Windows 10: Blinking Boxes & Alarm Sound On Desktop

Discus and support Blinking Boxes & Alarm Sound On Desktop in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; I hope I can explain this that it makes sense. I was away from my PC for about 30 minutes & heard an alarm sound coming from it. There was a white box... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by MamaWolf, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. MamaWolf Win User

    Blinking Boxes & Alarm Sound On Desktop

    I hope I can explain this that it makes sense. I was away from my PC for about 30 minutes & heard an alarm sound coming from it. There was a white box outlining the start menu icon that blinked off & then surrounded the arrow on the right for hidden icons. The white box blinked on & off rapidly (first on the start icon & then on the arrow). At the same time, there was a rapid alarm beeping. If I right clicked the desktop, it stopped. As soon as I tried to left click on anything it started again. I was not able to open the start menu to shut down & ended up doing a forced shutdown. It has not happened since I rebooted.

    Two days ago I had a different problem with the cursor opening things & working on its own. I ended up correcting that issue by disabling the touchscreen in Device Manage. My thought is that somehow the two are related. Can someone enlighten me as to why this is happening & how to stop it? I am including a screenshot I took with my phone.

    Many Thanks,

    Blinking Boxes & Alarm Sound On Desktop [​IMG]

    MamaWolf, Dec 31, 2018
  2. ensecozz Win User

    Alarm not sounding

    Having the issue too!!!

    HTC Mozart T8698 (OS: 7.0.7392.0)

    • [unplugged] - let's wp7 alarm for 3-4 times. then the sound is gone, only the vibration is left working. I need to soft reset to fix the problem.
    • [plugged] - seem to have no problem. the Alarm sound is increasing to maximum as it goes
    • I also noticed the sound is lacking sometime. Some part of the alarm sound is missing during the alarming. It is like the alarming eating up the resource upto 100% and cannot play the alarm sound smoothly. - -" What is wrong with the alarming???
    To Microsoft,

    This is just a basic function of Mobile Phone. Please fix it immediately. Don't make customer to wait until Mango update to fix it. Very bad experience for users.
    ensecozz, Dec 31, 2018
  3. Cheap Photo box that will get the job done

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    I will post pictures and step by step as i do it
    MomentoMoir, Dec 31, 2018
  4. Blinking Boxes & Alarm Sound On Desktop

    Alarm doesn't make sound in Windows 10

    Hi Nasseb,

    Welcome to Microsoft community forums. Let me assist you with your concern.

    Share this information to assist you better.

    • Are you referring to Alarms app?

    • Are you able to hear sounds from other apps like Music and video?
    First check AM and PM example see if you have set 6 PM (evening) instead of 6 AM (Morning). To fix this problem, use the following methods in the order in which they are listed. After each method, check if problem is fixed. If the problem is not fixed,
    try the next method.

    Method 1: I would suggest you to follow the troubleshooting steps suggested in this Microsoft article and check if it helps:

    First, try running the Apps troubleshooter. This tool can automatically identify and fix some problems
    with apps and the Store.

    If running the troubleshooter doesn't help, follow suggestion from this article to fix the app yourself.

    If issue persist, proceed to next method.

    Method 2:

    Check with the volume settings. Please follow the steps given below and check if it helps.

    • Right click on the speaker icon in taskbar and select volume control options.

    • Put a check mark on "All devices currently playing sound".

    • Make sure you have "The default communication device unchecked".

    • Place a check mark on both speakers and headphones. Click Apply and OK.
    Troubleshoot problems with an app (Applies to Windows 10)

    Refer this article for more information regarding Alarm app.

    Alarms app for Windows: FAQ

    Hope this helps. If you need further assistance with Windows, let us know and will be glad to help.

    Thank you.
    Rakesh Narayanaswamy, Dec 31, 2018

Blinking Boxes & Alarm Sound On Desktop

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