Windows 10: Action center icon and windows icon in corners of taskbar don't work

Discus and support Action center icon and windows icon in corners of taskbar don't work in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; I'm having a big problem. I screwed something up with my taskbar and I can't undo it. I logged on as usual. An annoying message popped up at the... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Tom Seeley, Jun 23, 2016.

  1. Action center icon and windows icon in corners of taskbar don't work

    I'm having a big problem. I screwed something up with my taskbar and I can't undo it.

    I logged on as usual. An annoying message popped up at the lower right corner of the desktop, above, not in, the taskbar, alerting me to something I should download and install that I have no intention of downloading and installing. In the past, each time I've logged on and this message has appeared, I have simply clicked on "cancel" or just clicked the X at its upper right corner. But this time, I must have taken leave of my senses! Instead of just right clicking the X in its right corner, I clicked something else on it and a message window popped up. That message window advised me to either "download" the irrelevant auxiliary toolbar I have no need of and will not download and install, or click "cancel". But it also offered me the chance to click a checkbox next to "do not show this message again on taskbar". At least that's what I recall it said. So I clicked on that, in an attempt to keep it from popping up every time I logged on (removing the annoying message from the action center each time it popped up upon logon never had the effect of preventing it from popping up again the next time I logged on, which is why I tried this "do not show ..." choice this time).

    But once I did that, I found I am no longer able to make two things work on my desktop taskbar with the customary left clicks.

    It no longer does anything when I left click on the icon to open the action center. If I right click, a menu pops up that includes "open action center", but clicking on that has no effect at all. So right now, the action center is unavailable completely. That by itself is no big deal. I never bothered with it before, so I don't miss it now.

    The other problem is a bigger mess. When I left click on the little four-box windows icon at the lower left end of my taskbar, nothing happens at all! So the usual menus, including the choices to log out, sign off, shut down, or switch user from me to my wife and vice versa, are no longer available to us at all! The only way we can shut down or log off (sign off), etc., is if I right click on that icon. Then, a long drop down menu of choices for all sorts of stuff appears, including a segment saying "shut down or sign out", which we can use to do what we used to do after left clicking on the windows icon.

    Can anyone suggest how I might recover from this screwup? I did check the possibility of restoring to a previous restore point, but it appears I have not already configured Windows 10 to create any restore points automatically, so I may not have one I could restore to!

    I do have incremental hard drive backups, so if I lose some files (Excel, etc.,) by fixing this, that by itself won't be a big issue. But it certainly is a big issue to have screwed up the customary way of logging out or switching from my account to my wife's by not being able to left click the windows icon at the left edge of the taskbar!


    Any and all help gratefully appreciated!

    Tom Seeley, Jun 23, 2016

  2. Did one on get use desk mode to use from the tablet code.

    Press Windows key + A

    Click Tablet mode at the bottom to toggle it off

    Or tap the Action center icon in the bottom right corner of the taskbar


    Andre Da Costa, Jun 23, 2016
  3. Szyyy Win User
    Win 10 wifi connected but wrong notification icon displayed

    Same here. After update to 1511 I am connected to wifi but windows is displaying airplane icon.


    Looks like in action center both network and airplane icon is highlighted at the same time. When disabling both and highlight only wifi, then only wifi icon is displayed on taskbar. But after reboot, again both icon are highlighted in action center but only
    flight icon is displayed on taskbar (but wifi is working).
    Szyyy, Jun 23, 2016
  4. philc43 Win User

    Action center icon and windows icon in corners of taskbar don't work

    philc43, Jun 23, 2016
  5. dalchina New Member
    System restore? Do you have that enabled and do you have any useful restore points?

    You might be able to see what you installed via
    Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features
    or if it's a toolbar, rt click the taskbar, properties

    If you can get out of your difficulties that way, you then need to find what's causing your popup and deal with it of course.

    Otherwise, as we don't know what you downloaded, it could be malware, so unless you can find out, safest would be to restore an image. (Good you have those*Wink). Of course you could back up any more recent file you think are not on your image first.

    Other possible ways to log out etc:
    Windows key + X
    CTRL + ALT + DEL
    dalchina, Apr 4, 2018

Action center icon and windows icon in corners of taskbar don't work

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