Windows 10: Best way to remove trialware?

Discus and support Best way to remove trialware? in Windows 10 Software and Apps to solve the problem; Hello ALL: We have a new Windows 10 Pro Laptop to be delivered Friday. It is a 17" HP and know it comes with Office trialware along with AV trialware.... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Software and Apps' started by MPSAN, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. MPSAN Win User

    Best way to remove trialware?

    Hello ALL:
    We have a new Windows 10 Pro Laptop to be delivered Friday. It is a 17" HP and know it comes with Office trialware along with AV trialware. We own Office 2016 Pro and want to use it, but I want to just remove all of the junque that it comes with. Should I use Control Panel or a free program like pc decrapifier? Yes I did a search but the answers were older and kind of vague as they dealt with people who tried to install over a trial version.

    MPSAN, Sep 27, 2017

  2. Best way to remove virus

    You should not need all of these, but start at the top and reboot after each one. Check for updates first and then scan with each one at a time until your machine is clean.

    TDSSKiller Rootkit Removal Utility

    Download TDSSKiller


    Download RogueKiller


    Download RKill


    SUPERAntiSpyware | Remove Malware | Remove Spyware - AntiMalware, AntiSpyware, AntiAdware!

    AdwCleaner (Free)

    Download AdwCleaner

    Malwarebytes (Get the free version)

    Anti-Malware Premium 14-day Free Trial

    When offered, uncheck: Enable free trial of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium.

    Junkware Removal Tool (Free)

    Download Junkware Removal Tool

    HitmanPro (30 day free trial)

    HitmanPro.Alert Ransomware Prevention, Secondary Scanner and Zero-Day Exploit Protection |
    Bruce Hagen, Sep 27, 2017
  3. Monkey57 Win User
    Best way to remove virus

    Consider a Win10 clean install/reset, if the recommendations, below, do not resolve your issues. If you have a desired 3rd party(non-Microsoft) product, please refer to their support to resolve compatibility issues in win8/10, or other versions of Microsoft

    Please consider reviewing the following, and running the bleepingcomputer tools, and malwarebytes:

    For the protection of what is important (if win8/10):

    Make sure your FileHistory backup is up-to-date (right click start, control panel, FileHistory-Turn it On). (it requires a usb external harddrive (Windows 8/10 will, automatically, create the FileHistory folder on the usb drive, when FileHistory is turned
    On); or network harddrive can be used (make a 'FileHistory' folder on the Network Harddrive to connect the app to).... If you keep things in non-standard places, make new Libraries, and add the folders to your custom Libraries. Check to see where quicken
    , printer scan-to folders, or any other user installed software is saving data. (You can backup quicken/intuit programs to a OneDrive folder, but do not let database files reside in OneDrive; although, they can be included in Libraries (and probably
    already are), they will not backup when open. (some (other) databases can not be restored easily from raw data alone).


    If you suspect malicious activity or malware (in any version of windows) use these tools from bleepingcomputer (they are relatively quick): Download AdwCleaner (the
    other two (2) suggested tools are on the bottom of that page), like rkill (1), jrt [junkware removal tool] (2), and adwcleaner (3) (run all of them, in that sequence)(i put them on the desktop, and run them from there)(as administrator (right click))(if they
    get hung (10 min) for any reason, close the running tool, go to the next tool, after trying them all, if any are unsuccessful, re-run them again (in sequence) in safe mode; also run Malwarebytes, while in safe mode during this process (if its definitions
    are updated), before adwcleaner. Uninstall adwcleaner, after running it and the system has rebooted, by opening the program, and choosing the uninstall button, or its quarantined files may set off your antivirus. The other tools from bleepingcomputer can
    be safely deleted, after running them; they are updated often, so the old versions are not necessary. After running the tools, if they found anything, you need to reset all your browsers to default, then check for any unfamiliar plugin/addins within
    the browser. then run malwarebytes again.

    in a lot of instances, you have to remove the malicious activity one layer at a time, so you may not want to delete the tools after the first run.

    Run Malwarebytes (Free):

    Free Anti-Malware & Malware Removal

    uncheck the box at the end of the install for trial, or convert to free at the end of the trial.

    Malwarebyes is a good addition to your antivirus software. Make sure in Malwarebytes the 'Scan for rootkits' box is checked-> Settings-Detection and Protection. Free means manual, so, you have to open it, and run it occasionally.

    geek uninstaller can help to uninstall programs that are unusual, it works on 32-bit and x64 programs (and it stays free)

    Geek Uninstaller - Download

    only get the free version.

    right click on the program in geek, will let you force uninstall, without running the apps native uninstaller (only use the force method, if the installed program is malicious, or will not uninstall normally).

    Try HerdProtect (free), herdProtect - Anti-Malware Multiscanning Platform in the Cloud ,be watchful of false positives, only remove unchecked items at the end (by putting a check in the box), if they reside in a
    temp type folder or you are sure about them, remember to run it again in a few hrs(per mfg instructions). I, generally, recommend uninstalling HerdProtect, after a few weeks, as it's cache gets large fast.

    ***Pre-installed or user previously installed antivirus may inhibit the current antivirus (even a current norton installation), use the mfg removal tools to completely remove them, if they were ever on your system.***

    Use the mfg removal tools to completely remove them, after running the uninstall in Programs and features see:

    (MCPR is 1/2 way down the page)


    Norton Removal tool at:

    Download the removal tool to uninstall Norton

    For AVG removal see:

    in addition to the removal tool for your version of AVG.

    Use the 'AVG Identity Protection Remover'

    List of anti-malware product removal tools

    After, you have run the bleepingcomputer tools(etc) mentioned earlier;

    Run System File Checker

    Click on Start > Type CMD

    Right click on CMD > Select Run As Administrator

    Type sfc /scannow Note: there is a space between sfc and /scannow

    Press Enter to start the scan

    For stray startup entries. Try autoruns:

    You can uncheck entries, to disable them. And you can delete them, afterwards, if you determine it boots normal.

    Expand the window, and stretch columns, so you can see all of path. DO NOT DELETE "File not found" entries, unless you are absolutely sure of them.

    Please read the manual.

    Manually check for Windows Updates.

    For additional protection from ransomware see:

    use free version only-for personal use

    This tool (cryptoprevent) does not run in the back ground, it automatically changes registry settings (some recommended by Microsoft), but it does update occasionally, so check it for updates.

    Change the default login password (not the wireless key), on the router.

    Do not Factory Restore, unless your system came with Win10..

    To Win10 Reset:

    Please see also: (have your software and data backup available for reinstall):

    (Remove everything)


    To Clean install:
    Monkey57, Sep 27, 2017
  4. Plankton Win User

    Best way to remove trialware?

    I always manually uninstall everything but I have used Revo Uninstaller. It's a free but only uninstalls 32 bit software. The Pro version removes both but it is a pay for.....but does come with a 30 day trail.
    Plankton, Sep 27, 2017
  5. MPSAN Win User
    Well, OK, and I guess the control panel does do a bad job of removing all traces. I have used Revo before, but shy away from all of the items they suggest in the registry!
    MPSAN, Sep 27, 2017
  6. Plankton Win User
    I trust it and use it's full cleaning ability.....never had an issue with it.
    Plankton, Sep 27, 2017
  7. MPSAN Win User
    Great, but is the free version of IOBIT worth a try?
    MPSAN, Sep 27, 2017
  8. Plankton Win User

    Best way to remove trialware?

    I don't trust anything from IOBIT!
    Plankton, Sep 27, 2017
  9. TrustMe Win User
    TrustMe, Sep 27, 2017
  10. Plankton Win User
    I don't see that...I do see it's compatible with 64 bit software but no mention of removing it. I also see that it has a portable version.....which is pretty nifty.
    Plankton, Sep 27, 2017
  11. Winuser Win User
    I use the paid version of IOBIT on one computer and the free version on my other computers. The only problem I ever have is when I forget to uncheck the box to install their trial version of Advanced System care. It's very easy to uninstall though.
    Winuser, Sep 28, 2017
  12. Flashorn Win User
    Before using the new notebook, do not have the notebook connect to the INTERNET.

    Shut off WiFi if possible for the time you configure the notebook. otherwise, the Wifi
    adapter will connect to the net. and those trials will try to install.

    Download all programs to a USB key. PC Decrapifier is a good place to start

    Download PC Decrapifier 3.0.1 (Free) for Windows

    Revo is also Very safe. Use Moderate option and delete what it finds.
    Maybe read about it and learn what it can do before using.

    I do not trust IoBit either.

    As for the Trial of whatever Anti-Virus is there, use the Feature and Programs to uninstall AND then,
    use their uninstall Tool to finish the job. Don't use any other programs for this operation.

    Office can be safely uninstalled via the Feature and Programs folder.
    So can any other Windows program you don't want.

    Uninstall all other trials with Revo using the Moderate option.

    Start notebook and let it sit for about 2 minutes. Please make sure it does not connect to the Net.
    Insert USB key.
    Install programs that you have downloaded.
    Configure the notebook to your specs and then, connect to the Net.
    Let it update itself.

    Once updated, go to Device Manager and make sure No yellow triangles or grey question marks
    are next to any of the entries.

    You will also want to Start the System Restore operation as it is not started by Default. Make sure to Create a Restore point at this time.

    How to Enable System Restore (and Repair System Problems) on Windows 10

    You may also like to take the time to stop any of Windows processes that you won't need.

    Black Vipers Windows 10 Service Configurations | Black Viper |


    Flashorn, Sep 28, 2017
  13. MPSAN Win User

    Best way to remove trialware?

    Thanks all. I had thought that I could at least install Macrium Reflect first and create an Image.
    MPSAN, Sep 28, 2017
  14. Helmut Win User
    The ones you mention MS Office trial, Security Suite trial (McAfee ?) you can use their uninstall tools. Hard to find on their websites but it is there.
    The instructions along with those tools are useful as well.

    Other minor stuff you can uninstall at your leisure, no big deal. But don't uninstall system drivers.

    You are right about Revo, past problems with that means I never use it now, it's not necessary anyway.
    I don't care if the entire world recommends it...

    IObit stuff, again bloatware you don't need, why intentionally install bloatware to get rid of bloatware.

    The first thing to do is make a recovery drive in accordance with the manufacturers instruction to a USB key drive, basically just a copy of the manufacturers recovery partition including all the bloatware.
    Gradually over time less and less useful as you make images and so on.
    Helmut, Sep 29, 2017
  15. MPSAN Win User
    Thank you...That is what I did. I first set it up enough to install Macrium Reflect v7.1 and created an image of the SSD on a thumb drive and rescue DVD. NOW, I can at least go back to that. I also did a search and can see where you can remove the ms stuff and mcafee stuff, but I want to finish setting this up so my wife can use it to enter Quicken Data.
    MPSAN, Sep 29, 2017

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