Windows 10: Another secondary email problem

Discus and support Another secondary email problem in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; Am using the Hotmail mail app (the Starry night look one) and I can set it up and see it as I like all but the default font it has to be changed very... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by ICIT2LOL, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. ICIT2LOL Win User

    Another secondary email problem

    Am using the Hotmail mail app (the Starry night look one) and I can set it up and see it as I like all but the default font it has to be changed very message or reply I make and the darn thing has no spellcheck. I also find it rather irritating that it does not show you if you have already clicked on any particular mail a it does in

    Frankly the email set ups in 10 have me wondering if the OS has got a long way to go because the email set up is driving me nuts, and unless I am terribly wrong emailing is surely a very basic function of a machine and the OS.

    I have tried many Googles and other searches with no result is there anyone who knows how to control this app for these two very basic settings see pic for the app I am asking about.

    ICIT2LOL, Sep 9, 2017
  2. Jabez_in Win User

    Nokia Messaging not working + Reactivate account?

    There is a workaround, if you have another email address, register that as a new primary account and use the old as secondary... it works Another secondary email problem :)
    Jabez_in, Sep 9, 2017
  3. e 72 051.018 version problems

    Simply go to ctrl panel->mode-> email notification -> secondary mail notification and set it on "none" (ora on another account)
    puasho---01, Sep 9, 2017
  4. Helmut Win User

    Another secondary email problem

    That is the Windows 10 Mail App.

    Simply click on the 3 bars to give you an Account pane on the left and on there unread message indications just to right of the Account.

    You can also have a badge on the Task Bar icon, or a Action centre preview, or a Live Tile preview, sound it's up to you to choose whatever you like.

    The spell checker indicates with a red squiggly underline.

    The Format refers to the Text body, not the address boxes where it is greyed out.

    Click on Options to give Spell Check options and zoom for display text
    Helmut, Sep 10, 2017
  5. ICIT2LOL Win User
    Ok Helmut I shall try because spellcheck is missing , and setting the default font is impossible and it is very hard to see what is answered mail and unanswered mail - for example in Outlook the incoming unanswered message has a bold lettering which changes to a plain font when you have answered it.

    Actually I don't even know how it came to be on my machines but I shall have a look at what you have pointed out because it is better than Outook simply because my secondary account is shown whereas in Outlook it comes and goes in a very haphazard manner.
    ICIT2LOL, Sep 10, 2017
  6. gpstoloff Win User
    Mate, you didn't install it specifically. You installed W10 Mail as part of the installation of W10.
    It's formally called "Mail & Calendar for Windows 10".

    And, there isn't a button for Spell Checker; it's automatically present and will show up spelling errors with a wavy underline in red. That's another service of W10, shared across many applications.

    Most of your questions about W10 Mail & Calendar can be answered at Mail-and-Calendar-for-Windows-10-FAQ
    gpstoloff, Sep 10, 2017
  7. ICIT2LOL Win User
    OK gpstoloff mate I will take a look at the link. Now this app popped up from nowhere hence why I was left wondering what the heck was going on because I was quite happy to use to be honest I prefer it to the 10 feature for a number of reasons that I think the the 10 app needs looking at and sorting out to make it more user friendly :-
    a) it is hard to see at a glance what mail you have answered (Outlook mail is in bold which changes to a plain font when answered)
    b) clicking on links makes for multiple tabs
    c) despite the fact that it should have spellcheck mine doesn't and lastly
    d) the default font is absurdly small and fixed one cannot adjust the setting in readiness for the next mail it has to be adjusted before one can answer a mail each and every time one oes - that is double handling which I find happens in a lot of 10 features.
    The one redeeming feature of the 10 app is that it will show my secondary account which is necessary when accessing my Microsoft account should I lose the password for whatever reason
    ICIT2LOL, Apr 5, 2018

Another secondary email problem

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