Windows 10: Alternate email account for MS troubles

Discus and support Alternate email account for MS troubles in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; I've had trouble with my Thunderbird email client not being able to receive messages from my POP email account starting November 25*. Fed up, I went to... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by OvenMaster, Dec 1, 2020.

  1. Alternate email account for MS troubles

    I've had trouble with my Thunderbird email client not being able to receive messages from my POP email account starting November 25*. Fed up, I went to the websites of a few businesses I visit and changed my email from
    and had them switched over in a matter of one minute.

    But when I went to change my alternate email account that is used for Windows 10, I got a popup saying that changing my alternate email from to was a "security issue" and could not happen sooner than December 26, 2020. No explanation was given, but I was offered a chance to cancel the change.

    I'm curious. How can normal businesses change an email address in 60 seconds but Microsoft needs a full 30 DAYS to do the same thing??

    *since been worked around by disabling Avast email shield. Others report the same problem with NOD32 antivirus

    OvenMaster, Dec 1, 2020
  2. newtekie1 Win User

    Unauthorized Emails from my account?

    It is more than likely that your email account was hacked, either by a virus sniffing your password, or just simply hacked.

    Either way, change your password on your email account. Unfortunately the damage by already be done. They already have your contact list and your email address associated with that contact list. There is nothing stopping them from sending out emails using their own SMTP servers to everyone on your contact list and claiming the emails are from your email address. They don't actually have to have access to your yahoo account or even any yahoo server to send emails to people that come from your address.
    newtekie1, Dec 1, 2020
  3. Yahoo mail - alternative accounts

    Could anybody please explain in finite detail how to create an alternative email account in Yahoo and how to verify it ?

    My primary account = fred, username = Fred

    I created an alternative account :-
    john, username = John

    All seemed to go OK and I received an email from yahoo to my primary account saying that john was available for use. But this alt. account is marked "Verify" in blue.

    Clicking "Verify" gets nowhere and everything I try fails. John does not exist until verified and as I cannot verify John it is useless.

    Yahoo say they have sent an email to john giving the codes etc. needed to verify the account, but as the account is not available until it is verified, the Yahoo email, if it exists cannot be read.

    Every attempt I make to access john is not accepted and after 3 attempts, Yahoo locks it up for 12-24 hours. It is just stuck there doing nothing and is useless.

    For Yahoo to send a verification email to an account that does not exist until verified, is about as crazy as one can get. Unbelievable !
    All verifying emails should be sent to the primary account which DOES EXIST. so that I can verify an alternative account with no trouble at all.

    I have searched the web thoroughly until I am sick of the matter, spent many hours on the issue and got nowhere. I have done everything I can find on the issue from Yahoo Support and dozens of users, but all I achieve is for Yahoo to lock the account up after 3 tries. It is simply a waste of time.

    My primary account remains unaffected by all this nonsense for which I am eternally grateful.

    Can somebody please help on this ?

    PS - The email accounts given are fictitious and are for example only. The space added is to prevent the system from highlighting them in blue.
    Bald Eagle, Dec 1, 2020
  4. Alternate email account for MS troubles

    email account hacked. please help

    Also may I suggest you change email accounts to one of the following.....


    The reason is they both use "Step two verification". This style of verification means even if a hacker gets your password they cannot log in to your account. You see every time someone try's to log in that hasn't been verified you will get a text or a phone call giving you a final code to log in. Its very easy and simple to setup also. The great thing is once you setup your Email application with a specific "application password" from that account you never have to log in again AND your account is protected from being logged in from foreign entities.

    I like the new outlook personally however Gmail is also damn good. Gmail also has an IP tracker that allows you to see WHERE the account has been logged in from. Anyway let us know if you wanna change over and have any questions. We will be happy to help and welcome to TPU!
    TheMailMan78, Dec 1, 2020

Alternate email account for MS troubles

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