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Discus and support Auto updates problems in Windows 10 Updates and Activation to solve the problem; *Sad Every time MSC updates system and apps it invariably causes problems, I have had to do yet another clean reinstall of W10 this time to enable the... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Updates and Activation' started by un1corn, May 4, 2017.

  1. un1corn Win User

    Auto updates problems

    *Sad Every time MSC updates system and apps it invariably causes problems, I have had to do yet another clean reinstall of W10 this time to enable the optical drive to be recognized and to enable Excel (2013) to open when double clicking a filename.
    It takes a considerable time to reinstall software and set things up again the way I like it.
    I would like to turn off or disable auto updates but do not appear to have the facility to do so.
    Better still it would be great if MSC tested their updates fully before forcibly applying them.
    I would be grateful for some suggestions how to turn off the auto updates.

    un1corn, May 4, 2017

  2. start menu stopped working

    Cannot get start menu to pop up. Worked till yesterday, now won't. Turned off computer and back on - still won't work
    problems-problems, May 4, 2017
  3. bchin Win User
    New problems as soon as auto updates installed

    Does anyone else have this problem? I swear, almost always, when there's an auto update, without fail, new problems pop up as soon as the updates are installed.

    1. Like now, 10/1/2016, Windows 10 updated last night on my puter. All this evening, my puter has been running extremely slow, snail speed.

    2. Also, now what happened to the pictures and videos on abcnews on line? There are none. None. In the place of pics, there's the word EMBED. What does this mean?

    3. Also, on at least two of the important and necessary websites that I need to access, sections of contents throughout are superimposed over other sections, rendering the contents undecipherable.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, BC
    bchin, May 4, 2017
  4. WOT
    WOT Win User

    Auto updates problems

    You can stop most of the non-criticial updates from auto downloading and installing by setting your connection type to metered. Instead, you will be notified that updates are available for download.

    Auto updates problems [​IMG]

    However, I do not know of any way to selectively install updates other than to download them manually from the Windows Update Catalog.

    Also, if you participate in the Insider program, you might want to get out until the next GA release is available.

    Good luck,
  5. dalchina New Member
    See Winaero's tweaker (free) for an easy way to set updates to notify only. Full explanation provided.

    There's also a tutorial in the Tutorial section, which you're free to search and browse.

    However, it seems you have a more basic problem given your repeated difficulties. I suggest you need to investigate that. I've not had any adverse consequences as a result of updates, whereas I am a great deal more cautious about upgrades.

    Note: disk imaging is a great way to avoid having to do a clean install when things go wrong. All regular contributors here use it as far as I know. Using that means you can restore your PC to a previously working state relatively quickly without technical help even if your disk fails or your PC is unbootable. E.g. Macrium reflect (free) + its boot disk + external storage for images.

    Note that app updates are handled separately from Windows updates- there's a 4 hourly scheduled task.
    dalchina, May 4, 2017
  6. WOT
    WOT Win User
    Looking at the Winaero options, it appears to be modifying the Group Policy so does it actually work on the Home version as well?
  7. WOT
    WOT Win User
    You can easily disable apps from auto-updating via the windows store options:

    Auto updates problems [​IMG]
  8. dalchina New Member

    Auto updates problems

    4. If your Windows 10 comes without the Group Policy editor, apply a Registry tweak. Open Registry Editor and go to the following registry key (create it if you don't have it already):HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU

    - from Winaero's explanation page.

    Think of it like this: the registry keys exist, the GP editor is just a convenient GUI.
    Brink's tutorials often state how to modify the registry if you have the Home edition.
    dalchina, May 4, 2017
  9. WOT
    WOT Win User
    Thank you for updating your reference to include a fix for the Home version as well; however, it seems simple enough to just switch to a metered connection without the need for 3rd party software or registry tweaks because the end result is essentially the same.
  10. dalchina New Member
    No, it isn't. Setting updates to notify only means I get a notification. That is, I can take action when I choose.

    Using a metered connection means
    1. No updates (in 1607 Anniversary edition)
    2. Critical updates (in the Creator's build)

    Now note this case: one person who had a metered connection was repeatedly being offered the CU.. it was creating a lot of failed download attempts, which resulted in a thread here.

    That wasn't an update- I merely extracted the information for you from WinAero's explanation of how the tweak works - nothing new.
    dalchina, May 4, 2017
  11. Welcome to the forums un1corn!

    While either of the above suggestions are very good, you could always just turn off updates period until others have "test driven" the updates and seen/fixed what they "break". I've only had one program totally go south because of an update and it was on an older machine. As dalchina mentioned, if you have repeated breakage it may be due to other factors and could be worth your while to try and track those down.

    While not recommended I have, in the past on that older machine I alluded to earlier, turned off updates completely by disabling the WU service. It totally stopped all updates and is not recommended but it works.
    indianacarnie, May 4, 2017
  12. Here's how to control Cortana, edge, AND stop updates until you want them:


    Because the video shows you how to do the other things I have already done, my
    First advice.... FOLLOW the instructions in the video posted later in this thread.... THEN:

    "Some of you were "forced" into WinX, some upgraded because they wanted to, but either way, Microsnot has control.


    Here' how to STOP Automatic Updates from randomly updating your computer, OR updating your computer at all:

    GOTO: START, then type in "Services" (no quotes). This will bring up your SERVICES console.

    In your services console, STOP, and DISABLE the following services by RC (Right Click) on the service you wish to stop, then LC (Left Click) "Properties".

    These are the services you'll want to stop and disable:

    "Background Intelligence Transfer Service" *FIRST*. This service is required for Microsnots Automatic Updates, to access your computer remotely.

    "Windows Update".

    "Live Updates".

    You may not get the STOP option for Windows Update. If this is the case, RC on that service, LC "Properties", then DISABLE. After a few reboots, the service will be stopped. There is a way to completely remove this service, although, it's ill-advised/not recommended, unless you're COMPLETELY comfortable with screwing around with windows.

    NOTE! If you have updates in the queue, you'll have to wait until the updates are applied for this to work. You have to wait until automatic update, is "sleeping".

    I KNOW this works, because I'm going on 10 months, and no WinX updates...... So far.


    If you want to disable EDGE completely......

    Download a free program called "Unlocker" (Link, further down).

    Install it, let it install with defaults (explorer extension, etc.). This program will unlock ANY file. It's easy to use, and even if you're a n00b, very safe to use. Not difficult.

    GOTO: the "C:\Windows\SystemApps\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe" folder.

    In that folder, you'll see two executables with blue "Edge" icons.
    MicrosoftEdge (Application)
    MicrosoftEdgeCP (Application)

    Right click (RC) each one of those. "Unlocker" should be in your RC menu. LC "Unlocker".

    "Unlocker" will ask you what you want to do.

    Choose "rename". You may want to use Edge later.

    Rename each file to something like "MicrosoftEdge1.exe" and "MicrosoftEdgeCP1.exe"

    Click on "Rename" to confirm your action.

    Do this with both files.

    THEN: go back up to, "C:\Windows\SystemApps".
    RC the "Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe" folder.

    Choose "Unlocker" once again, and rename same as you did with the executables.

    Close out, and return to your desktop. You'll see a blank on the taskbar where Edge once was. RClick on that, and "Unpin from Taskbar".


    You're done! No more edge.


    This works for CORTANA also, Here's how to do it:

    Rename the "C:\Windows\SystemApps\Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy" folder with Unlocker.

    Unlocker will prompt you to REBOOT. Do so.

    Indeed! It completely removes Cortana... BUT, you lose your search function. You'll have to download and use IObit Start menu 8, or Classic Shell, to get the basic, Win7 search function back. A small price to pay to keep your PRIVACY, IMHO.

    Here's the link for those:

    Classic Shell ""&HYPERLINK ""t202 kw=classic+shell+for+Win+10&mkwid=T5i6C4qM&crid=31 266167447&mp_kw=&mp_mt=e&pdv=c

    IOBit Start Menu 8

    IObit Start Menu 8 for Windows 8 Free download, Bring Windows 8 Start Menu back - IObit

    Here is the link to get "Unlocker":

    Download Unlocker - MajorGeeks

    And in case you missed it in the video, here's the link to SpybotAntiBeacon:

    Spybot Anti-Beacon for Windows


    You also lose your fast boot if you shut down through Start Menu 8. You must Ctrl, Alt+Del, and shut down from the Task Manager screen. STILL, a small price to pay."

    THIS is the video I'm referring to:

    He misses a bit of stuff, but still, a good video.

    The following will be the results of this work:

    Locked down WinX, with basic Win7 search function.
    Completely disables both Edge, and Cortana, 100%
    Completely STOPS Automatic updates, until you re-enable the services you shut down.
    You can still Fast-boot.
    Still stable.
    Faster than ever.
    Khzyvfonhes, May 4, 2017
  13. Auto updates problems

    Well, referring to the above post ........ I trust very little I see on youtube, especially pertaining to my computer. And I trust NOTHING from Iobit.
    indianacarnie, May 4, 2017
  14. WOT
    WOT Win User
    Oh, I see. Well I just thought your original post was a global recommendation because you did not differentiate between how to effectively do it with Home or Pro. So, if I read your initial post, without having any experience in that area, I would have thought tha Winaero tweaker automatically did both.

    Now, as far as your comment about the differences between the methods, I am using the metered connection on my Home version and the gpedit method on the Pro version and they both work exactly the same. I am running 16184; however, since you are behind in the update process, I cannot confirm what you are saying about how it works in 1607 because I am way past it.
  15. Well, since I know that this works, and it's safe, Good luck. You're on your own. It is only intended to help someone who wants the help.

    The video is legit. It was just easier to refer to it than for me to set down and write a 20,000 word essay. Same stuff I do.

    As far as IOBit goes, it was just a suggestion. There are other ways (Classic Shell) besides that. I mentioned it because I did test it, and it works fine.

    Actually, my WinX system is STILL running great, and STILL doesn't update unless I want it to.

    Khzyvfonhes, May 4, 2017

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