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Discus and support Ajutor transfer Transfer help in Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade to solve the problem; Buna ziua Rog,pe cine are intelegere,sa-mi ofere indicatii: acest laptop,de pe care postez,<a imbatranit tare> si dores sa cumpar altul.Acesta l-am... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade' started by mihailteodoru, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. Ajutor transfer Transfer help

    Buna ziua

    Rog,pe cine are intelegere,sa-mi ofere indicatii: acest laptop,de pe care postez,<a imbatranit tare> si dores sa cumpar altul.Acesta l-am cumparat cu sistmul de operare W_8,preinstalat,ulterior transformat,de furnizor in W-10.Nu posed cheia formata din 25 caractere,fara de care nu pot instala sistemul de operare pe cel ce il voi cumparafara sistem preinstalat.Rog,exista vreo posibilitate de a cumpara unul fara sistem preinstalat si sa-mi fie instalat Windows 10?.Daca cineva doreste sa-mi ofere indicatii,rog mai pe intelesul unuia care nu a crescut cu calculatorul.Multumesc pentru intelegere.​

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    * Google translation:

    Please, whoever you understand, give me directions: this laptop, from which I am posting, is <very old> and I want to buy another one. I bought this one with the operating system
    W_8, pre-installed, later transformed, by the supplier in W-10. buy one without a pre-installed system and have Windows 10 installed ?. If anyone wants to give me directions, please understand one that did not grow with the computer. Thanks for understanding.​

    mihailteodoru, Jun 30, 2020
  2. LonGun Win User

    Need Help Files Transfer

    I have a computer running Windows XP Home Edition. That computer has two internal HDDs:

    The 1st HDD is C:\ that running Windows. And it has 20GB total of capacity.
    The 2nd HDD is D:\ that is empty. And it has 90GB total of capacity.

    The C:\ drive is almost run out of space (full). Is there a way I can transfer everything in the C:\ drive to the D:\ drive and begin to use the D:\ drive from there on as primary drive?
    Can the Windows Files Transfer feature in XP transfer everything I have in C:\ to D:\? If it cannot, then which way can I use to perform the above step?

    Thank you.
    LonGun, Jun 30, 2020
  3. GreenD Win User
    Transferring a cpu


    I have a intel core i7 2600k on a Asus p8 H67-M Pro (which was temporary)

    now I would like to transfer my CPU to my new motherboard ASUS Z77 Sabertooth.

    my questions:
    1) Is this possible, I know that it can be done but I just want to be 100%
    2) if it is possible, can you explain me how it can be done step by step, or send me somewhere where I can find out
    3) also I think I need to take off old thermal paste and add a new layer is this advised/true?

    any help would be appreciated
    GreenD, Jun 30, 2020
  4. Ajutor transfer Transfer help

    DaedalusHelios, Jun 30, 2020

Ajutor transfer Transfer help

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