Windows 10: Black screen after booting (not GPU related?)

Discus and support Black screen after booting (not GPU related?) in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hello everyone. After a ton of research, I've decided to make an account here in hopes that maybe I can get a solution to an issue that I've been... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by afernandez2120, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. Black screen after booting (not GPU related?)

    Hello everyone.

    After a ton of research, I've decided to make an account here in hopes that maybe I can get a solution to an issue that I've been having. I have spent quite a bit of time trying to troubleshoot a desktop given to me by someone that I work with, and after climbing a lot of hurdles, I have run into an insurmountable wall here that doesn't seem to be shared by too many other users over the internet.

    Computer seems to successfully boot to Windows 10, but the log-in screen does not display with anything useful. Keyboard and mouse input do appear to be working and responsive, though I am not able to see any sort of cursor. I'd tried the WinKey + P trick that many had mentioned, which helped to confirm to me that I was at least seeing some picture from the operating system, as the projector options did display. However, switching the projector options is not doing anything to help here: the black screen stays the way it is, cursorless. Pressing WinKey + P again will cause the projector options to display, but cycling through the options does not change anything. Interestingly enough, it is also possible to press WinKey + U to get a few accessibility options (On-Screen Keyboard, Sticky Keys, etc).

    Ctrl+Alt+Del / Ctrl+Alt+Escape does not yield any sort of visible results, either.

    I went through the process of enabling the legacy boot menu policy to allow for F8 to display the additional boot options: Safe Mode and Safe Mode with Networking are not yielding any positive results; in fact, unlike a regular boot, both Safe Mode choices lead me to a black screen that, when WinKey + P is pressed, tells me that the PC cannot project to another screen.

    In an unrelated and even more problematic issue - to make matters worse, installation media seems to not want to boot anymore, when it was working earlier in the day today. I am not sure why this is - perhaps there is a BIOS setting that got switched at some point, I don't know. Previously, startup repair and reset PC + keep files both failed, with the SrtTrail.txt file located in the logs indicating that the PC did in fact boot, so that file has proven to be nothing short of unhelpful.

    I'd unfortunately not been able to actually get past the log-in screen of this computer to actually get detailed specifications, as this seems to be the end-game of numerous errors that I've been trying to trudge past. I can at least get partial specs: it has 8 GB RAM, and it is running a AMD FX-4100 @ 3.60 GHz (quad core), running on an MSI board. After initially reading that some people with similar issues had multiple video cards, I took to opening the desktop and did not see any occupied PCI-E slots, so I assume the card is integrated/onboard. Switching the option in the BIOS to internal as opposed to PCI-E did not fix anything either.

    The person who is using this computer has numerous proprietary software and would rather do anything they can to not have to do a complete reformat/reinstall.

    There are likely other things not listed on this original post that I've tried, but please - feel free to mention absolutely anything that is related to the issue. I've been racking my brain over this and could certainly use some help bouncing ideas off to others.

    afernandez2120, Jul 20, 2016
  2. DeanEvo Win User

    WIndows 10, screen goes black after a couple of minutes and have to restart computer

    Hi, I have upgraded to windows 10 and shortly (couple of minutes) after the computer boots to desktop the screen goes black and I can't do anything but turn off or restart.

    In safe mode it doesn't turn off.

    I use the hide updates patch on my gpu drivers and have set metered connection to on however the screen still goes black as if it's installing a gpu driver that doesn't work.

    Any suggestions please?

    DeanEvo, Jul 20, 2016
  3. &Roy Win User
    Laptop black screen after boot after upgrade to Windows 10

    Hi, let me describe my problem:

    When the laptop boots it shows a black screen after the Windows logo (no mouse cursor), this stays until I press the power button once for sleep and when it wakes the displays works and continues the session.


    MSI CX640 with GeForce GT 520M

    What I tried:

    Booting in safe mode will display the screen inmidiatly after boot.

    Disabling all (non-MS)services & programs from starting.

    Updating to the latest GPU driver (355.60 for Nvidia & the newest of Intel)

    Fix startup problems on the dvd (no issues detected)

    Disabling the Intel GPU (made the black screen boot go away but the driver was horrible (only low-res, so not sure if the Nvidia card took over)
    &Roy, Jul 20, 2016
  4. Black screen after booting (not GPU related?)

    Bumping this up to the front page just with a minor update: installation media is working on other computers, but hangs on the Windows logo on this one. It was previously working early yesterday and then just randomly stopped.

    I would greatly appreciate any sort of insight any of you guys have.
    afernandez2120, Jul 21, 2016

Black screen after booting (not GPU related?)

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