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Windows 10 Performance & Maintenance
  1. 1. My computer starts by itself.
  2. 2. laptop not turning on when the charger is disconnected. but working fine after it get boot...
  3. 3. FileHistory Talking to VPN Server
  4. 4. My windows 10 pc wakes up on it own immediately after putting it to sleep
  5. 5. Restarting the PC screens goes black like sleep mode except you can't wake it.
  6. 6. Windows 10 - Will not Shutdown/Sleep, will reopen sign-in screen.
  7. 7. Laptop's new Nvme SSD only detected when plugged into power
  8. 8. An infinite boot up where i see the logo and then it goes black and repeats
  9. 9. Computer booting up weird
  10. 10. Automatic sleep timer issue on Lenovo Thinkbook 14
  11. 11. My PC randomly shuts down during playing games
  12. 12. My dell inspiron 3583 gets no power and will not turn on
  13. 13. Acer Aspire TC-885 won't boot after enabling secure boot
  14. 14. How do I retrieve my power plan information?
  15. 15. My computer is shutting down without the command randomly ?
  16. 16. When i trun on my pc it is still on the black screen with windows logo. There are no...
  17. 17. PC sometimes freezes when going to sleep fans still running, not possible to wake
  18. 18. Disable Screen Lock from an AD Joined PC
  19. 19. Windows is taking extremely high time to start.
  20. 20. Issue with windows updated affecting Device Manager --> USB properties --> Power Management...
  21. 21. Brave Browser Cause Windows 10/11 Shut down constantly / Black Screen
  22. 22. EO CONTROLS
  23. 23. my windows 10 shuts down randomly
  24. 24. shutdown and sleep sound problem
  25. 25. How can I install my window 10 in SSD ?
  26. 26. trying to trigger a task to open notepad upon resuming/waking from MODERN STANDBYE S0 sleep.
  27. 27. NsLookup process prevents sleep
  28. 28. Dual monitor start flickering while gaming. All others things are good still same issue.
  29. 29. Why does my PC get stuck on boot up only when I restart it?
  30. 30. Why does my Surfacebook take over more than 2 minutes to boot when connected to keyboard.
  31. 31. aspnet_compiler keeps restarting and sending odd requests.
  32. 32. Bios stuck
  33. 33. Hibernation or sleep mode?
  34. 34. Pc shuts off when I hit to sleep
  35. 35. I cannot sign into my PC via Microsoft login and unable to revert to local login
  36. 36. gvrbackgroundwinows3 on restart or closing?
  37. 37. Flashing Power button while PC is on
  38. 38. windows 10 freezes after waking from sleep
  39. 39. How to disable connected standby triggered by idle timeout?
  40. 40. HP Pavilion gaming laptop won’t start
  41. 41. Computer turns on by itself immediately after entering hibernation/sleep mode.
  42. 42. My laptop screen get lime and purple.when I update driver. It doesn't get on
  43. 43. I accidentally deleted all the power plans
  44. 44. Sleep timer issues windows 10
  45. 45. Computer wakes up from sleep. How to disable a specific timer?
  46. 46. My laptop doesn't go to sleep mode while on battery, instead shuts down.
  47. 47. Windows 10 won't lock the screen after timeout
  48. 48. how do i turn off my Lenovo laptop stuck on novo button menu
  49. 49. INTRUSION
  50. 50. At startup, this notepad opens happens from 1 month ago
  51. 51. My PC restarts when I try to boot it up.
  52. 52. Many conhost.exe processes and windows command processor running and preventing PC to go...
  53. 53. Pc taking 17 hours to boot.
  54. 54. My focus session doesnt sound at the end of the break/session
  55. 55. Windows 10 Boots Slow
  56. 56. Hello i just get a old laptop of sony vio core i3
  57. 57. Laptop rozładowuje się do zera gdy jest długo wyłączony
  58. 58. Laptop shuts down when putting it to sleep or closing the lid
  59. 59. Sleep and power on/off
  60. 60. I chnaged the battery but now if I unplug the computer shut off
  61. 61. Laptop shuts down whenever i turn on from sleep.
  62. 62. Help, Why does my Asus Laptop Windows 10 always turn of by itself ?
  63. 63. Monitors 2 wont wake from sleep mode
  64. 64. Major Problems with Windows 10 Pro
  65. 65. Windows 10 displays just a moment when shutting down
  66. 66. My Mecer CA14D01 laptop is giving me problems on startup.
  67. 67. White screen after suspended mode for a second
  68. 68. Powering off USB ports during shutdown / sleep mode Windows 10
  69. 69. I put my laptop on sleep mode and when I am trying to unlock the laptop only my screen...
  70. 70. Question on windows 10 lockscreen
  71. 71. Exiting connected standby when camera becomes active
  72. 72. EFI Shell version 2.70 [5.13]
  73. 73. "You're about to be signed out" Is there a way to disable this pop up?
  74. 74. Driver Verifier Boot Loop
  75. 75. How to change settings so my screen does not go to sleep within 10 seconds of not using the...
  76. 76. Windows sleep timer issues
  77. 77. My laptop won’t turn on after dis assembly
  78. 78. Power/sleep settings - are they normally erratic in their effect?
  79. 79. Hello..I'm Emanuel & I have a problem with my laptop here,when I switch it on,it show that...
  80. 80. Windows sleep timer not working only when plugged in
  81. 81. Use the power button to turn off the computer at lock screen Windows + L key
  82. 82. Computer when turning on it gets stuck on black screen with Windows logo and circling dots
  83. 83. Kernel -Power , Event ID 41 - System restarts with error WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR
  84. 84. How to make computer go into hibernate mode automatically when AC power gets cut off and...
  85. 85. Access to this pc has been blocker
  86. 86. Why does my laptop shut off whenever I insert my charger?
  87. 87. Multiple different BSOD: MEMORY_MANAGEMENT 00000000`00061941, 0x0000001a and 0x00000119
  88. 88. hyberate not working properly windows 10 issue. for some amount of time like 5-10 minutes...
  89. 89. Sleep or Hibernate just shuts down computer on newly installed Win10 from Win8.1 on older...
  90. 90. Laptop Battery randomly goes to zero
  91. 91. windows blue screens, restarts, and starts updating
  92. 92. Windows 10 instanly wakes up if Bluetooth is turned on
  93. 93. Random restart from User32, event 1074 PART 2
  94. 94. brightness stuck at 0
  95. 95. Evolve III windows laptop is not starting up & say “preparing automatic repair” then shuts...
  96. 96. Where is the opt-out for One-drive and Office 365 on boot up?
  97. 97. Why CPU going to sleep again and again while I'm using?
  98. 98. Infinite boot, preparing Automatic Repair but no blue menu just black screen after os...
  99. 99. why to show laptop bettery is 100 precentin all time with plug and without plug
  100. 100. How do i gain authentication to disable lock on sleep.
  101. 101. White underscore on startup
  102. 102. My Desktop didn’t power off during shut down so I had to unplug it. Now it won’t power on?
  103. 103. Power Button does not Hibernate Windows 10
  104. 104. Windows Shut Down Options Lock, Restart, Sleep, And Etc. White Text
  105. 105. Windows Shut Down Options Lock, Restart, Sleep, And Etc. White Text
  106. 106. Windows Goes to Sleep in 1 to 2 Minutes Despite Settings
  107. 107. I want to be able to close the lid and do nothing when my external monitor is connected. If...
  108. 108. Window computer screen going to sleep quicker than normal. how do you fix fix?
  109. 109. I try to sign in to windows but my laptop just stays on the screensaver picture does not...
  110. 110. Why i cant see the options to turn off display or sleep after a while?
  111. 111. Laptop restarts after shutdown
  112. 112. Power Options - for programs to run for few hours while I am not working actively on the...
  113. 113. SOMETIMES computer won't boot to Windows
  114. 114. How to disable shutdown option only
  115. 115. My lenovo Thinkbook 14 IIL-20SL can't sleep automatically when plugged in
  116. 116. Windows 10: Laptop jumps to "Battery" to "Plug In" and back on its own
  117. 117. Why do I plug the charger into Win 10 but it still says "0% available lugged in"
  118. 118. Pc stuck on press del or f2 to enter bios
  119. 119. In Windows 10 Pro how can I permanently set the "Power and Sleep" Screen setting to NEVER...
  120. 120. My Msi Laptop Auto Power Off in 30 Minutes
  121. 121. My PC does not boot after "Restart" is pressed. Requires to be manually shutdown.
  122. 122. My window photo viewer use to not work sometimes, when it goes through several sleep mode
  123. 123. kernel power error 4163 BSOD when under gpu load 70368744177664,2
  124. 124. PC needs to be started twice every time.
  125. 125. Pc not working
  126. 126. My pc won’t load back in and then whenever I turn it on it takes me to the aromatic repair...
  127. 127. my gateway laptop is continuously restarting unless i hold on f1/sleep button
  128. 128. my gateway is continuously restarting unless i hold on f1/sleep button
  129. 129. Are the description of Critical battery level and Reverse battery level written opposite in...
  130. 130. Screen flashes white in the boot screen of my TUF GAMING B650-Plus
  131. 131. my windows 10 is stuck on automatic repair and i cant resatrt
  132. 132. Computer does not post after idle.
  133. 133. LAPTOP won't turn kn
  134. 134. Laptop wont turn on
  135. 135. Won't turn on
  136. 136. Monitor won't turn on saying power saving mode then turns to a black screen
  137. 137. what to do i have blue screen when i play
  138. 138. Why does my Thinkpad Gen 1 go to 0% randomly and lock
  139. 139. new win10 pro install. when RDP session closed not disconnected, just X'd out it's...
  140. 140. Windows10: how to check where power is coming from
  141. 141. Blue error screen and then black screen, does anyone know how to solve the problem?
  142. 142. Hyperviseur Server Crashed
  143. 143. Hp laptop running windows 10 22H2 hangs on restarting when connected to monitor by HDMI cable
  144. 144. Closed laptop lid whilst apps continue to run
  145. 145. I cannot Hibernate my PC since my Windows 10 received updates
  147. 147. I have i3 7th Gen laptop bouilt windows 10.So as it was going to expire ,so I downloaded...
  148. 148. Computer won’t turn on but power source has been checked
  149. 149. How to stop Windows 10 from choosing when to close?
  150. 150. Lacie hard drive getting very warm after changing sleep settings
  151. 151. Computer not turning on URGENT
  152. 152. My hotspot and PCs' sleep system, lock system are fighting each other.
  153. 153. Laptop issue: External second monitor remains as a black screen after waking up laptop
  154. 154. Computer Not Going To Sleep and corrupt date on startmenuexperiencehost.exe
  155. 155. My laptop turns off instead of going to sleep when the battery dies
  156. 156. screen comes back on after turning it off
  157. 157. My pc wont show signal after putting to sleep mode
  158. 158. Computer turning off instead of going to sleep
  159. 159. Windows Boot Issue. Blue screen with loop
  160. 160. Win10 - screen saver and display timeout suddenly stopped working.
  161. 161. PC will not stay asleep/hibernated after upgrade
  162. 162. Running batch file has wrecked my pc.
  163. 163. Laptop doesn't start due to ultimate performance. How to fix that
  164. 164. Windows 10 Shutting Down Randomly
  165. 165. Stuck on boot at "Please press DEL or F2 to enter UEFI BIOS Setting" message.
  166. 166. My computer automatically goes to sleep every day at exactly 2:45pm EST. It won't allow me...
  167. 167. bios keeps switching my boot drive
  168. 168. PC won't powerdown after shutting down in Windows 10 but it's fine in Windows 11
  169. 169. Why can't I see anything until I have pressed the restart button?
  170. 170. Sign-in screen not appearing when restarting computer, only when coming out of sleep mode
  171. 171. Mouse and keyboard don't work on wake-up
  172. 172. My PC goes to sleep when I am working on it. why?
  173. 173. Windows suddenly restarts
  174. 174. Why my laptop won't turn on without charger?
  176. 176. So my pc would go to save mode after reaching the window logo screen and i am tired of it
  177. 177. After starting the laptop it show temporary battery disabled and somtimes the below photo...
  178. 178. Win 10 screen black after startup
  179. 179. my pc won't go in sleep mode and do not deactivate the monitor
  180. 180. Why my computer frequently shuts down and fail to restart. It restart once I plugged the...
  181. 181. Whenever I open the search bar at the bottom it will start selecting all of the little word...
  182. 182. Sleep mode
  183. 183. PC Shut off while installing a Windows 11 update
  184. 184. WIndows 10 has bizarre behavior with apps that refuse to be closed.
  185. 185. Brightness extremely lowers down when charging plugged out
  186. 186. Windows does not refresh automatically and does not shutdown
  187. 187. Boot device not found please install an operating system on your hard disk
  188. 188. My other laptop has been locked for "security reasons" I don't want to call the number. I...
  189. 189. There are currently no power options available & Task Manager disabled by administrator
  190. 190. My pc stuck on "Scanning and repairing drive C:: 100% complete"
  191. 191. Windows 10 and sleep mode problem
  192. 192. I've been stuck in aptio setup utility 2021 version with no options of boot or security
  193. 193. Notebook Won't Boot Windows on Battery & Corrupts Windows. Boots okay on AC, and runs fine...
  194. 194. Windows 10 freezes on boot screen. This only happens from a cold boot and only after...
  195. 195. Windows 10 "turn display off" repositions my app windows to main laptop screen
  196. 196. my all in one hp computer will only boot if I do a hard restart.
  197. 197. sleep mode not showing up
  198. 198. [SOLVED] - Black screen after setting boot mode to safe mode
  199. 199. Black screen after setting boot mode to safe mode
  200. 200. Stopcode: 0xc000021a
  201. 201. Question about Windows 10 Sleep
  202. 202. Media Streaming - effect on sleep mode - can I restore the old behaviour?
  203. 203. Windows 10 will not sleep
  204. 204. My unit tower ceased working a few days after saying that it was going to enter the...
  205. 205. PC doesn't fully shut down
  206. 206. HP elitedesk 800 g3 35w win10x64 sleep mode problems
  207. 207. My computer keeps crashing usually when playing certain games.
  208. 208. Shutdown and restart are missing from the start menu and Ctrl+Alt+Del menu.
  209. 209. PC is turned on and it shutdown itself after 5 seconds
  210. 210. Can't get Windows 10 computer to sleep on its own
  211. 211. how do I completely disable the home screen images .
  212. 212. My Pc Fully Crashing when playing certain games
  213. 213. My Pc Crashing when playing games
  214. 214. HP Laptop Upgraded Win8.1 to Win10-22H2 won’t wake from sleep
  215. 215. Why does my computer keep turning off as soon as I press the power button
  216. 216. windows wake up to two screen
  217. 217. PC shuts down completely when i load certain games
  218. 218. why not working charger laptop while switch on ?
  219. 219. My pc goes straight to sleep mode after booting
  220. 220. Laptop wont turn on
  221. 221. Windows startup sound doesnt play correctly
  222. 222. Problem introducing second monitor
  223. 223. Laptop "user sign out" when closing the LID HOW TO
  224. 224. My computer does not boot correctly.
  225. 225. My Acer laptop battery drains while in standby screen closed.
  226. 226. laptop not charging
  227. 227. Power Plan issue
  228. 228. Windows 10 screen power cord goes black for ~1s when um/plugging power cord
  229. 229. My Laptop Turns ON by itself after SHUT DOWN
  230. 230. SOLVED My computer stopped working and began a restart loop. When it turns on, a black and...
  231. 231. Anyone else had this before?
  232. 232. Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power it keep crashing
  233. 233. My computer stopped working and began a restart loop. When it turns on, a black and...
  234. 234. PC keeps making a buzzing noise and shutting off
  235. 235. Why isn't my computer fully shutting down?
  236. 236. How do I disable "Swipe to shut down" option?
  237. 237. Whenever I turn my computer off, It turns back on shortly after with the reason being my...
  238. 238. PC only boots after second attempt
  239. 239. My computer died while I was at school
  240. 240. Kernel PowerError, restart in sleep
  241. 241. Screen goes black on new HP laptop
  242. 242. Windows 10 asking what I want to do when i try to shut down
  243. 243. Windows 10 22H2 Power Options "Hibernate after" bug
  244. 244. Windows 10 will not start, without going through the BIOS first.
  245. 245. Windows 10 will not start, without going through the BIOS first.
  246. 246. Sleep stopped working
  247. 247. Computer doesn’t shutdown on command ’shut down’
  248. 248. Windows 10 Sleep fixes 2023
  249. 249. Incorrect Boilerplate Answers
  250. 250. Laptop dose not boot up after my D drive became corrupt