Windows 10: ****A****u****d****i****o**** ****i****s**** ****C****h****o****p****p****y****...

Discus and support ****A****u****d****i****o**** ****i****s**** ****C****h****o****p****p****y****... in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; ****Y****e****s****t****e****r****d****a****y**** ****I**** ****w****a****s**** ****j****u****s****t**** ****w****a****t****c****h****i****n****g****... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by KioroTheOreo, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. ****A****u****d****i****o**** ****i****s**** ****C****h****o****p****p****y****...

    ****Y****e****s****t****e****r****d****a****y**** ****I**** ****w****a****s**** ****j****u****s****t**** ****w****a****t****c****h****i****n****g**** ****v****i****d****e****o****s**** ****w****h****e****n**** ****s****u****d****d****e****n****l****y**** ****t****h****e**** ****a****u****d****i****o**** ****s****t****a****r****t****e****d**** ****g****e****t****t****i****n****g**** ****c****h****o****p****p****y**** ****a****n****d**** ****m****a****d****e**** ****c****l****i****c****k****i****n****g**** ****n****o****i****s****e****s****.**** ****I**** ****t****r****i****e****d**** ****r****e****i****n****s****t****a****l****l****i****n****g**** ****d****r****i****v****e****r****s**** ****s****e****v****e****r****a****l**** ****t****i****m****e****s****,**** ****a****n****d**** ****I****'****v****e**** ****t****r****i****e****d**** ****m****e****s****s****i****n****g**** ****a****r****o****u****n****d**** ****w****i****t****h**** ****a****u****d****i****o**** ****s****e****t****t****i****n****g****s**** ****t****o**** ****n****o**** ****a****v****a****i****l****.**** ****O****n****e**** ****t****i****m****e**** ****I**** ****r****e****s****t****a****r****t****e****d**** ****m****y**** ****c****o****m****p****u****t****e****r**** ****a****f****t****e****r**** **** **** ****u****n****i****n****s****t****a****l****l****i****n****g**** ****t****h****e**** ****R****e****a****l****t****e****k**** ****a****u****d****i****o**** ****d****e****v****i****c****e**** ****w****i****t****h****i****n**** ****D****e****v****i****c****e**** ****M****a****n****a****g****e****r****,**** ****a****n****d**** ****t****h****e****r****e**** ****w****e****r****e**** ****n****o**** ****p****o****p****p****i****n****g**** ****a****n****d**** ****c****l****i****c****k****i****n****g**** ****i****s****s****u****e****s****,**** ****b****u****t**** ****o****n****c****e**** ****I**** ****r****e****s****t****a****r****t****e****d**** ****m****y**** ****c****o****m****p****u****t****e****r**** ****a****g****a****i****n****,**** ****i****t**** ****j****u****s****t**** ****s****t****a****r****t****e****d**** ****c****l****i****c****k****i****n****g**** ****a****g****a****i****n****.**** ****P****l****e****a****s****e**** ****h****e****l****p****,**** ****I**** ****a****m**** ****v****e****r****y**** ****c****o****n****c****e****r****n****e****d**** ****a****s**** ****t****h****i****s**** ****i****s**** ****m****y**** ****l****a****s****t**** ****h****o****p****e**** ****a****s****i****d****e**** ****f****r****o****m**** ****r****e****i****n****s****t****a****l****l****i****n****g**** **** **** ****w****i****n****d****o****w****s**** ****a****s**** ****a**** ****w****h****o****l****e****,**** ****w****h****i****c****h**** ****w****o****u****l****d**** ****b****e**** ****a**** ****p****a****i****n****.****

    KioroTheOreo, Mar 17, 2020
  2. mama cha Win User

    R`einst````a````l`l````i`n```g`````````~W``````in `1``0` ```````a`n`````d ```i`nf``e`c```tio`n` `det```e``````c`t`i``o```


    My Dell laptop developed HDD issues a while back after I had upgraded it from Win 8.1 to win10. I had to buy a new Hdd n reinstall the Win10 but my software person didn't reinstall my laptop's win10 from MS server but got me a Win10 pro from a network that
    i'm not a part of. I was unaware of all these things until the OS started asking to be activated. But my laptop had a genuine windows os before I had to change the hdd. I learnt I could still reinstall my original windows10 by downloading from the Ms server.
    I have downloaded the ISO from Microsoft website unto my system but I don't know what to do next. I'm wondering if ican just run that directly and if it would recognize my hardware as one which is re`g`i```````````tered on the server and reinstall my original
    win 10 and still retain my files/documents or if I should backup my files, create a bootable usb from the iso image and then do a clean install.

    Secondly, my system has bee`n` behaving fun`n`y for some 2 weeks no`````````````w. it wo`u``l``d ``j`ust` s````````t`art typing this strange ``````````````````````````th`ing on `its own.```````````````````````````. I thought it was a malware on it n ran
    a scan n my system quaran```````t`in`e `````d` ``a ```````````````````````````````````t````r`o``````````j```a```n``` ````t`h`a`t ``I have `````````````````a`t`ta`c```h`e``d the pic last we`e`k. then ````````````a```` f`w``e`w`` ``d`ays ago``````i ````d`e``c``i````de```d
    to upda`t`e ````th``e` ````````u``n``a``c`````tiv`a`t``e`d`` windows si````n```c```e ``````I had`````nt ``````been able to```````c``r```e``a`t``e ``t`h`e ``````t``````ime `t``o` ```````````a`s`k` ``h``o```w `t`o`` `g`o`` ```a`b``ou``t `r`e`c``t``if``y``i``n```g`
    `t`he ``o`s` ```````````issue here n tre``ating` `I`t. But the ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````system went off while it was updating`````g` ``````a`nd `````si``nce `t`hen the situation has been worse``. ```````````````````````````my lapt`op
    wou`l```d fr`eezw on its own, make strange jamming or bell ringing noise and the weird typing will start. it would not respond to any command I give it except en`ga``g`e th`e ```````````t``a`````b` `b````u``t`t`on`.```` ```````````````````````W```h``a``t``e```v`er`
    ``it I``s ````````````````````hij```a```````c`k```s ```m````y` `````c`u```r`s```o`r ``a`n`d` take's` ``````o````ve`r` ``m``y ````````l`a``p````````to`````````````````````p``

    ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````P`l`e``a`s`e` ```````h``e```l`p````.```` `I` ``w`as ``d`r`e`a`d```````in````g`the ``I`n````c`o`nv```e``n````i```e```NC```e of th`e``` `````p```ro````c```e`s`s` ````o```f````g````````r```e``tt`ing
    m````o`````r`i`g```i`n`a`l` ``Os ``````be`f``o``r`e``` `b`u```t` ``th``is `` th````I``n`g t`hat` `hi`j``ack`s ```m```u``y`` ``````````c```ur``s``o```r `and freezes```` ``m`y `l``a``p`````````to`p ```I``s `wo`r``se```.``````````````````````i`` ``ha`v`e ``f`ina``ll```y`
    m`a`````n```a`````g`ed`` ``t`o` `````````````````u``pd``a`t``e ```````m`y` ```l``ap```t``op` ````I`t``h```in`l`````king ```it` ```````/```'``ll ``````d`ea``l` `w`ith` the` `ma`l``w`a``re if `tha`t wa`s` the ````````````````````ca`s`e b```u``t ``````I`th`````````````e
    `si``t`ua`````t``ion ``o`n``ly worsened ```si`nc``e t`h`e`n```````!````````

    I will` ```t`oa`t`````````lly ``a```pp``r`e``c`iate ````````````````````````````````````````e`v`ery a`ssi`st`a`n``ce` `t`o gr````e`t` ``````co`n`t``r``o``l`` `o`f` ``m``y` ```la``p`top``` ``b`a``c``k`` ````````.```````

    ****A****u****d****i****o**** ****i****s**** ****C****h****o****p****p****y****... 0f0d94e5-5150-402c-aab6-a069a6f9eec7?upload=true.png

    `````T`h`a`````````n`k`````` y```````````````````ou````````````
    mama cha, Mar 17, 2020
  3. AndreTen Win User
    Why are these P and U file attributes suddenly appearing?

    Looks like some new attributs are showing up.

    Pinned and unpinned - some explanations are saying that they prevent or allow files to be purged on low free space status.

    More *Arrow Superuser

    AndreTen, Mar 17, 2020
  4. ****A****u****d****i****o**** ****i****s**** ****C****h****o****p****p****y****...

    o and p keys are not working

    After the update of windows 10 to 1703 version ,o and p keys are not working on my keyboard.I rebooted my laptop but of no use.and i updated my os to 1709 version and still the problem exists on that version too.and all the latest drivers are installed
    on my laptop.please me a way to solve this problem .

    note: o and p letters in the text are typed using touch keyboard.
    umasai kumar, Mar 17, 2020

****A****u****d****i****o**** ****i****s**** ****C****h****o****p****p****y****...

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