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Discus and support Black and White Screen in Windows 10 Customization to solve the problem; Okay, so everytime I play a video or launch a game, it converts its color to black and white. I can see color only for around 2 seconds then it just... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Customization' started by FireFrozen305, May 12, 2020.

  1. Black and White Screen

    Okay, so everytime I play a video or launch a game, it converts its color to black and white. I can see color only for around 2 seconds then it just turns black and white. I've restarted my computer, checked to see if my color filter was off it was, I even checked high contrast. nothing online seems to be helping. This isn't something as simple as grayscale. It only turns videos and games black and white. Everything else is fine. Does anyone know any fixes? please it's really a bothering problem to deal with.

    FireFrozen305, May 12, 2020
  2. Ernie San Win User

    Black and white screen

    Hello Benjamin,

    There are a lot of possible causes why the screen of your computer turns into black/white. This may be an issue with your graphics driver, monitor (hardware) or corrupted system files. For better assistance, we'd like to ask additional information:

    • What troubleshooting steps have you tried so far?
    • Did you make any changes to your computer before experiencing this issue?
    • Are you getting any error messages? If yes, can you send us a screenshot?

    Meanwhile, we recommend using the screen filter keyboard shortcut. Press
    Windows key + Ctrl + C
    to change the color filter.

    We are looking forward to your reply.
    Ernie San, May 12, 2020
  3. bugfroggy Win User
    dwm.exe - Black and White Screen

    Last night I was using my PC as normal, and went to copy something with CTRL+C. I think I accidentally pressed another key in the process, though (either X or V). Immediately after, my screen turned black and white. I tried restarting, and that did not resolve
    my problem (screen was still black and white), so I started to dig deeper. I discovered how to create the problem, and how to stop it. I stopped it by ending the dwm.exe process in Task Manager (This is a Microsoft process, it seems). The process immediately
    opened again, but the error didn't occur. All was fine until I went to open my recording software, Dxtory. When I opened it, my screen immediately went black and white again, and remained that way until I ended the dwm.exe process.

    Some important things to note:

    • I'm not sure if this is a Windows error or a Dxtory error. I've updated Windows (build 16299.19) (Updated before this started occuring), Dxtory (2.0.142), and my Nvidia drivers (387.92).
    • Screenshots are black and white as well.
    • When I open a program that requires administrator permissions, the prompt is the correct color, even if everything else is black and white.
    • This effect is not on the login screen, although I'm not sure if it occurs on other accounts.
    • It seems like there might be multiple things that cause the issue, and Dxtory is just one of them (For example, when I logged onto my PC this morning, my screen was black and white, despite Dxtory not being opened)
    Can anyone help me? Thanks.
    bugfroggy, May 12, 2020
  4. Black and White Screen

    Black screen error


    There are several reasons why you are facing a black screen issue. One of these is due to outdated or incorrect device drivers. For us to figure out what's causing this, provide more details by answering the listed questions:

    • Can you confirm to us if you are using a laptop or a computer?
    • Have you made any recent changes to your device prior to this happening?
    • What exactly were you doing when the error occurred?
    • Have you tried any troubleshooting steps to resolve this? If yes, specify all of the steps that you have done.

    As an initial part of troubleshooting, we suggest following the steps given on this article:

    Troubleshoot black screen or blank screen errors
    . This will help you diagnose and rectify most of the known black screen concerns.

    We will wait for your response.
    Dhavelyn Mer, May 12, 2020

Black and White Screen

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