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Windows 10 Network and Sharing
  1. 1. Google apps not opening
  2. 2. Why did OneDrive delete ALL MY WORK
  3. 3. My external hdd doesn't show all files in one specific folder.
  4. 4. No internet icon, and computer cannot download any updates for my computer, even though it...
  5. 5. dot1x Authentication
  6. 6. ASIX usb to gigabit eternet family adapter stopped working randomly
  7. 7. When i try to turn pn wi-fi it does not, how can i fix that ?
  8. 8. install new network adapter windows 10 failing
  9. 9. You do not have permission to access this file not fixing
  10. 10. New Surface causes router to lose connection to DNS server
  11. 11. Connecting one PC to internet causes all internet to degrade
  12. 12. My internet goes out when I enter minecraft
  13. 13. Windows 10 No IPv4 Connectivity, only IPv6
  14. 14. Unidentified network after 5 minutes goes back to normal
  15. 15. I can't solve this problem!
  16. 16. Wifi Adapter Missing Windows 10
  17. 17. So I'm trying to run windows 10 on my 2015 macOS monterey but I can't seem to get the wifi...
  18. 18. Cannot connect to WIFI
  19. 19. Network profile - 10001,4004,4001,20002,10000,4004,4002. Network connection disconnects and...
  20. 20. Word - Microsoft Print to PDF flash, mouse cursor disappearing
  21. 21. Certain programs lose connection to the internet
  22. 22. Does Computer Towers Have In-Built Wifi?
  23. 23. Velocidades muy bajas con Wifi
  24. 24. How do I configure vmconnect.exe and/or vmms.exe to use IPv4 for the connection to a...
  25. 25. Can't bypass admin requisites for sharing a file to tech support
  26. 26. “can’t connect to net work” after fresh usb windows install
  27. 27. I didn't open or change the files, but the file modification date changes
  28. 28. I already subscribed and paid for 100GB of space yet OneDrive is still saying that I need...
  29. 29. how to remove some companies
  30. 30. How to I configure vmms.exe to use IPv4 for the Hyper-V connection to the virtual machine?
  31. 31. How to I configure vmmc.exe to use IPv4 for the Hyper-V connection to the virtual machine?
  32. 32. problem running Roblox on my grandma's old Lenovo
  33. 33. File with lock icon
  34. 34. Windows 11 OS compromised.
  35. 35. Sharing externally
  36. 36. I deleted a local account on my computer to free up storage space, but none of the space it...
  37. 37. What type of memory card does hp 10 home use
  38. 38. Can I request for patch files?
  39. 39. Cannot occasionally rename files and folders via File Explorer
  40. 40. D Drive shows File System As Raw
  41. 41. File Explorer directory not displaying files in chosen Sort Order
  42. 42. CRC error whille installing VS Code.
  43. 43. Получаване на помощ за настройките за Wi-Fi в Windows
  44. 44. i wanted to share a folder on microsoft photo legacy, so i pressed the share tab and the...
  45. 45. Selecting and right clicking on more than one file in Explorer causes it to crash
  47. 47. Asus update check.exe delete this virus ?
  48. 48. I can't use my mobile hotspot from the laptop
  49. 49. I can't update Windows 10
  50. 50. Having a file saving problem with Microsoft Works, Word Processsor
  51. 51. Two instances of OneDrive in file explorer
  52. 52. Microsoft java compilation error
  53. 53. network between windows 10+11 only works ONE way
  54. 54. losing access to certain folders as the only user and administrator of said computer
  55. 55. Ripping CD to Flash drive
  56. 56. Dropdown list with suggested values does not show up when editing MP3 file tags
  57. 57. the video i recorded using Snipping tool only saved 1min total was 20. how can i recover...
  58. 58. WiFi and Ethernet stopped working
  59. 59. can i delete everything in my C:\Windows\Temp
  60. 60. Does anybody know how to fix this?
  61. 61. How can I retrieve an earlier saved version of a Word document that I saved on a UBS...
  62. 62. Error : the printer Lexmark is unable to respond or is offline./ windows 10
  63. 63. why all my browsers have the same problem with pinned web pages?
  64. 64. How to open a tiff file?
  65. 65. Do i have 2 copies of Pictures?
  66. 66. Won't connect to internet, won't show available networks
  67. 67. 1T HDD recognized but not giving me storage
  68. 68. Okb deleted/unsync folder in Recycle Bin. How do I delete them?
  69. 69. Hi, Recently I have accidentally deleted MsMpEng.exe with IobitUnlocker due to high cpu...
  70. 70. If I have a school account and that account is deleted what happens to files and documents...
  71. 71. What do I do if my .exe files that connect to the internet have problems and say things...
  72. 72. I cant attach my excel sheet in my gmail account error says not implemented
  73. 73. Can’t reconnect to wifi after installing new modem
  74. 74. How do I remove sea of thieves from my windowsapps folder?
  75. 75. Any fixes to lag/ping spike while playing online pc games?
  76. 76. What do I do if my things I deleted on my pc show up again on the desktop screen and I...
  77. 77. one drive, personal vault -- how do i get files it has hidden from me?
  78. 78. ntoskrnl.exe and tcpip.sys blue screen
  79. 79. GPO to always open File Explorer in Large icons view?
  80. 80. how do I innitialise one of my 2 disks
  81. 81. GPO or Reg to completely hide the File Explorer Menu Bar not minimize?
  82. 82. GPO or Reg to put a icon sized background behind your Desktop icons?
  83. 83. GPO or Reg to completely remove the QAT "Customize Quick Access Toolbar" in File Explorer?
  84. 84. One drive reports all the time "connecting"
  85. 85. Unable to Contact Customer Support for Other Issue
  86. 86. Document Folder recovery
  87. 87. немає MSVCR100.dll
  88. 88. File corrupted!
  89. 89. network issue
  90. 90. How do i download my driver without internet?
  91. 91. I tried to change permissions for my Program Files Folder and now appear some new weird...
  92. 92. Why does Read Only Allow File name to be changed ?
  93. 93. How do I get rid of a dotted line across a page of a document?
  94. 94. No wifi option Under Network & Internet Settings
  95. 95. .exe files are not running in windows docker images
  96. 96. Super slow wifi speed and also big lag spikes
  97. 97. my USB doesnt show up after i did something
  98. 98. Can I recover files from a USB flash drive?
  99. 99. Access is denied when I try to import photos from my Fujifilm camera via a USB cable...
  100. 100. WiFi adapter wont reinstall after scan/reset windows 10
  101. 101. android word and Excel peculiar behaviour when files synchronised by third party to windows
  102. 102. Reconnect PC after rebooting router?
  103. 103. Certain websites not working on my windows laptop
  104. 104. Realtek Wireless Driver sometime doesn't working
  105. 105. i merged my c and d drive pls help me
  106. 106. Permissions Mess
  107. 107. How do I print a list of all installed programs/apps on my Windows 10 computer?
  108. 108. how do u backup a hard drive with onedrive?
  109. 109. I need help trying to connect my home network of 2 Win10 desktops, 2 NAS devices, 1 Win11...
  110. 110. The size of Extent is less than minimum
  111. 111. new harddrive wont boot windows 10 or show all storage
  112. 112. downloads folder is missing and I can't access it
  113. 113. error 0x8007016b in temp folder
  114. 114. Help: Constantly have to ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew due to connectivity issues...
  115. 115. Why can't I login to my work teaching platform from my pc but I can from my mobile phone?
  116. 116. How can I access to these EFS file on the new computer.
  117. 117. i cannot save pics from my email anymore how do i get rid of one drive?
  118. 118. Files, folders, and storage
  119. 119. How can I add the .zip codec to my media player? and covert .zip files to mp3?
  120. 120. Memory usage remains at 50% after the standard fixes on Windows 10
  121. 121. image/video previews not showing up until clicking on them and refreshing the file explorer
  122. 122. How To Rename My User Folder
  123. 123. Search in One Drive: for file names with two word in it?
  124. 124. pictures
  125. 125. Unable to delete/uninstall ubuntu from WSL completely.
  126. 126. Internet connection not working. Windows can't find plugged headset and video and photos...
  127. 127. I use Windows LiveMail 2012 Email suddenly stopped working today. Message from MS is "an...
  128. 128. Wi-Fi became slow after moving computer to a different room
  129. 129. How do I restore missing files?? everything on my disk drive D was gone and I dont know...
  130. 130. every time i try to edit a picture with paint 3d it does this!
  131. 131. Computer do not get connected to internet after each start
  132. 132. Windows 10 - I can't open files in folder "Users\User_name\Games".
  133. 133. Why Windows 10 might consider a wifi hotspot from as metered connection?
  134. 134. Can’t connect to the internet or use laptop touchscreen or cursor without a mouse after...
  135. 135. Transfer voice memos ios from one drive back to voice memos
  136. 136. I want to change where my captures are stored by xbox game bar on pc
  137. 137. Show flat jpg image as folder thumbnail/preview
  138. 138. File names in explorer details view disappear one by one then reappear
  139. 139. Help
  140. 140. My router is not popping up in the available network list
  141. 141. Desktop files located in a onedrive folder, tried to uninstall onedrive folder. Bad results
  142. 142. Internet speed as advertised by ISP 450 Mbps on smart phone, but Win 10 laptop w QCA 9377...
  143. 143. Forced DNS
  144. 144. Visual C +
  145. 145. MY FILES ARE GONE
  146. 146. Album art in Windows 10
  147. 147. Need help moving os
  148. 148. Can you please help me with the problem of turning on the diagnostic policy service?
  149. 149. Microsoft Visual C++ 2022 Minimum Runtime Error for .exe Files
  150. 150. OneDrive sort by modified date newer to older not working
  151. 151. 200GB of undeletable temporary files?
  152. 152. Help
  153. 153. OneDrive Folder Issues and Removal Query
  154. 154. Help with Weak wifi signal
  155. 155. Problem with wifi
  156. 156. Problem with wifi
  157. 157. I cant read my external hard drive
  158. 158. Support request on Windows 10 Ent edition Network connectivity and File sharing
  159. 159. My hard drive is filling up with unknown files. I cannot see them.
  160. 160. White line over some desktop folders?
  161. 161. Why is there no unfreeze account pop up?
  162. 162. CIntiq companion just updated to windows 10 and can't find my wifi network.
  163. 163. wifi is in connect auto but always have to connect manually win. 10
  164. 164. I bought a new laptop and when I connected it to my mobile hotspot, I can't access any...
  165. 165. how do i get windows to automatically sign on to the internet
  166. 166. Hello support team, I need some help with extending the c: drive. Disk 0 partition 5 has...
  167. 167. How to open a bitLocker-ed file?
  168. 168. Extracting multiple 7Z files using the command prompt
  169. 169. Every file I try to download across every browser and most other terminals are failing. How...
  170. 170. Win 10 WiFi SLOW on Download .15 MBPS Yes dot15 -- upload 30plus mbps. Download Need fix !
  171. 171. Fully Gray Picture when the Thumbnail looks fine
  172. 172. What files can't I move from C to D
  173. 173. My PC is not detecting any WiFi networks, but is able to connect to my mobile hotspot.
  174. 174. how to turn off file overlays
  175. 175. Wi-Fi Randomly Drops on Windows 10 Every 5-10 Minutes
  176. 176. Error al abrir gta 4
  177. 177. Cannot find my AppData
  178. 178. Not secure https durchgestrichen [GER/ENG]
  179. 179. i accidentally deleted windows.applicationmodel.dll on syswow64
  180. 180. How to revert registry edit folder permissions
  181. 181. een paar van mijn shortcuts zijn verdwenen nadat ik de programfiles x86 heb verplaats naar...
  182. 182. im having an access denied error
  183. 183. Web pages refreshing or going back
  184. 184. Unable to upload a memory dump to a support center thanks to administrator issues
  185. 185. Endless sync / Processing 96.973 changes
  186. 186. I have a lot of events in "Event Viewer -> Windows Logs -> Security", thousands per minute....
  187. 187. Surface laptop stops connecting to home wifi, but can connect to phone hotspot
  188. 188. How can u Change the Ram installdate in Ram-Info
  189. 189. Windows 10 mapped network drive won't connect. Workstation service won't start missing...
  190. 190. I am always seeing that NOT all my files sync. I open one device & it has most, but not...
  191. 191. Network does not appear on Network & Internet list
  192. 192. case number: 7044969822 w/ Pooja
  193. 193. Moving files out of OneDrive synced file and it says I need more room on my PC
  194. 194. Microsoft Defender видит файл которого не существует что делать?
  195. 195. The file is installed in windows or windows system directory
  196. 196. Moving files to thumbdrive
  197. 197. Decrypting BSOD Minidump
  198. 198. System volume information and lost my data
  199. 199. Losing storage on C disk
  200. 200. OneDrive 1 TB "Grandfathered" plan ended with no warning today. Why?
  202. 202. Programs cannot save/write on D partition without admin rights
  203. 203. I need to save an .m4a file from a network share to my Desktop.
  204. 204. My school's OneDrive is connected to my personal PC at home and is taking up a lot of space.
  205. 205. Programs cannot save/write without admin
  206. 206. why does my pc constantly say no internet connection when there is one?
  207. 207. Hello, When I'm trying to open any folder in Windows Explorer, I have this popup, please help
  208. 208. Ethernet disconnecting all the time for a second
  209. 209. Why do I have internet using WiFi but none if connected via Ethernet?
  210. 210. How do I move my Sims 4 packs files free to my game files/folder?
  211. 211. Hard drive does not exist showing up in explorer
  212. 212. How do I transfer files from old drive c which is now d, to the new c
  213. 213. What are the Cookies and Application Data folders in C:\Users\Username ?
  214. 214. MDM folder size is more than 30 GB
  215. 215. Other People taking up storage, nobody else uses my device. How do I delete it?
  216. 216. my doesn't have cellular data but has sim slot
  217. 217. why the unemployment page is blocked???
  218. 218. External drive visible on Explorer and Disk Manager but can't explore files
  219. 219. My pc got restarted with previous memory. And my ongoing window / memory is gone. What to do?
  220. 220. Why does compatibility mode does not work with 16 bit apps
  221. 221. SanDisk 16GB - The disk is write protected.
  222. 222. Unable to drag and drop photo or document on window 10
  223. 223. Bought a computer from a company a couple of days ago and now it won’t let me connect to my...
  224. 224. My download speed has been limited even though I am using ethernet and isn't effecting others.
  225. 225. Accessing OneDrive files and pictures
  226. 226. Win10 connecting to a bluetooth speaker without pin
  227. 227. f I buy an external 5GHz adapter would this be solved or would I still be stuck with 100mb...
  228. 228. If I buy an external 5GHz adapter would this be solved or would I still be stuck with 100mb...
  229. 229. My Computer for some reason can't connect to my WiFi 6 adapter. How do I reset it?
  230. 230. how to delete lost detached virtual hard drive
  231. 231. I am hosting a minecraft bedrock server but i cannot join into it locally or from another...
  232. 232. I'd like to be able to cut and paste folders from a memory card to my PC....sounds simple...
  233. 233. Why is control panel listing Google applications?
  234. 234. How can I replace deleted/corrupt windows files?
  235. 235. How can I replace deleted/corrupt windows files?
  236. 236. How can I replace deleted/corrupt windows files?
  237. 237. How can I replace deleted/corrupt windows files?
  238. 238. solve my system path issue
  239. 239. File shows in quick access but not in hard drive and wont let me access it
  240. 240. Invalid cursor issue
  241. 241. Browser keeps lowering my audio!
  242. 242. "can't connect to this network" and can't forget networks
  243. 243. I recently replaced my cpu in my gaming pc but i cant boot up windows it keeps restarting
  244. 244. How to copy all "*_files" folders and their contents, but none of the assocciated *.htm*...
  245. 245. Windows 10 WiFi does not turn on on my laptop
  246. 246. I need help fixing This internet issue I've came by pretty commonly ever sense 2 days ago...
  247. 247. Forza Horizon 4 - Network diagnostics
  248. 248. error massage
  249. 249. Lost my photos
  250. 250. I am facing issue with wrong system's name in the file path