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Discus and support activate backup files in Windows 10 Network and Sharing to solve the problem; need procedure to activate personal backup files. they are located on my desktop for easy access. I reinstalled win 10 thru win insider prog. now my... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Network and Sharing' started by mamiewickliffe, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. activate backup files

    need procedure to activate personal backup files. they are located on my desktop for easy access. I reinstalled win 10 thru win insider prog. now my personal files r sitting on d top as a short cut. tried to initiate/install but could not.i scanned them and there are no threats.

    mamiewickliffe, Sep 3, 2019
  2. Geekoid Win User

    Using network hard drive for backup

    It depends what sort of backup you want to do. If you're happy just backing up regular files, then there are a bazillion (really, that many!) different bits of freeware to do that. There is a good list here:

    Download Back Up Tools for Windows - MajorGeeks

    and pretty much all of them can do network backups. Some even have fancy options like encryption. Really, the most useful thing is just being able to schedule them and know they ran OK.

    You may also want to make a system image backup too, and you'll find that software in the very same list.

    I don't have Windows 8 as yet, so I'm afraid I can't suggest any for that platform. Personally, I use Clonezilla for image backups.
    Geekoid, Sep 3, 2019
  3. Backup using file history

    Thanks Robeline

    I was going by other advice and articles that suggest that backing up under Update and security/backup is now the way to go. I will try your suggestion.

    DougWalsh1, Sep 3, 2019
  4. Bokenzhe Win User

    activate backup files

    Backup Issue - Microsoft 10 - Cannot perform initial backup


    • activate backup files [​IMG]

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    5 views Backup Issue - Microsoft 10 - Cannot perform initial backup

    My backup stubbornly refuses to run. I can't run the initial backup, therefore the file history backups don't run either. This has been an ongoing problem for quite some time. Suggestions I've received have not worked so far. Following is the problem
    and the failed resolution attempts:

    • I get this message from the Event Log:

    Unable to scan user libraries for changes and perform backup of modified files for configuration C:\Users\Papa\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\FileHistory\Configuration\Config

    Event ID - 201

    Level: Error

    User - System

    *** ---- There is no config file at this directory location. The contents of the location are:





    • In another thread from July, someone suggested checking a particular service (I forget the name just now) is running. It is.

    • Two days ago a Microsoft employee suggested the following steps. These steps resulted in no change, still no backup:


    Karthicka_R replied on


    Thank you for contacting Microsoft community.

    I suggest you to follow the below steps to start and stop the services “Windows backup” and “volume shadow copy” and check if it helps.

    • Press “Windows+R” and in the run command box type “services. MSc”.
    • Search for the service “Windows Backup” double click on it and check whether the service is started or not, click on “OK” button. I suggest you to stop and start the service again.
    • Once done again search for the service “Volume shadow copy” double click on it and check whether the service is started or not. I suggest you to stop and start the service again, click on “OK” button and
      check whether you can perform backup successfully.
    Hope this information was helpful and do let us know if you need further assistance. We will be glad to assist.

    • I performed these steps multiple times. The backup still crashes, with the same error message. In addition I collected the following error message, but only one time:

    Unable to start a backup cycle for configuration C:\Users\Papa\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\FileHistory\Configuration\Config

    Event ID: 200

    • Can anyone help me with this stubborn problem?

    Thank you in advance.
    Bokenzhe, Sep 3, 2019

activate backup files

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