Windows 10: Applications Freezing Behavour

Discus and support Applications Freezing Behavour in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hi guys. Very odd one. Had a new Windows 10 install running for a few weeks now. With some applications e.g. File Explorer, Corel Paint Shop Pro 10 if... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by mrpugster, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. mrpugster Win User

    Applications Freezing Behavour

    Hi guys. Very odd one. Had a new Windows 10 install running for a few weeks now. With some applications e.g. File Explorer, Corel Paint Shop Pro 10 if I leave them for several hours when I click on the taskbar icon the screen flips to the app but when I click on the app window it just closes down, like it's minimised.

    I can kill the task etc no problem. Driving me mad...

    Any help much appreciated.

    mrpugster, Aug 2, 2018
  2. David Haz Win User

    Windows keeps freezing up

    Hi Brian,

    If your computer is freezing, it could due to the operating system being outdated, or that some applications in your system is causing it to freeze, etc. For us to isolate the issue about Windows 10 freezing, kindly respond to the questions below:

    • When does Windows 10 hangs/freezes? Is it after logging in to Windows? Or is it when you are using an application?
    • Are there any third-party applications installed on your computer?
    • Did you upgrade to Windows 10 from a previous version of Windows? If yes, which version of Windows was previously installed on your computer?

    As a first troubleshooting step, we suggest that you check if there are updates that are waiting to be installed on your computer. If there are, kindly install them and restart your computer. After restarting, check if Windows 10 still freezes. Here's how
    to check for updates in Windows 10:

    • Press the Windows key + I to open the
    • From Settings, select Update & security >
      Windows Update
      , then select Check for updates.

    We look forward to an update from you.
    David Haz, Aug 2, 2018
  3. Jessen P Win User
    Computer freezes after random Applications open


    Did you make any changes to the computer prior to the issue?

    The first thing to get the issue fixed would be to perform a System Maintenance troubleshooter and then check if the computer freezes after the applications are opened.

    Please follow the steps to run System Maintenance troubleshooter on the computer:

    • Type “Control Panel” on the search box.

    • Click on Troubleshooting.

    • Click on View all option on the left side of the Windows.

    • Click on System Maintenance option.

    • Click on Next and follow the onscreen instructions to troubleshoot the issue.
    Please revert if the issue happens with the freezing of the computer.
    Jessen P, Aug 2, 2018
  4. Applications Freezing Behavour

    Windows 10 freezes randomly


    To better assist you regarding Windows 10 which freezes randomly, please provide the following:

    • Which is the last Windows update build you've applied to the computer?
    • Are there any third party applications that are currently installed?
    Furthermore, we suggest that you do a BIOS update to your computer. Here are the steps:

    • Check the motherboard manufacturer's website to find the specific model of your motherboard.
    • Go to the computer manufacturer's website.
    • Look for the computer model that you're using.
    • You should find any available BIOS update.

    Let us know how it goes.
    PreciousLeb, Aug 2, 2018

Applications Freezing Behavour

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