Windows 10: Black Screens To Prevalent During Upgrade to 10

Discus and support Black Screens To Prevalent During Upgrade to 10 in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; There are constant black screens that block out the view of what a user's machine is doing during an Upgrade or even at boot. I have posted this before... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Gary, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. Gary Win User

    Black Screens To Prevalent During Upgrade to 10

    There are constant black screens that block out the view of what a user's machine is doing during an Upgrade or even at boot. I have posted this before and got silly answers like just look at your Hard Drive LED. Well to me and some others this is not a joke. I own my machine and I would like to know what MS is putting on it. Sure they provided a free OS but that does not mean that they now own your machine. Now I joined this forum to learn about Windows 10 and to help others while doing so. I have tested almost every build that has been release. I have as of about 15 minutes ago went back to the RTM. I am tired of being a guinea pig for MS.
    I have been told that this was happening in Windows 8.1 so it has been going on for over a year. I have sent numerous reports to MS about this with no response.

    This is a serious matter so if you are going to post some silliness please post in the joke thread as this is not a joke. I just happen to believe that a user should not be left in the dark about what is being put on your machine.
    This was not done in Win 3.1 , Windows NT, Windows 95, 2000 and even in Windows ME so why should it be done with what is touted as the best thing to ever come out of Redmond. There are enough privacy issues as it is, we do not need any more. If you do not believe that you have lost most of your privacy then you had better get your head out of the sand.

    So for me, I am calling it a night. I hope I have some answers when I wake up in the AM. Thanks for your time. EOR*Smile

  2. Andre Da Costa, Aug 28, 2015
  3. My other computer was running windows 10, annirversary update started. Left computer to get on with it now we just have a black screen with a moving cursor. Can't enter safe mode or make any changes!

    Hi Lewy,

    To resolve the black screen issue on your computer during the anniversary update, we found a helpful solution posted by Sharath Srinivasa on this link:

    Black screen after upgrading to Windows 10

    Loraine Mon, Aug 28, 2015
  4. Cliff S New Member

    Black Screens To Prevalent During Upgrade to 10

    First of all when you wake up in the morning- Good morning Gary*Smile,

    Now to the nitty-gritty, I didn't experience this "black screen" stuff on either of my PC's, do you think(or anyone else for that matter) it could be video driver related? I mean like when updating a video drive the screen goes temporarily back/blank because the old driver is switched off and uninstalled and the new is installed. I was thinking maybe this was happening in the Windows Preinstallation Environment(WinPE).

    Just guessing/brainstorming
    Cliff S, Aug 28, 2015
  5. Gary Win User
    No it is not my Video driver as this problem did not exist in any other OS. It is Microsoft that is doing this in their upgrade process. I have a fairly fast PC but I do not have an SSD. I posted that I was not the only one that is experimenting this. I never had any Black screens during any of the upgrades to Windows 7 or any prior OS. The black screen occur even when my Hard Drive LED is showing activity. As you can see from HERE There are more than 10 pages of Black Screen issues. I will now go and look at some of the fixes. I just looked at one and the response from The MS MVP is laughable..
    I can see this black screen during the install practice as in 7 and prior OS's, it was actually covered up by images. I still get a screen Flicker on Logon and with a restart a black screen that lasts less than 10 seconds.

    1459 People had the same question.
  6. Cliff S New Member
    I meant the default driver used in the WinPE for the installation process, but after reading that link, I remember I did turn off secure boot and fast boot in BIOS before clean installing.
    Cliff S, Aug 28, 2015
  7. Gary Win User
    I never did a clean install. I thought that maybe using Clasic Shell was causing the black screen at boot so I stopped it from starting with Windows and it took a longer time to restart and the black screen with the mouse pointer was twice as long.
  8. Cliff S New Member

    Black Screens To Prevalent During Upgrade to 10

    That is odd Gary*Confused. I really can't help in this case, it's like shooting tin cans in a dark room. The only black screen w/cursor I experienced was when I uninstalled UXStyles after testing theming compatibility with it(absolutely not a good idea now, because of automatic Windows Updates) and a week old Macrium imaged saved the day(again). Sorry.
    Cliff S, Aug 28, 2015
  9. Gary Win User
    I used to run a great deal of Themes on Windows 7. I had thought that I removed most of that junk. Maybe I will look again. Thanks Cliff!
  10. Cliff S New Member
    You're welcome, there is always the possibility of cruft(unwanted/unneeded leftovers from uninstalled software) causing problems.
    Cliff S, Aug 28, 2015
  11. Dirk Win User
    I have a laptop and experienced the black screen after a critical update on Windows 7. I resolved the problem by doing a system restore. It happened repeatedly until i disabled auto update. I then upgraded to Win 10. in early August. I again experienced the black screen after the recent update. I do not get a cursor, just a black screen. However I did find that by attaching an external monitor i got a screen. As far as i have been able to tell, this is not an issue with video drivers, rather Windows using the wrong monitor setting as default when doing the update.

    I just did a system restore with Win 10 and got my laptop screen back. I have not found where i can turn off auto updates, but just saw that the KB that is causing this problem also is a fix to allow auto updates to be turned off. I have not been able to tell which file is causing the video issue.

    Anybody else at this stage?

Black Screens To Prevalent During Upgrade to 10

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