Discus and support BING SEARCH ENGINE in Windows 10 Customization to solve the problem; Whenever I click on Google Chrome I get BING. I want that to stop. HOW?... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Customization' started by johnfleenor3, Sep 9, 2019.


    Whenever I click on Google Chrome I get BING. I want that to stop. HOW?

    johnfleenor3, Sep 9, 2019

  2. Removing Bing as default search engine.

    We appreciate the prompt response. In this case, let us check your browser settings and ensure that
    Bing is removed as the default search engine. To do this, follow these steps:

    • Open your Firefox browser.
    • Click the Menu icon or the 3 bars icon.
    • Select Options.
    • Select Search.
    • Under Default Search Engine, select your preferred search engine from the drop down list.
    • Once you're done, close the search tab and check if the issue persists.

    We'll appreciate if you can send us an update.
    Darwin Dim, Sep 9, 2019
  3. Bing search engine

    Can someone please help me? I have just registered on here, at the suggestion of someone from Firefox help forums. I am a senior person (still working) I have some pc knowledge, but not to technical especially with in depth stuff.

    My problem is I have FF as my default browser, with Google as my home page, everything was wine till about 72 hours ago. when i typed something into google results came up in google search, but now (and I have made no changes I dont dabble or touch settings because i do not understand them) all my search results are returned in bing instead of google, and I hate it.
    I have tried resetting to default in firefox, Ive have manually removed Bing, from the search engine list that FF uses, it shows on that page that google is default search engine, but everything still comes up in bing. I saw online that cortania can have bing as they are both microsoft, so I found out how to disable cortania and remove what is held on me in the cloud, but no change.

    Several suggestions from FF help forum have not stopped bing coming up, so the last thing that was suggested was as follows( I had to ask for simple to follow instructions)
    went off line, then in url bar typed about:config, accepted the liabilty, by hitting the button, then in aboutcnfig search area typed in Bing, three lines came up that had the word Bing, so I right clicked each one then left clicked modify then changed the word bing for google, I then came out of it (as I was told) went back to my home page typed in luggage and a couple of other things, but still it came up in bing, so I went back and did the same process again about:config typed in bing again only this time the three lines did not appear, just a blank white page!!,

    I then tried the next suggestion wich was looking at all the script down the left hand side of config was told to look in Browser search orders 1,2, 3, so this i did and what I saw was:
    Browser search order 1 default string Google
    -------"-----------"------------2 default string yahoo
    ---------"----------"-----------3 userset string Google ( this was in bold black letters)
    then i looked in browser search orders
    US.1 Default String data:text/plain browser, Yahoo
    US .2 This was the same as above except last word was Google
    US.3 Userset string Google (this was in bold black letters)
    Then I looked and saw: engine user set string Google (this was also in bold black letters)

    There you have my problem, all i want is rid of blasted bing from my pc, or at least my search results to come up in google. There is one thing I have noticed that before this issue when I searched in google then clicked the back button it rightly so went back to home page, but now what ever i type into google comes up in bing search results, but when you press the back button (top left) it stays on that search result page, and wont budge, so the only way back to googlw home page is by clicking the little house. Can you help me please, if so please keep instruction simple, many thanks.
    journeyman4, Sep 9, 2019
  4. LCRT Win User


    search engine

    windows xp advice for a windows 10 query. with registry fiddling. great advice.

    anyway, the answer is very simple:


    When you enter something in the address bar in Microsoft Edge, you’ll see results from Bing. Microsoft recommends Bing for the best performance with Windows 10. Bing gives instant help for Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge (just like this). And Bing links search
    results with some Windows 10 apps. But Microsoft Edge uses OpenSearch technology, so you can change the default search engine. Here’s how:

    • Enter the search engine’s website and browse to it.

    • Select More actions (...) > Settings and then scroll down to select View
      advanced settings. In the list under Search in the address bar with, choose Add new.

    • Select the website and then select Add as default.

      • Note: Only search providers that support the OpenSearch standard will appear in this list. If they don’t support it yet,here's how
        they can."
    LCRT, Sep 9, 2019



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