Windows 10: BIOS boot issue and has UEFI boot option one time, next time it doesnt

Discus and support BIOS boot issue and has UEFI boot option one time, next time it doesnt in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Asus P8Z77 V Deluxe mobo. Seasonic 1050W modular PSU i7 2700k Noctua NH D14 air cooler Corsair Vengeance RAM 1600 (mobo - native is 1333mhz)... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by 7of9, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. 7of9 Win User

    BIOS boot issue and has UEFI boot option one time, next time it doesnt

    Asus P8Z77 V Deluxe mobo.
    Seasonic 1050W modular PSU
    i7 2700k
    Noctua NH D14 air cooler
    Corsair Vengeance RAM 1600 (mobo - native is 1333mhz)

    Sometimes, when I access my BIOS, on the first page I see, it will show UEFI boot disk in the boot order at the bottom of the screen.
    When I access my BIOS at other times, it does not show the UEFI boot disk. (large stripe on disk icon that says UEFI).
    There are times when I boot my computer, I see a black ASUS splash screen before booting into windows.
    Other times, I see a Red/Black splash screen with another company's name.
    Is this normal?

    The automatic boot order in BIOS, it lists 2 devices.
    my mechanical harddrive (disk 0) as option 1. Then my dvd drive as option 2.
    The problem is my boot drive (with OS) is on an SSD (disk 1).
    I tried to change it, but the boot order only shows DVD and mechanical HDD options.
    I had to use the boot override option, which lists my SSD.

    I just did a fresh install of win7, then upgraded to Win10. I only had the SSD connected.
    I did not remove the win7 OS from my mechanical drive until I was sure Win10 would upgrade properly on my SSD. After the upgrade was working, I connected both HDDs and booted up I got some type of boot error. No boot sector found please enter a disk or reboot - something like that.
    When I rebooted with the spinner disconnected, win10 started normally, afterwhich I hot connected the spinner disk and then formatted it to use as my data drive.

    Why does my boot order change like that?

    When I originally built this computer, it used to boot every time with the Red/Black splash screen.
    I had the BIOS updated by a computer shop and then it started to reboot with the black ASUS splash screen.
    Does that make any difference?

    My 2nd PCIe slot doesn't seem to be working or be recognized, so I pressed the reset button on the motherboard, hoping that would clear the problem.

    I wonder if my motherboard is going bad?
    Or I screwed up the drivers?
    Since getting my computer back from the computer shop, all my harddrives show up as SCSI devices in windows, even though they are SATA and connected to the SATA6 ports.
    I noticed on this fresh install, that my harddrives didn't show up in my system tray, in windows.
    When I installed the updated chipset drivers, my HDDs started showing up in my system tray as SCSI devices.

    Afew weeks ago, I was constantly getting "USB overload" warnings and losing connection to my keyboard/mouse...
    That stopped after I stopped using a particular device (Track IR5).

    After years of no issues running crossfire, now, I can't get both of my video cards to be recognized, nor activate crossfire.
    Tried each card in slot 1. Both cards work.
    Tried 1 card in slot 2 only - get black screen.
    triple fans on graphics cards are spinning, so looks like it's getting power.

    Sometimes my case fans seem to be spinning too slow. I get errors on boot up and have to set that particular fan to "ignore". Usually it's the case fans I have problems with, but now it's cpu noctua fans. 1 fan is not recognized in bios, but both cpu fans are spinning.

    Motherboard going bad?


  2. System crashed while doing a clean install of Windows 10! Help ASAP!

    How did you make the bootable media? Is flash media created only by Media Creation Tool?

    If you have a modern UEFI BIOS are you booting the media as a UEFI or EFI device from the one-time BIOS Boot menu key - which on Lenovo is obtained by powering up with the small OneKey button near Power button, by tapping the F12 key vigorously at boot,
    or by entering
    Advanced Startup Options
    to choose "Use a yDevice?"

    To determine if you have a UEFI BIOS, look in Disk Management for an EFI System partition vs. the System Reserved partition on a Legacy BIOS' install. In BIOS setup, look for settings for UEFI, CSM, Legacy BIOS, Secure Boot and in the BIOS Boot order which
    should have Windows Boot Manager first for UEFI or hard drive first for Legacy BIOS.

    Failure to boot media is 90% of the time a user failure. The timing needs to be correct, key pressed vigorously enough and "Press any Key to boot disk" responded to quickly.

    If you cannot access one-time BIOS Boot menu or Lenovo OneKey Boot Menu, try setting the media being used first to boot in BIOS setup. While there, reset to defaults, check SATA controller is set to AHCI.
    Greg Carmack - Windows MVP, Jul 31, 2016
  3. Getting into bios

    If you don't see UEFI in Advanced Startup Options Menu, than you probably have Legacy Bios. That is what I have and I do not have the UEFI menu option in ASOM.

    I looked up legacy bios and when I had to reinstall windows 10 for the first time there was no option on how to boot bios listed

    and it has to do with using a flash drive

    BIOS: To prevent Windows Setup or Windows PE from booting in UEFI mode, remove the efi folder
    on the root of the media.
    GregoryFye52, Jul 31, 2016

BIOS boot issue and has UEFI boot option one time, next time it doesnt

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