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Discus and support About games on hp omen laptop windows 10 in Microsoft Windows 10 Store to solve the problem; Hi.My question would be: Only this games what are by I can play?For example Farcry or Assassins Creed they not gonna work?When... Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows 10 Store' started by Joze_803, Dec 14, 2018.

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    About games on hp omen laptop windows 10

    Hi.My question would be: Only this games what are by I can play?For example Farcry or Assassins Creed they not gonna work?When I bough this laptop I was thinking I can play more games and more nice ones,not only this in the list from xbox play anywhere.

    Joze_803, Dec 14, 2018
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    HP Unleashes the Omen X and Omen 17

    HP Inc. today launched a new family of gaming products designed specifically for those who demand the ultimate, immersive gaming experience. HP's new high-end gaming products -- the OMEN X Desktop, OMEN 17 Laptop, OMEN X Curved Display and OMEN with SteelSeries accessories -- are engineered to deliver aggressive performance and the flexibility to customize every detail to intensify the thrill of each competition.

    "The OMEN X Desktop was built for serious gamers who need fierce performance out-of-the-box in a fully customizable chassis -- something not typically available from traditional PC manufacturers," said Kevin Frost, HP vice president and general manager, Consumer Personal Systems. "HP's engineers combined a unique design that maximizes thermal management with support for industry standard components so that the true enthusiast can always be up to date with the latest hardware to maintain peak performance with a customized rig."

    About games on hp omen laptop windows 10 71a_thm.jpg

    About games on hp omen laptop windows 10 71b_thm.jpg

    The OMEN X offerings are an extension of HP's unified gaming portfolio announced in May to maximize gaming performance per dollar. The OMEN X brand focuses on overbuilt and over-engineered products meant to deliver bold innovation for gaming customers.

    Desktop Performance to Dominate Decisively
    The OMEN X features the latest graphics technology up to dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 and up to dual AMD Radeon R9 Fury X to elevate the performance of any game with stunning visuals. The 6th generation Intel Core i5/i7 processor with overclocking capability paired with a VR-ready GPU will enable flawless Virtual Reality (VR) and immersive 4K experiences for even the most demanding AAA games.

    HP engineered superior thermal management allowing customers to stay cool under pressure and get the highest possible performance and full potential of the hardware. This revolutionary thermal management includes a tri-chamber design to separate components and optimize thermals with dedicated cooling in each chamber. The OMEN X Desktop also includes support for up to three 120mm liquid cooling radiators with top mounted exhaust vents and a stand that lifts the case off the ground to help pull cool air in, allowing for maximum ventilation.

    Other top features include:
    • OMEN Control software provides complete design control, allowing for custom LED light modifications and brightness adjustments in real time
    • Chassis adheres to industry standards for seamless upgrades and modifications
    • Tool-less access to the internals and a hidden toolkit in the chassis accommodates upgrades
    The ability to build a PC from the ground up is crucial for true enthusiast gamers and one of the most significant differentiators of the OMEN X Desktop. Builders and modders can purchase an empty OMEN X chassis as a standalone option for a completely immersive do-it-yourself (DIY) PC experience. The standalone chassis provides the same thermal benefits of the tri-chamber design and industry standards, making a custom build as seamless as end-users expect.

    To help guarantee every high-end PC gamer's needs are met with the OMEN X Desktop, HP is collaborating with Maingear to build customized PCs for the ultra-enthusiast. Maingear delivers exceptional build quality, and together with HP, gamers can design the ultimate custom OMEN X build. The Maingear OMEN X Desktop will be available to customers in early 2017 and pricing will vary as a function of the customer's imagination and wallet.

    OMEN 17 Laptop Powered by New NVIDIA Graphics
    The latest 17.3 diagonal OMEN Laptop is designed from top-to-bottom with the performance gamer in mind. It's now one of the highest performing gaming laptops on the market with the inclusion of the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics, and one of the most portable measuring just 32.9 mm thin and weighing seven pounds.

    The 17 OMEN Laptop is engineered and designed for gamers and provides the immersive experience and versatility required for relentless competition. New features include:
    • The latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 and 1070 graphics technology deliver fast, smooth, and power-efficient gaming experiences
    • G-SYNC display technology optimizes gaming by synchronizing the display refresh rates to the GPU
    • Quad speakers with audio by Bang & Olufsen and HP Audio Boost for realistic sound quality
    • The addition of a mini Display Port adds support for dual 2K or 4K4 output and streaming
    • Up to 4K display resolution with 300 nits for another level for sharpness that enhances gaming and entertainment
    • VR-Ready support for gamers who want to be ready for the next frontier of gaming with VR
    • A 95W polymer battery to support the latest GPUs from NVIDIA for up to 7.55 hours of run time
    OMEN X by HP Curved Display - Be Immersed
    Display quality affects the overall gaming experience and to round out the OMEN ecosystem, HP is introducing the OMEN X Curved Display, which adds a new level of realism and immersion for end-users. The curved display is the first from HP to offer NVIDIA G-Sync Technology, integrating the latest technologies and more choices for customers seeking wide viewing angles and a smooth gaming experience.

    OMEN by HP with SteelSeries - Victory is at Hand
    To complement and enhance users' experience with the new OMEN line-up, HP is collaborating with SteelSeries to introduce a line of accessories designed to heighten gameplay and provide the utmost competitive advantage.
    • OMEN Headset with SteelSeries features lightweight suspension construction to evenly spread the weight over the entire band, allowing gamers to play longer, more comfortably.
    • OMEN Keyboard with SteelSeries enables personalization with over 16.8 million colors to create unique color schemes and allow for color changes in response to gameplay action.
    • OMEN Mouse with SteelSeries includes features for unmatched performance including customization like RGB illumination, 6 fully programmable buttons for quicker action, and zero hardware acceleration for 1:1 tracking and precise movements.
    • OMEN Mouse Pad with SteelSeries provides a high quality; non-slip rubber base and the precision professionals rely on with a durable smooth, surface.
    The OMEN platform software is pre-installed on OMEN PCs and is offered for both the OMEN keyboard and OMEN mouse letting gamers easily take advantage of its many features by offering cross platform support, and features a cloud syncing system to make sure customers always have their favorite settings.

    Pricing and Availability
    • The OMEN X Desktop is planned to be available at select US retailers on October 16 with a configuration starting at $2,099.99. The OMEN X is planned to be available on on August 17 starting at $1,799 and the empty OMEN X chassis with a starting price at $599.99
    • The OMEN 17 Laptop is planned to be available on starting at $1,599.99
    • The OMEN X by HP Curved Display is planned to be available on and with select retailers starting in early 2017
    • The OMEN by HP with SteelSeries Accessories are planned to be available in mid-September 2016 at and in retail starting at $79.99 for the OMEN Headset, $99.99 for the OMEN Keyboard, $59.99 for the OMEN Mouse and $19.99 for the OMEN Mouse Pad
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    HP Launches New OMEN 15 Laptop and Gaming Accessories

    Today at the HP Gaming Festival in Beijing, OMEN unveiled a bold new lineup of gaming innovations, including a much smaller, more powerful OMEN 15 laptop, expanded functionality of OMEN Command Center software with OMEN Game Stream, and a range of professional-grade gaming accessories that includes the world's first gaming headset with active earcup cooling technology.

    Gaming is one of the world's fastest growing PC categories and has become a billion-dollar business for HP. Since launching in 2016, OMEN has grown to become a powerful gaming brand known for delivering beastly performance, smart software, stunning displays and an expanding lineup of must-have accessories ready for play at the highest levels in esports.

    About games on hp omen laptop windows 10 LKMOhED81vplwu41_thm.jpg

    About games on hp omen laptop windows 10 n9pV0HFiEor67k3l_thm.jpg

    About games on hp omen laptop windows 10 wgG8RHoZne1oOnU0_thm.jpg

    About games on hp omen laptop windows 10 8qfKCl27WK1aayLw_thm.jpg

    About games on hp omen laptop windows 10 8BZhfRVzuRlyMxPG_thm.jpg

    "Our unparalleled design and engineering prowess is delivering the truly differentiated hardware, software and gear, gamers need to perform at their best," said Kevin Frost, vice president and general manager, Consumer Personal Systems, HP Inc. "Whether it's our most powerful OMEN 15 laptop, our new pro-level Sequencer keyboard and Reactor mouse, or our breakthrough Mindframe headset with the world's first active earcup cooling technology, OMEN is constantly setting new standards for technology that gives gamers an edge."

    OMEN 15 Laptop: Faster, Smaller and More Powerful than Ever
    The latest iteration of the OMEN 15 Laptop is an even sleeker powerhouse that gives gamers enhanced portability, while improving the hardware and features they crave. Engineered for gaming performance, designed for immersion, and crafted for expansion, this laptop hits all the marks gamers are looking for in a device, delivering top-notch experiences on-the-go or at home.

    Top features include:
    • Power That Goes the Distance: Experience astonishing graphics with the VR ready NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 with MAX-Q Design. 8th Generation Intel Core i5+ and i7+ processors with up to six cores and up to 32GB DDR4-2666 RAM will power the latest titles and manage multi-tasking and memory intensive programs with ease. The laptop includes a flexible variety of storage options, including SSD, HDD, SSD + HDD, or even HDD + Intel Optane memory for storage acceleration.
    • Cool Things Down: Thoughtfully engineered for the heat gaming generates, with larger fans, a 3-phase motor, and fluid dynamic bearings to create less friction and more consistent fan speed control in all configurations. Vents on the back and bottom of the laptop pull in cool air while two large fans push out heat at the rear corners. Select configurations include expanded vent areas on the bottom to increase airflow.
    • Lose Yourself in the Game: Stunning visuals come fast on the 15.6-inch diagonal display, with options including 144hz 1080p, 60Hz 4k, or 60Hz 1080p and NVIDIA G-SYNC technology on select configurations. Vibrant sound blasts through stereo speakers powered with audio by Bang & Olufsen along and a discrete audio amplifier. For those opting to wear headsets, enjoy DTS Headphone:X 11 for simulated surround sound to pinpoint where every footstep or ambient sound is coming from.
    • Expansion and Flexibility: Do-it-yourself additions are made easy through Phillips-head screws on the base of the laptop along with single panel access for storage and memory. The laptop comes with a wide variety of ports now located at the back to allow for more freedom of movement, especially for those who use a wired mouse.
    OMEN Game Stream: OMEN Power Now Streaming
    HP's continues to add new functionality to its OMEN Command Center software with each iteration. The latest build, which comes preinstalled on the new OMEN 15 Laptop, introduces the ability to harness your OMEN PC's power to stream2 gameplay content to other Windows 10 devices.

    OMEN by HP Mindframe Headset: Keep Cool in The Heat of Competition
    A known source of discomfort for gamers is the warmth of their headsets during periods of extended gameplay. Nearly half of PC gamers (46%) cite comfort12 as the most important feature when purchasing headsets. The new OMEN Mindframe solves this problem, delivering the world's first headset with active earcup cooling technology. This revolutionary headset, coming later this year, is packed with cutting edge audio and designed with total comfort in mind.

    Top features include:
    • Stay Frosty: Controlled with OMEN Command Center software, this patented active cooling solution is designed with a thermoelectric device inside the earcup that conducts heat from the acoustic chamber towards the outside, so gamers can keep cool and focused in tense situations.
    • A Luxurious Fit: Comfort remains top of mind with a self-adjusting lightweight suspension headband that creates even weight dissolution. Soft leatherette ear cushions offer pillow-like relaxation.
    • Tactical Immersion: Harness realistic positional audio and 3D spatial awareness with DTS Headphone:X 11 and 7.1 virtual surround sound to track every enemy footstep.
    • Command, Conquer, Customize: Give out clear communication with a noise-cancelling unidirectional microphone that instantly mutes when flipping it up, unmutes when folded back down, and adjusts quickly with a volume knob on an earcup. Rock any color with RBG lighting and effects that can be edited and controlled through OMEN Command Center software.
    • Cross-Platform Support: When not gaming on a PC, take advantage of the USB 2.0 Type-A connector to jam with other USB-enabled mobile devices.
    OMEN by HP Sequencer Keyboard: Speed You Can Feel
    Maneuver at the speed of light and gain a competitive edge with optical-mechanical switches. Built with a durable brushed top, lightweight anodized aluminum frame, and USB port at the back-left corner for added convenience, the OMEN Sequencer delivers on next-level responsiveness, customization and durability.

    Top features include:
    • Lightning-Fast Response Times: Revel in industry leading optical-mechanical Blue switch technology that provide a 0.2ms response time, which is approximately 10x faster than traditional mechanical switches, giving gamers the best of both worlds through the tactile feel of a mechanical switch and the input recognition speed of an optical key.
    • Rapid Adjustments: A visually striking red metal volume roller bar and dedicated media keys allow for audio changes at a moment's notice.
    • Colors that Define: Find a color for any theme with individually backlit RBG LED keys capable of 16.8 million color options, all with unique effects and customizable within OMEN Command Center.
    OMEN by HP Reactor Mouse: Swift Precision Designed for Competition
    The OMEN Reactor was meticulously engineered to give gamers a competitive edge by adding a host of new features, including a robust industry-first aluminum metal USB cable that helps reduce kinking and commands attention.

    Top features include:
    • World-Class Input Recognition: Click lag is a thing of the past thanks to word class optical-mechanical switch technology with light beam detection enabling a 0.2ms click response time on left and right buttons, for speeds that are a whopping 3x faster than a traditional mechanical mouse switch.
    • Quick and Accurate: Outfitted with the most advanced esports-grade 16,000 DPI optical sensor, gamers gain a massive edge where reflexive speed and precision matter most.
    • Customizable Comfort: A carefully designed ergonomic shape perfected for esports incorporates rubber grips on both sides combined with an adjustable palm rest height balanced on a metal coil to generate a variety of palm rest positions for comfortable gameplay.
    • Keep it Colorful: Create a personal touch by way of customized lighting and effects for two programmable RGB LEDs through OMEN Command Center software.
    OMEN X by HP Transceptor Backpack: The Supreme Carry-on for Gamers
    This all-purpose bag was designed to make gaming on-the-go easy, comfortable and stylish, while ensuring everything remains snug and safe. The OMEN X by HP Transceptor Backpack is built for those who demand the best and want to bring their portable gaming life with them wherever, whenever.

    Top features include:
    • Armored for the Elements: Feel confident carrying a backpack that has been shielded for hazards with weather resistant material, hard shell bottom, RFID-blocking pocket, and a padded TSA compliant 17" compartment with a trolley handle pass-through that makes traversing through the airport a breeze.
    • Ready in a Snap: Avoid location memorization with helpful icon-labeled pockets that mark where key accessories can be ideally stored and enjoy the convenience of a Fidlock buckle along with a roll top design to adjust the volume of carried gear.
    • Bring it All: Once packed, everything can be carried comfortably with padded shoulder straps, air mesh lining, and an adjustable chest strap.
    OMEN by HP Mouse 400: Industry Standards on a Budget
    For gamers that need something to get the job done at an affordable price point, the OMEN by HP Mouse 400 with OMRON mechanical switches is complete with the basics to get right into the game, including optional 'sniper mode' where the forward button function lowers DPI to 400 while held down to increase precision while aiming.

    OMEN by HP Mouse Pad 200 and Hard Mouse Pad 200: Two Choices to Dominate
    No gaming setup is complete without a mouse pad that provides just the right amount of friction to consistently get the job done right. With OMEN by HP Mouse Pad 200s, a hard and soft option are offered to help gamers who are looking for quick gliding movement and those who might want a little more resistance to assist in accuracy.

    OMEN by HP Pricing and Availability
    • OMEN 15 Laptop is expected to be available on July 29, 2018 via and other retailers for a starting price of $979.99
    • OMEN by Mindframe Headset is expected to be available in second-half 2018 via and other retailers.
    • OMEN by HP Sequencer Keyboard is expected to be available in July via and other retailers for a starting price of $179.99.
    • OMEN by HP Reactor Mouse is expected to be available in July via and other retailers for a starting price of $79.99.
    • OMEN X by HP Transceptor Backpack is expected to be available in July via and other retailers for a starting price of $249.99
    • OMEN by HP Mouse 400 is expected to be available in July via and other retailers for a starting price of $39.99.
    • OMEN by HP Mouse Pad 200 is expected to be available in July via and other retailers for a starting price of $19.99.
    • OMEN by Hard Mouse Pad 200 is expected to be available in July via and other retailers for a starting price of $29.99.
    For more information about the OMEN by HP ecosystem of gaming PCs, displays and accessories, visit: HP Gaming PCs - HP OMEN Family | HP® Official Site
    Chino, Dec 14, 2018
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    About games on hp omen laptop windows 10

    HP announces new OMEN 15 Laptop with Windows 10

    Source: HP announces the most powerful OMEN 15 Laptop yet - Windows Experience Blog
    Brink, Dec 14, 2018

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