Windows 10: all office apps startup only after re-start windows

Discus and support all office apps startup only after re-start windows in Microsoft Office and 365 to solve the problem; Happy to help. Glad to hear you got it fixed. Discussion in 'Microsoft Office and 365' started by slicendice, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. all office apps startup only after re-start windows

    Happy to help. Glad to hear you got it fixed.
    slicendice, Apr 5, 2018
  2. htronjp Win User

    Suddenly my windows 10 system fell in trouble on Dell workstation T5500.
    1. any of office app does not startup, no response or stop working message. but will start after re-start windows.
    2. Excel does not open the book assigned in XLSTART.
    3. Windows startup sound pays only after re-start windows, and does not make sound in ordinary windows start.
    4. Both windows10 and Office 2016 are updated.
    Help me how to solve the problems.

    htronjp, Apr 5, 2018
  3. Office is preventing computer from starting

    Are you still getting the blank screen even after uninstalling Office Apps? What did you do after uninstalling the Office Apps?

    We will be waiting for your response.

    Shirlen Agu, Apr 5, 2018
  4. all office apps startup only after re-start windows

    office 365 admin needed to stop skype from starting on windows 10

    I have a user claiming Skype for business automatically starts in windows 10 even after having done all the steps to disable it locally and says it appears that since we have a corporate subscription to Office 365, only I (office 365 admin) can make
    it stop. I cannot find any information supporting his claim. Is there anything I should know about regarding office 365 and controlling skype startup?
    Tim Boelter, Apr 5, 2018
  5. If your computer has an SSD, then this should solve your issue and you won't see any noticeable bootup speed changes:

    Disable Fast Startup (step by step):

    • Open Control Panel
    • Navigate to Hardware and Sound --> Power Options
    • Then click on "Choose what the power buttons do"
    • Press "Change settings that are currently unavailable"
    • Under Shutdown settings untick the box beside "Turn on fast startup (recommended)"
    • Save changes and reboot once.

    all office apps startup only after re-start windows [​IMG]

    Once logged in and Windows has booted up properly and settled, shut down your computer. After that boot your computer again and test your Office apps. They should work now.
    slicendice, Apr 5, 2018
  6. htronjp Win User
    I must correct my problem on startup office 2016 application. At first my pc system is Dell precision T5500 xeon E5640 48GB ram ECC with Nvidia 4000 graphic , C drive is SSD 256GB, D drive 1TB for data.

    1. After unticked the box for "Turn on fast startup", The sound of windows startup come out. a) Excel can start within 1 second(very happy, but does not open the file assigned in XLSTART. b) Outlook will stop working after 2 second and ask to close. c) Word try to start, but will freeze after 4-5 second. This condition is same for both new startup after shutdown and re-start.
    2. Switch off power supply without shutdown procedure, windows default startup background theme picture is displayed with startup sound. a) Excel will start instantly with new blank book, and does not open XLSTART. b) Outlook will start for 3-4 second. c) Word will start for 3-4 second. I tried several time, result are same all. However, when re-start at this condition, the result will be the same with 1.

    There must be something difference between shutdown procedure and switch off. Help me please.
    htronjp, Apr 5, 2018
  7. Bree New Member
    There is. Since the Fall Creators Update, shutting down from the Start power button will restart apps such as Office that were open when you shut down at the next start up. This feature was quietly introduced with little or no publicity and got some people very confused/annoyed.

    Under pressure from negative feedback, Microsoft introduced a way to turn this feature off.

    on a restart Fall Creators Update reopens apps from before

    To turn off the auto-restart of open apps, turn off the 'Use sign-in info to auto finish...' option.

    *Arrow Use sign-in info to auto finish after Update or Restart in Windows 10
    Bree, Apr 5, 2018
  8. all office apps startup only after re-start windows

    I think your Office installation might be a bit corrupted since fast startup has been screwing with your memory.

    Maybe you could try a repair install of Office?
    slicendice, Apr 5, 2018
  9. htronjp Win User
    Thank you very much for advice. Finally my problem was solved.
    1. First, I uninstalled office 2016 from my pc. and re-installed. However, problem was not solved same like before.
    2. So, I decided to re-installed windows 10. Then I got fall creator update version.
    3. Then all problems were disappeared.
    Thank you.
    htronjp, Apr 6, 2018

all office apps startup only after re-start windows

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