Windows 10: Back up failed, error code: 0x8078012D

Discus and support Back up failed, error code: 0x8078012D in Windows 10 Backup and Restore to solve the problem; Hello, I recently received a message on my laptop saying my Hard Drive was failing so I proceeded to buy a brand new external hard drive to back up... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Backup and Restore' started by Tom2325, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. Tom2325 Win User

    Back up failed, error code: 0x8078012D


    I recently received a message on my laptop saying my Hard Drive was failing so I proceeded to buy a brand new external hard drive to back up all my files. When I am backing it up, it gets all the way to 97% and then it ends saying it wasn't successful with the Error code: 0x8078012D. The error message says 'The operation failed due to a device error encountered with either the source or the destination. If the source or destination volume is on a disk, run CHKDSK /R on the source or destination volume and then retry the operation. Details: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.

    I have looked up solutions online and done CHKDSK /R for both C: and G:, where the external hard drive is connected to, multiple times. I have also turned off my security software while performing the back up and I have also set Volume Shadow Copy and Windows Backup Service to manual in the Services Window. I also run on Windows 10. I really need this back up to work because I don't want to lose all my files. I would really appreciate any help at all!


    Tom2325, Sep 9, 2016

  2. Windows 10 error code 0x8078012d when trying to create System Image Copy

    I get error code 0x8078012d when I am doing a System Image Copy in Windows 10. Use to work but now no go. I have run chkdsk with repair on both the source and target drives and both are OK. Backup will run for a while and then fails.
    JohnMerritt_65, Sep 9, 2016
  3. corgi11 Win User
    Back Up Failed on Lumia 930 - Error Code 0x80004004

    I have the same backup problem and error message with a Lumia 640 someone please help.

    Thank You
    corgi11, Sep 9, 2016
  4. Adalwar Win User

    Back up failed, error code: 0x8078012D

    My suggestion is that you have to go very carefully and before you do any repair/restore attempt you must figure out if indeed the HDD is defective .
    1) Open Disk Management and look in Upper Pane to the "Status" of your Drive. If it is not "Healthy" then the HDD is likely to be Bad.
    2) Run the Manufacturer Diagnostics Utility of your HDD. Run the "Quick Test", see if comes any error.
    If there is no errors so far, probably there is nothing wrong with the HDD, it is something with Windows itself as many other People are having.
    In case it is Windows, seems MS is recommending to Roll-Back to the previous Build or even go Back to Build 1511.
    Adalwar, Sep 9, 2016
  5. Tom2325 Win User
    All drives status' are healthy so that's good. I'm assuming the Quick Test is the Error Checking under Tools in Properties? If so it came up with no errors for either HDD I'm using. Would going back to a previous build remove the issue I have with backing up?

    Thankyou for the reply, much appreciated!
    Tom2325, Sep 9, 2016
  6. Adalwar Win User
    That Status information is actually the SMART information that is written on BIOS of your HDD. Any time your HDD detects a Failure it automatically write it there. It is OS independent, it is the Firmware of HDD.
    I am not very expertise on what is going on SMART, may be there are failures SMART will not detect (unlikely).
    Your HDD Manufacturer (Seagate, WD, Toshiba, a.s.o.) they have special Test Tools available to download.
    Running it and doing a "Quick Test/Exercise" or whatever they like to call it will bring some errors to live.
    But that it is not 100% sure, almost.
    If your Drive is older than 5 Years there is a possibility that it is slow defeat.
    There are a lot of people with HDD issues since AU update, I myself lost 1TB ofa data updating from 8.1 to 10
    Look around here is Ten Forums and you find something, see if there is a solution.
    To my knowledge what people are doing is reverting back to Build 1511.
    But you have to decide yourself what is best for you.
    Most important and the Start point is definitely to sort out if your HDD is actually Damage or it is a "mimic" from your OS
    Adalwar, Sep 9, 2016
  7. Tom2325 Win User
    Downloaded SeaTools for Windows as it was the most recommended when looking online. My HDD passed the SMART check but failed the Short Drive Self Test at 10%. Is this indicating the HDD is indeed failing? There is an option on the Application to Fix All, is it worth giving that a go?

    Since I couldn't get anywhere with the Windows built-in Back Up, I downloaded AOMEI Backupper Standard and did the System Backup, I don't quite understand the information, does that do the same as the Windows backup?
    Tom2325, Sep 10, 2016
  8. Adalwar Win User

    Back up failed, error code: 0x8078012D

    I have had a lot of Seagate Drives but I never got so far that I had to use Seatools for to Repair a Drive. So, what I tell here is what I am thinking.
    That does not look very good if there was an error.
    There must have an error code or there will be a Log file or there was a verbose message saying what kind of error that is. You must figure out what was the error, if it is recoverable or not, before you proceed.
    If there is a serious Hardware error, a Imaging Backup may not be reliable.
    The possibility of Data Loss is great.
    So, what I would do is just copy (using Windows Explorer) all files the System will allow. Try Copying so much you can to a Separate Drive.
    Next, I would use the Macrium Reflect Backup and do Imaging of Drive.
    When that is done, and your Data is saved to another Drive, I would then go to SeaTools and proceed with the suggested Repair of Drive
    in the hope it will recover the Drive. But be aware that the Drive instead may fail totally after this.

    EDIT: If copying Files with Windows Explorer there are too many errors, you have a serious problem.
    You can expect that there will be errors copying some files, skip that ones, and copy the others.
    If you have very important personal files that you don´t want to lose, there is a good Software to recover the Drive, at least it was working very good on IDE Drives, it is called HDD Regenerator

    EDIT2: Or you may consider also the Professional Recover Service.
    Adalwar, Sep 10, 2016
  9. Tom2325 Win User
    I did what you suggested and manually put everything I wanted on my external drive with Windows Explorer and everything was successful. The SeaTools repair function was failing due to being unable to find the serial number, so I'm trying to find a different software which can show me what's wrong and can attempt a fix. Any suggestions?

    Thankyou once again for your help!
    Tom2325, Apr 5, 2018

Back up failed, error code: 0x8078012D

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