Windows 10: Accidentally uninstalled Bluetooth driver

Discus and support Accidentally uninstalled Bluetooth driver in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; Today my Bluetooth headphones suddenly stopped working. After I tried to troubleshoot myself, bluetooth is no longer appearing in the device manager.... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by Ninjar98, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. Ninjar98 Win User

    Accidentally uninstalled Bluetooth driver

    Today my Bluetooth headphones suddenly stopped working. After I tried to troubleshoot myself, bluetooth is no longer appearing in the device manager. Here is what happened.

    - My toggle button for Bluetooth in “Bluetooth and other devices” disappeared and all the devices said “Bluetooth is turned off”

    - I began troubleshooting myself, tried restarting my computer Dell Inspiron 3583, updating the drivers in device manager.

    - Went to Dell’s website and downloaded the driver, ran it, and restarted my pc.

    - While trying to fix the problem, I accidentally uninstalled my bluetooth driver Qualcomm QCA9377 in device manager right click, uninstall

    - Tried windows key+R> services.msc> bluetooth support service > restart; bluetooth support service> properties> automatic >OK

    - Tried going through Troubleshoot> bluetooth > Run the troubleshooter > Device does not have bluetooth> Check bluetooth capability detected

    - I reset my laptop Dell Inspiron 3583 and kept the files, as a last resort to try to fix the problem and I still have no bluetooth in Device Manager or bluetooth button. After resetting I went back and tried all the things I mentioned above again

    - I notice in device manager that under my USB tab, there is an “Unknown USB device Device Descriptor Request Failed. But I do not know if that is the same issue. I also went in and tried updating all my USB drivers including that one.

    I caught a screenshot of me uninstalling the bluetooth driver, right when I realized I was accidentally uninstalling it.

    Accidentally uninstalled Bluetooth driver cd677ac3-0454-46cd-9fb0-a5fe2f39d323?upload=true.png

    I would really appreciate your help!


    Ninjar98, Mar 26, 2020

  2. Accidentally uninstalled bluetooth

    In an effort to repair my Bluetooth connection after updating Windows 10, I accidentally uninstalled Bluetooth. Now everything says the computer is not Bluetooth capable. I have already downloaded the manufacturer (HP) driver and tried to install, but
    Bluetooth is uninstalled so the driver won't update. Is there a way to reinstall Bluetooth without having to reinstall Windows 10?
    BrianBailey4, Mar 26, 2020
  3. How do you uninstall chipset drivers?

    I'm installing a new mobo so I need to uninstall the intel 865g drivers to make way for the P35 drivers.

    Can't find any uninstall options in add/remove programs and intel chipset inst listed in driver cleaner.

    Any suggestions? *Confused Accidentally uninstalled Bluetooth driver :confused:
    oli_ramsay, Mar 26, 2020
  4. Accidentally uninstalled Bluetooth driver

    Accidentally uninstalled bluetooth

    Brian, there is still a bluetooth device on your computer, it just might lack a driver, that's all.

    I just gave you a list of things to try. Have you started yet? If those don't work then I'll continue to help you until it's working again. But you have to actually perform the steps I give.
    Greg Carmack - Windows MVP, Mar 26, 2020

Accidentally uninstalled Bluetooth driver

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