Windows 10: Backup/Restore/Recovery programs & routines [open topic]

Discus and support Backup/Restore/Recovery programs & routines [open topic] in Windows 10 Backup and Restore to solve the problem; Even though I am a Windows 7 license-holder/user, I have this thread with its two topics so far also in tenforums because I want to zero in on not only... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Backup and Restore' started by RolandJS, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. RolandJS Win User

    Backup/Restore/Recovery programs & routines [open topic]

    Even though I am a Windows 7 license-holder/user, I have this thread with its two topics so far also in tenforums because I want to zero in on not only Windows 10 Backup/Restore operations as well as how some 3rd party B/R & R utilities specifically work with Windows 10. Windows 10 is not Windows 7 or 8 - that's what I'm finding out.

    Backup/Restore/Recovery programs & routines [open topic] -- meaning, rather than me simply posting what I do for backups and restores, I'd like to have several others give their ideas also.

    Very briefly, my three computers each have two pancake platter-driven usb ext HDs, each of those HDs contain full images of "C drive" [OS partition] and "D drive" [data partition] which are made during one session [4 backups in all] about once weekly or at least, bi-monthly.

    RolandJS, Mar 28, 2017

  2. Keyboard & cursor not working after Wndows 10 update

    Thank you for your reply. I arrived at Windows Reset via my Dell Backup & Restore USB drive, but then the program said there was a disc error, scanning and repairing. Then back to Reset and the same routine over again several times, even though the scan
    and repair routine said already fixed. Tried Dell Backup & Recovery, but got an error in the Recovery phase. After several tries it seemed to have succeeded, then startup gave Dell automatic repair, unable to repair, go to Windows Reset which did the same
    as described above.

    Finally did a Dell Recovery without backup, now have Windows with keyboard & cursor working , but re-installing all the programs previously in use. Note that the keyboard and cursor worked fine in the recovery mode, from which I conclude that the problem
    was with the Windows 10 update. I am on the way to recovery, but Apple or Linux are starting to look interesting.
    MargaretLynn, Mar 28, 2017
  3. nj15 Win User
    software problem

    Welcome to Nokia Discussions, mitas.

    The latest firmware release for the Asha 305 is 7.42.

    First, make a backup to be stored on the memory card. Go to Settings > sync & backup > create backup.

    Then download the Nokia Software Recovery Tool at
    - follow the instructions there and proceed with the full reset of the software on your Asha device.

    After that, go to Settings > sync & backup > restore / restore backup.

    Good luck
  4. RolandJS Win User

    Backup/Restore/Recovery programs & routines [open topic]

    Let me add this related topic to this thread. I have this topic in tenforums because I want to zero in on how some 3rd party B/R & R utilities specifically work with Windows 10.

    First Response restore and recovery ideas, beliefs, practices, experiences
    Borrowing from the philosopher Rene Descartes, let's make the title longer:
    First Response ideas, beliefs, practices, experiences for OS & Data: backups, restores, and recoveries.

    First Response means what could be done by an end-user who just might be facing:
    -- possible physically failing hard-drives [which are often called "c drive" and "d drive]
    -- possible logically failing hard-drives [ditto as above line]
    OR might be facing:
    -- a deleted file and/or folder that needs to be un-deleted
    -- a set of deleted files and/or folders that need to be un-deleted
    -- folders and files that cannot be simply un-deleted, restored from Windows Recycle Bin
    -- deleted folders and files that no longer exist in the MFT [Master File Table]
    -- the MFT no longer functions and/or the OS no longer functions
    -- the often called "c drive", the OS partition no longer exists [often, this "c drive" also contained the data]
    -- the often called "d drive", the data partition no longer exists

    First Response Backups mean --
    First Response Restores mean --
    First Response Recoveries mean --
    -- respectively, what could be done by an end-user prior to doing "anything, everything".

    Borrowing from Star Trek, the "Prime Directives" are:
    -- to preserve and protect end-user's data
    -- to preserve and protect end-user's OS
    -- to restore what can be restored; data first priority, OS 2nd priority
    -- to recover what can be recovered; data first priority, OS 2nd priority


    **This is a work in progress. There will be redactions, corrections, additions, etc. **
    RolandJS, Mar 28, 2017
  5. cereberus Win User
    Am I alone in having no idea what this post is talking about?
    cereberus, Mar 29, 2017
  6. RolandJS Win User
    No, you are not alone! That post is a setup for a short series of posts to come. I'm plan to take each section of the wild post and shovel in actual things to do, which I have gathered from reading many forums, which I will also add my flavoring.
    RolandJS, Mar 29, 2017
  7. RolandJS Win User
    RolandJS, Mar 29, 2017
  8. NavyLCDR New Member

    Backup/Restore/Recovery programs & routines [open topic]

    Not alone. And it seems to be only getting deeper.
    NavyLCDR, Mar 29, 2017
  9. RolandJS Win User
    Guys, have patience *Smile Real soon, advice gathered from several backup/restore and data recovery forums -- giving concrete things that end-users can do to prevent data loss crisis. Because there any many ways to do backups -- I will only give what I do and then leave the floor open for others to post what they do for backups.
    RolandJS, Mar 29, 2017
  10. cereberus Win User
    Or just use Macrium Reflect and never worry again.
    cereberus, Mar 29, 2017
  11. cereberus Win User
    No disrespect to RolandJS, but basic strategy is easy for most domestic users and can be explained a few lines:-

    1) keep data and OS/programs in separate partitions

    2) Use a good imaging tool to backup OS periodically (use differential/incrementsl backups daily say) preferably to external drive.

    3) Use File History Backup or even just File Explorer to backup data drive as often as needed, preferably to external drive.

    4) Keep two separate backup copies of critical data (Cloud is a good second backup choice).

    Any more complicated than above is for people with commercial or near commercial backup needs and such persons will normally be savvy enough to develop strategies to suit their needs (except for those whingers trying to sue MS because they never backed up data properly).
    cereberus, Mar 29, 2017
  12. RolandJS Win User
    Thank you all for those informative posts! I know my start sounded like a boring "White [research] paper", however, I am trying to build my writing to a wide variety of audience member skills. Some want info quick, some enjoy reading "papers". You all gave great ideas for backups that are restorable, thanks!
    RolandJS, Mar 29, 2017
  13. RolandJS Win User

    Backup/Restore/Recovery programs & routines [open topic]

    I see my first public attempt at a tiny white paper fell flat. In short, make routine backups so that in the future you can post: My backups restored my Data and/or my OS, I'm back in business!

    [addendum: Superfly's next post caught my original closing.]
    RolandJS, Apr 2, 2017
  14. Superfly Win User
    I think... post your own thread regarding backup best practice... IMHO, your posts are a bit cuckoo TBH... with all due respect. a bt fuzzy there...thought I was on another thread... maybe I'm going cuckoo? *Huh
    Superfly, Apr 2, 2017
  15. RolandJS Win User
    Superfly, it's all aok! I was trying to post a tiny "white paper" -- fall flat; basically, my thread pushes:
    -- make routine backups onto reliable external media
    RolandJS, Apr 2, 2017

Backup/Restore/Recovery programs & routines [open topic]

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