Windows 10: Anyone Having Odd "Critical Update" Warnings When Using Firefox?

Discus and support Anyone Having Odd "Critical Update" Warnings When Using Firefox? in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; Too often lately I get interrupted when I'm online with the whole page turning into an orange warning, critical update from Firefox. Now I quickly just... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by Bigfoot, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. Bigfoot Win User

    Anyone Having Odd "Critical Update" Warnings When Using Firefox?

    Too often lately I get interrupted when I'm online with the whole page turning into an orange warning, critical update from Firefox. Now I quickly just shut down the browser, because I don't know a lot about computers and I don't want any issues on my desktop PC.

    A couple of times after this has happened, I get a small pop up notice from my Norton security that they blocked a severe attack. I noticed that Firefox is already doing its updates on my computer with no approval from me, honestly, I wouldn't know what to approve or disapprove. *Redface

    Anyone else having recent issues with their Firefox browsers? I have a Windows 10 computer and use mostly Firefox and IE as browsers, don't care for Edge.

    Bigfoot, Nov 3, 2017
  2. vilu85 Win User

    " Waiting for approval " until when !????

    It means that it's waiting for approval from your operator and it has nothing to do with Nokia.

    You could call your operator and ask about this approval, someone in technical service may know that how long it takes to approve the newest firmware. (For some reason, every operator has to approve the firmware updates and only after that their clients
    can do the update)
    vilu85, Nov 3, 2017
  3. ATGT Win User
    " Waiting for approval " until when !????


    i have a nokia N8 with the following product code 059D1M2 im always checking for the update realase , now its been a month evryday i check the updates availability i find " Waiting for approval" is nokia joking on us or what !!?
    ATGT, Nov 3, 2017
  4. Anyone Having Odd "Critical Update" Warnings When Using Firefox?

    Hi Bigfoot.

    These messages are not from Firefox in my opinion. If Firefox is open click on "Help", then "About Firefox". If there is a button / box stating an update is available, click on it to update. Once updated check it again until it says up to date.

    These are scam messages, likely coming in from ad servers. I would clear all my browsing data in case a tracking cookie is drawing them back.

    Are you noticing a pattern in which sites produce this message?

    Have you used a secondary scanner like malwarebytes available at to ensure the all clear?

    Caledon Ken, Nov 3, 2017
  5. Bigfoot Win User
    Thanks Ken, I'll do as you advise. I'm very wary about clicking on anything like that and was worried that it was some kind of scam or virus threat. Will go to the help menu on Firefox and look at what you said.

    I haven't taken note of what sites I was visiting when this happened, but I'll try to remember to do that if it happens again. I only have Norton 360 and I've been happy with it, free with my Xfinity ISP. I've done a full system scan and a couple of others recently.

    Appreciate your time. *Smile
    Bigfoot, Nov 3, 2017
  6. bo elam Win User
    Hi bigfoot, I agree with Ken, the messages don't sound like they are from Firefox. if I was you I would set Firefox never to check for updates, that way you know for sure you should never get any update messages about Firefox again. And get in the habit when is time to update you do it manually. Another thing you can do is start using NoScript or at least an adblocker like Adblock plus or Ublock origin. With NoScript you ll never see this sort of things again.
    I found a fake Firefox update | Firefox Help

    bo elam, Nov 3, 2017
  7. Anyone Having Odd "Critical Update" Warnings When Using Firefox?

    Bigfoot, you will find a lot of members use a second scanner, think of it as a second set of eyes. You would be very surprised a what it will catch.

    Your machine, your call.
    Caledon Ken, Nov 3, 2017
  8. I got that once a long time ago-The fake update thing-
    Josey Wales, Nov 3, 2017
  9. Bigfoot Win User
    Thanks Ken, I only have one desktop computer that I share with my husband. Neither of us are computer 'geeks', so I hesitate to make any changes that might cause any problems. But I will keep this in mind for the future.

    Thanks to all here for your replies!
    Bigfoot, Nov 4, 2017
  10. Gort Win User
    To Bigfoot, I'd advise you not to follow the advice to disable automatic updates by Firefox, particularly if you don't feel confident in computer usage. You don't want to fall behind in security updates, etc. For savvy users, this might be an option for those who want to control their updates, but for the average user I'd advise against it.

    Just set Firefox to automatically update and simply ignore any of the update messages you see. If automatically updated, then there won't be any update messages whatsoever by Firefox, so you can safely ignore any that you receive, while you will still get the legitimate updates installed in the background by Firefox. Basically, automatic updates in Firefox is set and forget... and that includes forgetting any alarming messages to update.

    However, the advice to install content and script blocking tools is good, because then it's very likely that most, if not all, of these messages will not be shown, along with other baddies. Be aware that you might want to consider whitelisting sites you care about and trust.
  11. bo elam Win User
    I dont agree, I think my suggestion is a good suggestion, you might not like it but it is a clear cut solution. Bigfoot was confused when she saw the update message, disabling automatic updates completely gets rid of any doubt if and when she sees again any message about a Firefox update.

    You are taking for granted that she is not aware of Firefox's update schedule. I bet she knows that in mid November, Firefox 57 is going to be released. Most people who come to forum, know in advance when their browser is going to be updated. You just know, and I am pretty sure she does. After the update is released, you update manually via the internal updater.

    bo elam, Nov 4, 2017
  12. Gort Win User

    Anyone Having Odd "Critical Update" Warnings When Using Firefox?

    Sorry, but I still don't think your advice fits the OP's best interests. All that's needed in this situation is to tell the OP that when Firefox is set to automatically install updates that it doesn't give any messages whatsoever that it's going to do so or requires user intervention. Firefox set to automatically update itself is set and forget it. The OP just needs informing that any update messages do not come from Firefox and can be safely ignored. Doing so will not cause an infection and will give the OP the latest security updates. All that's required here is to give the OP the knowledge that all these messages are bogus. No settings changes are required here.

    Your advice might well be OK for a savvy user who wants to stall updates for feature or bug reasons, but it's not good advice for someone who doesn't feel confident in their abilities and wants to stay secure. That the OP is asking about these messages and their validity does tend to suggest that they just want assurances that the messages are bogus and can safely be ignored.
  13. My two cents and not taking any sides.

    I always set updates to automatic for all my clients. MS has also taken that approach as has Adobe, Chrome and others.

    I always tell my clients if you are concerned take a screen shot and email mail me. It may be unfortunate but most of this technology requires the user to have some understanding of what is going on. Folks that are part of this forum can always do the same, post.

    It's evident by all the posts there is a ton of knowledge and members always willing to help.

    The reality is any message that uses fear to get you to react is likely a scam.
    Caledon Ken, Nov 4, 2017
  14. bo elam Win User
    Guys, just recently there was the CCleaner infection, this infection affected users who were using Windows 32 bits, had the paid version and set the program to update automatically. So, setting programs to update automatically is not the most secure way for handling updates. What happened to CCleaner, can happen with any software, including Firefox.

    Gort, Bigfoot might not be as savvy as you regarding security, but I believe anyone can learn how not get infected, I did, and I am not a computer guy or a geek. There is a first step any user can take to start building their own security strategy. I did that 9 years ago and haven't looked back. The process of learning computer security was so easy is unbelievable, all I had to do was take that first step, the rest was like learning to drive a bicycle. Perhaps, Bigfoots first step can be not setting programs to update automatically and doing the updates at her own pace. In my view, no one who regularly comes to forums should be getting infected at all. After a while, you should start getting a good sense on what to do and how to build your strategy and tailor it according to what you do with the computer and who uses the computer.

    Thats what I did, I built my own strategy which consist of using almost nothing but NoScript and a sandbox program called Sandboxie. I use no antivirus or scanners or any anti anything. It works for me. One thing I learned is that getting away from being conventional regarding security, is what works. Thats what has to be done to be in the path of secure computing. People who make those changes, leave infections in the past. That should be everyones goals.

    People using the paid version of CCleaner got infected despite using antivirus and setting the program to update automatically. Thats conventional. Thats what most people do, right? So, maybe it is better to get away from doing what everyone does. When I did that, I stopped getting infected. Ten years ago, I used to get infected once or twice a year, that repetitious cycle came to an end the day I decided to do something about. And that was learning and building my own personal strategy. Bigfoot and anyone else can do the same. *Smile

    bo elam, Nov 4, 2017

Anyone Having Odd "Critical Update" Warnings When Using Firefox?

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