Windows 10: Black and White 2 graphics issue

Discus and support Black and White 2 graphics issue in Windows 10 Gaming to solve the problem; Here's a tough nut to crack. Anyone who's tried playing B&W2 knows that it comes with a whole host of patch this, compatibility that. I went through... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Gaming' started by NebulousArray, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. Black and White 2 graphics issue

    Here's a tough nut to crack. Anyone who's tried playing B&W2 knows that it comes with a whole host of patch this, compatibility that. I went through everything, and as elated as i am to have it open and play, there is a huge issue with the graphics. They flicker like an old vhs, miscolored bars stretched across the screen for cutscenes, and the landscape is a nightmare when the game finally loads. It flickers and flashes through character models and makes them look horrid too. Otherwise, and funnily enough, the game runs great. No lag, very responsive. I've tried every compatibility/resolution/ color reduce combination i can think of but none of them will get rid of the flicker. Is it just the curse of trying to play the game on a modern pc? Please help, i'd love to relive my childhood sans nightmarish seizure lights!

    NebulousArray, Apr 16, 2019
  2. Ernie San Win User

    Black and white screen

    Hello Benjamin,

    There are a lot of possible causes why the screen of your computer turns into black/white. This may be an issue with your graphics driver, monitor (hardware) or corrupted system files. For better assistance, we'd like to ask additional information:

    • What troubleshooting steps have you tried so far?
    • Did you make any changes to your computer before experiencing this issue?
    • Are you getting any error messages? If yes, can you send us a screenshot?

    Meanwhile, we recommend using the screen filter keyboard shortcut. Press
    Windows key + Ctrl + C
    to change the color filter.

    We are looking forward to your reply.
    Ernie San, Apr 16, 2019
  3. vkumar Win User
    Screen stuck in black and white

    I have a Lenovo Flex 4 Windows 10 laptop. Additional specifications are listed at the bottom.

    I have a very strange problem. My account seems to be stuck in black and white. When I boot the computer, the lock screen is in color. When I log into my account, it is in solely black and white. When I log into another account, color is restored.

    I am at a loss. I booted into safe mode and the issue was not resolved. I know it is not a hardware problem, as color would then not appear anywhere.

    If anyone has any advice to offer, it would be much appreciated.


    I have not found a solution to the problem yet, so the temporary solution I found is to just use another account. Although I don't believe this to be a permanent solution, I am growing increasingly frustrated with using a computer with a black and white screen.

    If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Thanks.

    Edit 2:

    One more thing which I forgot to mention is that the screenshots appear in black and white. I have tried resetting both of the graphic card control panels to factory defaults, and have also tried fully uninstalling and reinstalling both drivers.


    Lenovo Flex 4

    Intel i5 7200 CPU

    Radeon R5 M430 & Intel HD integrated graphics
    vkumar, Apr 16, 2019
  4. Black and White 2 graphics issue

    white screen

    Hello Suzanna,

    Please answer the questions below:

    • Did you use this computer with HP monitor before? And was it working fine?
    • Do you see manufacturer logo or any black screen in HP monitor? Or you just immediately see white screen when you turn the computer on?

    I request you to uninstall and reinstall the Graphics Card Drivers.

    Step 1: Uninstall the Graphics Card

    • Right click on the Start menu.

    • Click on “Device Manager” from that list.

    • Search for the Graphics Card
      from the device list, right click on it and then select “Uninstall”. On the un-installation window, if you have an option: “Delete the driver software for this device” you may select that and then remove the corrupted drivers
      from the computer.

    • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete it and then restart the computer if prompted.
    After the restart, please go ahead with the next steps to install the latest drivers and check if that resolves the issue.

    Step 2: Go to the Computer or Graphics Card
    manufacturer’s website and search for the latest Windows 10 drivers available for the
    Graphics Card model and then install it by following the instructions given in the website.

    I hope this helps you. If you have any further query in future, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

    Thank you.
    Amit(Kumar), Apr 16, 2019

Black and White 2 graphics issue

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