Windows 10: Ascii file in Notepad

Discus and support Ascii file in Notepad in Windows 10 Software and Apps to solve the problem; I created an ascii file. It was automatically saved to Notepad. The file does not show any underscoring in the document. But the original document... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Software and Apps' started by GreenGreen2, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. Ascii file in Notepad

    I created an ascii file. It was automatically saved to Notepad. The file does not show any underscoring in the document. But the original document has underscoring. Please help.

    GreenGreen2, Sep 5, 2018
  2. DaveM121 Win User

    TXT to ASCII

    Hi Jacopo, open the file in Notepad and save the file from inside Notepad

    Notepad by default saves files as ASCII . . .
    DaveM121, Sep 5, 2018
  3. Wordpad ? Notepad ++ ? Why like this ?


    Notepad is a ASCII editor (later versions also support Unicode) which was intended mostly for batch programming. Like most scripting languages, word wrapping is not appreciated. Because of this, Notepad naturally does not break a line unless it is ordered to do so by the ASCII line break or carriage return character. "Word wrapping" basically dictates to the program the line breaks and carriage returns are irrelevant to the context of the document.

    Wordpad is a formatted document editor suited mostly for the rich-text format. Basically that means it can bold, italicize, underline, and change fonts and font sizes. ASCII, and by extension, Notepad, does not support formatting beyond program specifications (the files themselves do not contain any formatting information beyond the basics). Wordpad will force line breaks because Wordpad assumes the document isn't scripting; it assumes the document is for reading by human eyes.

    If you are scripting (which it looks like you aren't) you should leave word wrapping off.
    FordGT90Concept, Sep 5, 2018
  4. Ascii file in Notepad

    Extended ASCII characters from USB-serial interfaced equipment not displaying correctly.


    Extended ASCII characters are very useful for typing special symbols or characters. For better assistance, we would like to clarify the following:

    • Have you tried using the extended ASCII characters on an application such as notepad, Word, etc.? If yes, does it work on the said applications?
    • Are there any error messages displayed when using the extended ASCII characters on your external serial device?

    We're looking forward to your reply.
    Gerard Qui, Sep 5, 2018

Ascii file in Notepad

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