Windows 10: bioshock2 steam/gaming evolved

Discus and support bioshock2 steam/gaming evolved in Windows 10 Gaming to solve the problem; Hi all, I tried everything, latest amd drivers etc. to get B2 to work on win10 as; after reading this forum it was posted as working. I reinstalled... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Gaming' started by toppergraph, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. bioshock2 steam/gaming evolved

    Hi all,

    I tried everything, latest amd drivers etc. to get B2 to work on win10 as; after reading this forum it was posted as working.
    I reinstalled steam and the game several times but after playing the title intro movie it got the bit "TEN YEARS LATER" then it would shut down and return the desktop.

    I now have it working:I installed the beta AMD drivers and installed "gaming evolved along with it "(select express install NOT custom).this gave the same result initially. so i used the manual add game function in gaming evolved and followed the browse instructions to find the launcher.exe and the game.exe using the search computer function to find them.BINGO it now works when i launch from gaming evolved.

    anyone else had this problem?

    regards Topper.

    toppergraph, Nov 23, 2014

  2. Xbox Play Anywhere, ARK Survival Evolved, File locations

    I installed ARK Survival Evolved onto my laptop through Xbox Play Anywhere, the game runs fine, but i can't find the location in the files where the Microsoft Store put it. I've been looking online for it but the only thing i can find is the location for
    the steam version of the game.

    Moved from: Windows / Windows 10 / Files, folders, & storage
    NicholasPhagan, Nov 23, 2014
  3. Screensaver only on login screen

    The command worked but screen still wont turn off. If it matters i have some programs open and 2 screens.

    Open programs:

    TeamSpeak 3


    Microsoft Edge


    spotify (playing song)

    Roccat Tyon Driver

    AMD Gaming Evolved

    Corsair Gaming Headset Control Panel

    Curse Voice



    Logitech Gamingsoftware


    AVG Tuneup


    1: AOC e2752Vq

    2: SAMSUNG LS22E391HS/EN
    rexthecapt, Nov 23, 2014
  4. bioshock2 steam/gaming evolved

    I spoke to soon,

    2 mins into the game... back to desktop: going back to tweeking in game graphics and video card settings.
    I had this problem on a lower spec card and CPU when the game came out and it was ran under games for windows LIVE,so I don`t think it`s a steam problem. will keep investigating and try to remember how I solved it.
    Regards Topper.
    toppergraph, Nov 24, 2014

bioshock2 steam/gaming evolved

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