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Discus and support About auto graphic change in Windows 10 Customization to solve the problem; When I customize NVDIA graphics colour setting it is automatically change when I am restarting PC .it is automatically goes to its previous position... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Customization' started by Shri_, Mar 5, 2021.

  1. Shri_ Win User

    About auto graphic change

    When I customize NVDIA graphics colour setting it is automatically change when I am restarting PC .it is automatically goes to its previous position

    And in personalize when i am doing transparent to start bar . It is automatically untransparent . When i am going to personalize setting there is check mark on transparene then also start bar is untransparent

    Shri_, Mar 5, 2021
  2. Johan45 Win User

    AMD FX OC'ers Club

    That's what the auto setting will do since you're over the 1333 mark it jumps to the next step which isn't listed or officially supported I assume by that ram.

    At this point though I would suggest dropping the multi one step or .5 so that we can get something stable and possibly take the heat issue out of the picture for now.
    Johan45, Mar 5, 2021
  3. Custom Driver : Intel HD Graphics & ATI Combo (Alpha) - by nIGHTmAYOR

    according to laptop support page they do list an old downloadable driver for intel for windows 7 , weather this is related to there being several variants of that laptop or this laptop has switchable graphics i may just suggest you reset the bios and see if things change , if yes you may be able to apply step 2 , if not then apply step 4 and call it today , you are still better off being on the high performance gpu .

    Out of curiosity can you take a snap shot from Settings > System > Display. Scroll down and click the “Graphics Settings” ?
    nIGHTmAYOR, Mar 5, 2021
  4. About auto graphic change

    Auto rotation


    Let us isolate your concern by answering the questions below:

    • What is the make and model of your device?
    • Have you checked on the action center if there is a Rotation lock option?
    In the meantime, we suggest that you check the Screen Resolution display to check if there is a setting to allow the screen to auto-rotate. Here are the steps:

    • Go to Control Panel.
    • Search for Display and then click Change display settings.
    • Mark the checkbox beside Allow the screen to auto-rotate option if possible.
    • Click Apply and then OK.
    We are looking forward to your response.
    Jamille Nar, Mar 5, 2021

About auto graphic change

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