Windows 10: Blocking Roblox in time frames

Discus and support Blocking Roblox in time frames in User Accounts and Family Safety to solve the problem; How do I block Roblox certain time frames? similar to screen time... Discussion in 'User Accounts and Family Safety' started by NLP_1551, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. NLP_1551 Win User

    Blocking Roblox in time frames

    How do I block Roblox certain time frames? similar to screen time

    NLP_1551, Jun 2, 2019
  2. Ariel Acu Win User

    Windows 10 Roblox problem

    Hi Auras,

    There are several reasons as to why you can't play Roblox on your computer. Windows Updates may affect the game not to play if your computer is not updated. To make sure that your Windows 10 is up to date, I suggest that you check for any Windows Update
    by using this link as your guide.

    In addition, make sure that Roblox is allowed to run on your Chrome by performing the following steps:

    • Download Roblox and run its setup file.
    • After the game has been installed, try to run it.
    • You should get a message box saying “External Protocol Request”. Check
      Remember my choice for all links of this type and click Launch Application.

    If the issue persists, I suggest that you use another web browser on your computer to check if that helps.

    Do get back to us with the results. We'd be more than willing to provide you additional help.
    Ariel Acu, Jun 2, 2019
  3. i want to unblock roblox.

    Hi Robert,

    How is Roblox being blocked?

    I found an article with common issues with Win 10 and Roblox -
    - It's a 3rd party site but has over a dozen fixes for running Roblox.

    Let me know if this helps, and if not we can continue troubleshooting and figure out why it's being blocked!

    - C
    Charlie Klausen, Jun 2, 2019
  4. Blocking Roblox in time frames

    Roblox Error


    Issues with installing Roblox on your PC may occur due to several reasons. It is possible that some of the installation files are corrupted. To properly isolate your concern, please provide us the following information:

    • Are you installing the game from an app or a web browser?
    • Have you installed the game on the same computer before?

    In the meantime, we suggest that you run the game in compatibility mode to make it work on your Windows 10 PC by following the steps below:

    • Go to the game folder and right click on the setup file.
    • Click on Properties and go to the Compatibility tab.
    • Under the Compatibility mode, check Run this program in compatibility mode for: and select the operating system where the game is compatible.
    • Let the drivers install and launch the game again.

    Most programs created for earlier versions of Windows will work on Windows 10. However, some older programs might run poorly or not at all. If the issue persists, you may run the
    Program Compatibility Troubleshooter by following the steps on this
    to automatically detect and fix some of the most common issues.
    Loraine Mon, Jun 2, 2019

Blocking Roblox in time frames

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