Windows 10: Black Screen Of Death

Discus and support Black Screen Of Death in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; I see that the BSOD section is only for Blue Screen, but what about Black Screen which I now get every time after about an hour after Booting. What... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by clayto, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. clayto Win User

    Black Screen Of Death

    I see that the BSOD section is only for Blue Screen, but what about Black Screen which I now get every time after about an hour after Booting. What makes it more problematic is that the PC crashes and cannot be re-started until after an hour plus of none use, despite frequently pressing the power button.

    clayto, Nov 19, 2018
  2. Pavan_N Win User

    The Black screen of death with cursor

    Hi Gregory,

    I appreciate the troubleshooting steps you have tried to resolve the issue. Follow the link below and perform the troubleshooting steps suggested.

    Troubleshoot black screen problems
    . Do let us know the status. Thank you.
    Pavan_N, Nov 19, 2018
  3. Windows 7 black screen of death

    I read a report a little while ago that said the black screens were nothing to do with updates but due to a malicious program (it hit more than just windows 7 users - vista, xp and 2000 were also prone to the black startup screen of death if infected). My windows 7 install is fully up-to-date and i've never had the black startup screen.

    Just run some decent anti virus and you should be safe (i suggest microsoft security essentails since it's free and pretty decent). When you've installed an anti-virus i'd suggest doing a full scen to be sure there's nothing there.
    human_error, Nov 19, 2018
  4. Black Screen Of Death

    Almost Black Screen of Death?

    Okay, so my sister was trying to watch a Blu Ray DVD in my computer last night, but of course it didn't work. She ended up watching a normal DVD and it was fine. After she finished, I turned off my computer normally. This morning, however, I tried turning on my computer and it gave me the normal code screen thing with quite text and a black background. This time, instead of booting normally it said "Press [Esc] to boot... (instert countdown here)" I waited and didn't press anything and it just came to a screen that was almost black and almost blue. The cursor didn't pop up and when I pressed Crl, Alt, and Delete it went back to the white text code screen. I attempted pressing Esc like it said, but it all led back to the almost black screen of death.
    I called my one of my family members for help because they are a tech guru, and they suggested unplugging everything (which I had done and proved unsuccessful), taking out the RAM and putting it back it, and still nothing. They then suggested pressing F8 when I boot up my computer, and it comes to the pop up window with two things to select. One that's called Sata and the other that's called CD or something. I tried selecting both of them, but yet again, the almost black screen of death.
    After my several attempts, my family member told me to try to safe reboot using the CD we have saved for my computer as a backup. There was no DVD in my computer during all these attempts.
    Was this caused by the Blu Ray, and any ideas on what to do? Thanks!
    Quinn McAuley, Nov 19, 2018

Black Screen Of Death

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