Windows 10: After Win 10 Update, Office 2016 install may be corrupt or damaged

Discus and support After Win 10 Update, Office 2016 install may be corrupt or damaged in Microsoft Office and 365 to solve the problem; I have had Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 (Standalone licensed copy) on my Dell D5579 for over two years. It shows as Activated under the... Discussion in 'Microsoft Office and 365' started by LaurieD227, Sep 30, 2020.

  1. After Win 10 Update, Office 2016 install may be corrupt or damaged

    I have had Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 (Standalone licensed copy) on my Dell D5579 for over two years. It shows as Activated under the account I used when I bought it.

    When I applied the latest Windows updates (now running Windows 10 version 2004, Build 19041.508), I noticed that I have a weird problem with Office 2016.
    --It doesn't show up AT ALL in the list of installed programs in 'Control Panel - Programs and Features' under either "Microsoft Office" or just "Office"
    --Each of the apps DOES show up in the Start Menu (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and so forth). The Account info page for each app shows my Standalone, activated package.
    --Every time I restart my machine and then launch one of the Office apps, it offers me a free trial of Office 365.
    --For awhile, if I clicked on a "docx" or "pptx" file and selected "Open With, " the only option offered was "Open Any File." However, if I opened the app first (for example Word), then I could open the appropriate file type file (a file type "docx") with no problem. (Fortunately that has now cleared up, but for awhile it seemed like the OS didn't know I had the apps installed or something.)

    To make things more odd, when I look under "Settings - Apps and Features" I find two entries:
    --"Microsoft Office Desktop Apps" (when I click on this and open "Advanced Options," I see 6 apps including 2 that aren't part of my Standalone H&B package - Access and Publisher - when I scroll down to "App add-ons and downloadable content)
    --"Office" (when I click on this and open "Advanced Options," there is nothing under the App add-ons section, and there's no detail saying what is/is not included.) Don't know if this entry represents "Office on the Web" or my Office 2016 install - or even something else.

    When I look at two other laptops that both have Office 2019 standalone packages loaded, the Office 2019 package shows up as a separate line item in their "Control Panel - Programs and Features" pages, which is how I think Office 2016 should show up on this laptop - but, as I said, it doesn't.

    I want to fix this and I'm not sure how best to do so.
    --I think Dell may have included an Office 365 trial, so maybe that software is still installed and somehow causing problems.
    --I can try some sort of "repair install" to reinstall my Office 2016 (can't use Control Panel for an uninstall since it doesn't show up in that list of programs)
    --I can try to uninstall both of the items using Settings - Apps and Features, and then reinstall my Office 2016 since it shows in my Microsoft account as being an item I purchased - but if one of those is Office on the Web then that probably won't help. Or I can uninstall whichever one of these I need to and then do a clean reinstall of my standalone package.
    --I can try something else if anyone has any suggestions

    I wasn't sure which screen shots would be of the most use, but will be happy to post whichever images would help with a solution. Thanks in advance!

    LaurieD227, Sep 30, 2020
  2. candreas Win User

    Office 2016 Professional will not complete installation

    No answers yet....
    candreas, Sep 30, 2020
  3. Chronia Win User
    Office 2016 Professional will not complete installation

    Searched the forums but did not come up with this problem being posted here yet. so apologies if I missed it am repeating this.

    I have a Windows 10 on my computer and recently acquired a copy of Office 2016 Professional through Hubby's work for a discount. However We have been trying for 3 days now to install it and it will not complete the installation. The most common problem being that it hangs at 90% and just sits there and won't progress any further even after being left over night.

    I have tried posting this problem on the Microsoft Community boards but they have been less than helpful in finding a solution. Of the things they have suggested, I tried them all but to no avail. The suggestions they gave that I have tried are as follows:

    "Follow these steps and download Office 2016 again:
    1. First, check the type of internet connection you are using (Wired or Wireless)?
    2. If you are using a wireless connection then you may try to hardwire the connection.
    Try downloading Office 2016 now and check if you are able to install Office 2016 normally.
    In case the above step still does not work then follow these steps.

    1. Stop the Print Spooler service from Services.msc.
    2. Disable the Anti-Virus/Security Software for a while, until you complete installing Office 2016.
    Check if you are able to install Office 2016 now."

    Nope didn't work, and my computer ishardwired. Next advice they gave was as follows and also didn't work:

    "In Task Manager make sure there are no Office 2016 or Office tasks running. Then restart the computer and try installing Office 2016 again, making sure that there are no Office tasks are running in Task Manager prior to running the Office 2016 installation.

    Check the above and let us know if it helps."

    Nope, still notta.

    While it is hanging at 90% I have checked my task manager and all the columns (CPU, Memory, Disk, Network) were all sitting at 0.

    Funny thing is Hubby was able to acquire a second copy via coworker and it installed completely fine without issue on our windows 7 laptop.

    We do not have any other copies of Office or any office related program on this computer, nor has there ever been. We have uninstalled, rebooted and tried reinstalling several times all with the same result of getting stuck at 90% then going nowhere. We even tried the 32 bit version in hope that it would work because the 64 bit version wouldn't install, but 32 or 64, it's the same problem.

    There was ONE time, and one time only, though, I couldn't tell you what, if anything, we did differently, that it got past 90% and came up with an error message saying some items couldn't be installed because of some reason (I failed to take note of it at the time and it hasn't recurred since) and gave me the option to retry installing those items (it didn't list what they were) or ignore. So I clicked retry, and after a several minutes of it trying again the same message popped up. I believe I tried retry three more times before finally clicking ignore and being told that if I ignored it that I may have to go into program and setting later to repair office because some feature may not work right.

    At that point Office SEEMED to work...until I rebooted the computer. At that point I got a pop-up message (which I again failed to take note of) with an error saying I need to run the installer again because it didn't install or finish installing or something of that nature. So I ran the installer again. this time it hung at 1% and didn't move even after hours of letting it run.

    So again I uninstalled everything rebooted and started fresh and am now back at the hanging at 90% thing. It's very frustrating. A brand new expensive product that is meant for windows 10 but can't be installed on it? I'm very perplexed.

    Any thoughts on this or what I can try or do?
    Chronia, Sep 30, 2020
  4. Scott Win User

    After Win 10 Update, Office 2016 install may be corrupt or damaged

    Unable to install Microsoft office 2016 professional plus

    I have a similar problem where a Office Professional Plus 2016 32-bit version has failed to install and is still unresolved. Here are my steps and the additional links from Microsoft which may work for you (but which have still not resolved my own problem)

    Office 2016 Installation problem

    Installing on a Windows 10 Desktop 8gm Rm running Office 2010 32-bit.

    Microsoft advised us to first uninstall our old Office 2010 before installing the new Office 2016 program. Our Office 2010 had run well for 6 years, but that is when the installation problem began.

    When trying to install the OFFICE 2016 32-bit package, it quickly stops with the following error:

    When clearing that error, it always shows second error:

    We researched blogs and found this problem to be very common whenever an older Office version was uninstalled prior to installing Office 2016, and we followed all the following suggestions (with full reboots each time).

    1. RAN SFC on drive C: and found no errors.
    2. Ran RUN %ProgramData% and renamed to Office.Help.Old
    3. Ran the MS Program Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter.
    4. Ran a Clean Boot.
    5. Ran Control Panel - in startup found Windows Installer was on and set for Manual.
    6. Went back to VLSC site 6 more times and downloaded a fresh Office 2016 (32-bit version) in case any files were corrupt, but I still got the same install messages.

    Below are links to Microsoft that have worked for some, but not all, users. I believe Using Windows 10 UNIVSTALL (before) running the Office 2016 ISO file either removes an important registry entry, or inserts one that causes the new install to fail. Hopefully one of these will help you.

    Microsoft Links

    Scott, Sep 30, 2020

After Win 10 Update, Office 2016 install may be corrupt or damaged

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