulting to the wrong computer
  228. 228. how to turn off service host: network service?
  229. 229. Unable to delete / Edit / Rename / Cut a file from Desktop
  230. 230. ayuda que no estan saliendo mis correos .. gracias
  231. 231. Wifi working but with limited capabilities and a no connection indication
  232. 232. JSON to MS Word conversion
  233. 233. Shortcut to folder breaks using OneDrive
  234. 234. Error message when saving to a shared network location "There are no more files"
  235. 235. ASUS TUF Gaming A15 FA506IC.302 Wifi problem!!!
  236. 236. Problem linking folder using latest outlook
  237. 237. powerpoint and word not working
  238. 238. Why is my wifi network the only one not showing up on the network list?
  239. 239. Search Options is not working in the Folders
  240. 240. Every picture I have taken has a pink hue.
  241. 241. For some reason my C: drive now appears as C:C:.
  242. 242. Can no longer ping router, or gain internet access after removing norton
  243. 243. Hard drive keeps filling up on it's own.
  244. 244. photo transfer from i phone
  245. 245. How do I fix my USB WiFi adapter from keep on getting disconnecting?
  246. 246. Windows File Explorer search not finding text in files that is obviously there
  247. 247. How do I change name of the account?
  248. 248. Cannot change DNS for IPV6 in windows 10 22h2.
  249. 249. Windows Media P{layer problems
  250. 250. Win10: Looked in Help for Status Bar. Nothing. Yet its under View, Folder Options. ?????