Windows 10: Apprehensive about Anniversary Update

Discus and support Apprehensive about Anniversary Update in Windows 10 Updates and Activation to solve the problem; Yep, I'm apprehensive about the Anniversary for my main desktop, a Windows Pro system, with C & D SSD's and E-H as rotating disks. I've upgraded my... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Updates and Activation' started by websquad, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. websquad Win User

    Apprehensive about Anniversary Update

    Yep, I'm apprehensive about the Anniversary for my main desktop, a Windows Pro system, with C & D SSD's and E-H as rotating disks. I've upgraded my backup desktop and laptop (both are Windows Home) with Anniversary with not hitches; however, I really need to take a lot of care with the main desktop, since it is my go-to machine.

    I've elected to delay to Anniversary installation using the "Defer Upgrades" setting, but I don't know how long that will protect me.

    Another issue are my two graphics cards: both are nVidia, and I had a nVidia compatibility problem on my backup machine; however, that has been resolved (apparently) and I was able to load Win10 Home with no hitches, and able to upgrade to Anniversary, again, with no hitches.

    So, what about my Win 10 Pro machine with the two SSD's -- how long should I wait?

    websquad, Oct 13, 2016

  2. Adobe Flash update freezes login screen upon reboot

    Anyone having login stalling upon reboot of an Adobe Flash update that comes immediately after Win 10 Anniversary update? I updated to Anniversary Update, rebooted a couple of times fine and then saw an Adobe Flash update saying needs restart to finish
    installing. I rebooted and got stalled at the login screen with the 'thinking' circular stars. Rebooted multiple attempts unsuccessfully. Restored to previous 'Restore Pt' (right after Anniversary Update) which worked...except it showed the Adobe Flash update
    as being successfully installed. At this point I've disabled 'Updates', apprehensive that it might install Adobe again.
    DaddyBebop, Oct 13, 2016
  3. Andy601 Win User
    WLAN Service stops under WIndows 10

    I have the same problem with WLAN Autoconfig stopping. Have installed all the latest updates with no solution. It seems I need to doa fresh install but am apprehensive about how to do this. Can anyone please help?
    Andy601, Oct 13, 2016
  4. dalchina New Member

    Apprehensive about Anniversary Update

    Hello, the best thing to do to give you a second chance, allowing you to recover your PC to a previously saved state, is to create a complete disk image. We strongly recommend this time and time again.

    Using disk imaging will let you try the upgrade- and if sthg goes really wrong (noting build 1607 has received some very significant updates to try to solve some reported problems) you can use your Macrium Reflect boot disk or flash drive, boot from that, and recover your PC from your disk image and be back where you were.

    Some people even manage to switch off their PCs or run out of battery power during longer updates.... with a disk image you can still recover.

    Creating disk images lets you restore Windows and all your disks and partitions to a previous working state, quickly and probably without technical help.

    You can recover from:
    - a failed disk drive (restore to a new one)
    - ransomware (which encrypts your disk)
    - user error
    - unrecoverable problems from failed updates to problem programs
    - unbootable PC (hardware faults aside)

    Images also act as a full backup- you can extract files too.

    You can even use images to help you move more easily and quickly to a new PC.

    Imaging can even help you sleep at night knowing you have a second chance.

    Many here recommend Macrium Reflect (free) as a good robust solution and more reliable than some others. It’s
    - more feature rich
    - more flexible
    - more reliable
    than Windows Backup and Restore system images.

    It's well supported with videos, help and a responsive forum.

    There are other such programs, free/commercial, some with simpler interfaces, but Macrium R is one of the most robust and reliable.

    How long does it take?
    SSD+ USB3 - maybe 15 mins for the first system image, less thereafter
    HDD + USB2 - maybe 40-50 mins
    That’s with little personal data, few programs installed.
    - of course, depends how much you have on C:
    (You can and should image all your partitions and disks)

    Once you've created your first image, keep it updated with e.g. differential imaging- which images just changes from the first image, more quickly, and creates a smaller image file.
    dalchina, Oct 13, 2016

Apprehensive about Anniversary Update

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