Windows 10: After 14393.10 upgrade can't print from IE11

Discus and support After 14393.10 upgrade can't print from IE11 in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; Before the upgrade I could print web pages but now the print preview results in a blank page. I've tried turning off protected mode but that doesn't... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by SoFine409, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. SoFine409 Win User

    After 14393.10 upgrade can't print from IE11

    Before the upgrade I could print web pages but now the print preview results in a blank page. I've tried turning off protected mode but that doesn't work. Any ideas?

    SoFine409, Aug 3, 2016

  2. IE 11 still not working satis and now unable to print screen

    I use IE11 because of extra security in using IBM rapport for financial transactions.

    I know that Microsoft would prefer for us all to use Edge which at present doesn't work with the IBM security package.

    Edge works well but still IE11 used to and now does not ???????

    There has been a continuous set of ongoing and niggling problems in that IE11 aspects of functionality keep being stopped or prevented from functioning as W10 releases are made, some bits begin to work and others begin to not work.

    Current experience after recent updates is;

    IE11 Named Files in my favorites ie. Travel rail disappeared in IE11 last month and have not reappeared with recent update and so I have to sign in new to each web site and resave into the folder I want to nominate. They all still exist in Edge but I havn't
    found a way to copy and paste them back into IE11.

    IE11 I wanted transactions for last tax year from my bank, Can't print screen and can't get website print command to provide the prints I require. Did the same in Edge which worked perfectly. QED problem is in IE11 and interaction with W10

    These niggles are time consuming and very irritating please Mr Microsoft better attention to users functionality required.

    Other wise despite all sorts of issues during the upgrades I am please with W10 which I now have on an older PC, a Lab top tablet and one of my 2 phones.
    RichardKnight, Aug 3, 2016
  3. Coupon printer service not working in Windows 10

    I have no idea what IE11 is. It's installed, it just won't print. Everything I do since the upgrade requires admin approval. Even then, I still can't print. Am I able to uninstall Windows 10 and go back to 7? This is awful.
    ShirleyEst, Aug 3, 2016
  4. lazzaro Win User

    After 14393.10 upgrade can't print from IE11


    Just resolved this problem by updating my graphics card driver. Nvidia release new drivers with past week for the anniversary edition.
    lazzaro, Aug 20, 2016
  5. SoFine409 Win User
    Hi lazzaro and thanks for the tip. I'll update mine as soon as I return from vacation on 8/30.

    Update 2016-09-09: Hi lazzaro. Thanks very much for the help. I finally returned from vacation and updated my driver as you suggested. It solve my problem.
    SoFine409, Aug 21, 2016
  6. DBO
    dbo Win User

    I have a simular problem with IE 11 on a W10 x 64 desktop. Everything has been working fine until august 24, 2016 when Microsoft released a major update for W10 containing some 80+ updates. After that some strange things happened. Windows Live Mail had to be repaired by an existing fix and some third party programs showed troubles as well. Everything has been resolved, besides of the printing and printing preview feature of IE 11. When activated the pre-view screen remains blanc and nothing will be printed.
    I tried nearly all advices that are available on the internet including re-registring several *.dll files, changing the settings of IE11 and the printing authorisations but nothing helps.

    If I use Edge the printing feature works fine, bus as Edge does not want to cooperate with Norton Security features, I'm not wiling to use Edge until Microsoft enables the features for Norton.

    As mentioned in the earlier post, sometimes a graphic card or printer driver can be an issue. However my printerdivers are up to date and the graphic driver (although the legacy AMD Radeon 4200 driver is not fully compatible with W10 x64) worked fine until now. Unfortunately there are no new drivers for this graphic card released by AMD.

    I hope anybody knows of a solution for this problem that I have been overlooking so far.

    Kind greetings,
  7. SoFine409 Win User
    Hi dbo, The only think I can think of is to uninstall the video driver and reinstall it. It may have been replaced when the AV update installed.
    SoFine409, Sep 26, 2016
  8. DBO
    dbo Win User

    After 14393.10 upgrade can't print from IE11

    The solution is easier then one might think. I found it on a Dutch forum and remarkably enough Microsoft does not even mention it in their KB's. In order to print or show a print preview IE11 in W10 needs a printer assigned as standard. This is also the reason why the problem regularly shows up, after major sofware updates, that also change certain user defined settings. After assigning one of my printers as standard printer everything works fine again.

  9. SoFine409 Win User
    Hi David. Great info and glad you got it fixed. Just to be clear, when you say standard you mean that you need to set up a default printer, right?
    SoFine409, Sep 27, 2016
  10. DBO
    dbo Win User
    Yes that's correct. I used the Dutch (translated) word "standard printer" which actually means default printer. I saw some other posts regarding this problem and some posters calim, that it also might be helpfull if Windows XPS writer or PDF printer will be assigned as the default. Especially if the "real" printer, has compatibillity issues. It seems to be such, that after IE11 has generated a preview one can change the printer for printing the previeuw. Another trick would be to print the Internet pages as a *.PDF and print these with the "incompatibel" printer. As both my printers are up to date, I cannot test this.

  11. SoFine409 Win User
    good research and thanks for the tip
    SoFine409, Apr 5, 2018

After 14393.10 upgrade can't print from IE11

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