Windows 10: Blue Squares with Dots on Boot - New Setup

Discus and support Blue Squares with Dots on Boot - New Setup in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; CPU: Ryzen 9 3900X Motherboard: x570 AORUS PRO WIFI Memory: G.SKILL RipJaws V Series... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by fsaenzd, Jun 24, 2020.

  1. fsaenzd Win User

    Blue Squares with Dots on Boot - New Setup

    CPU: Ryzen 9 3900X
    Motherboard: x570 AORUS PRO WIFI
    Memory: G.SKILL RipJaws V Series (32 GB, 2x16) 3600 MHz
    GPU: EVGA 2070 Super XC Ultra
    Storage: Samsung SSD 970 PRO 512GB M.2
    PSU: Corsair V1300 Platinum (1300W)
    Case: Corsair Obsidian 500D
    Water Cooling: Corsair H150i PRO RGB AIO (360mm)
    Monitor #1: LG 27GL850 27" (2560x1440 144 Hz, G-Sync Compatible)
    Monitor #2: Acer B277 bmiprzx 27" (1920x1080 75 Hz)

    Dear TenForums,

    As stated, this is a freshly new setup (approximately 10 days old). Not sure what's causing this. It doesn't generally interrupt my gaming sessions and it's generally fixed by manually pressing the power button off/on once again. It only happens when booting after several hours of rest between sessions. I want to state that i have no bsod, crashes or freezes during my regular use of Windows throughout the day and it strictly happens on boot after several hours of rest.

    At first, i thought it was either the 2004 Windows Update or G-Sync Compatible causing it so i rolled both the update to 1909 and turned G-Sync Compatible OFF. However, that doesn't seem to have fixed the issue. My temps are generally low (50/less for the CPU and 65-68 on the GPU under Heavy Load). I considered the possibility of it being a compatibility issue between the 2 different resolution/frequency Monitor(s) but i rather get a more professional opinion. I've already performed Cinebench R20 & Valley Benchmark successfully to filter out the possibility of the GPU being defective. My BIOS Driver is not the latest (F20a) because it's marked as "unstable" by many users. However, i'm using 2 versions lower (F12e) which is presented as "stable" along with the F12g. My Audio & GPU Driver(s) are up-to-date from their respective counterparts: Gigabyte/Realtek & GeForce Experience (Nvidia).

    I personally payed a "certified" 3rd Party to build it from the dust since i don't know much about Setup(s) in general. Would appreciate any help i could get as i spent a big load on this setup for it to be causing issues straight from the box. Will help with any information you guys might require for it to be fixed.

    fsaenzd, Jun 24, 2020
  2. Bree Win User

    Installation media boots to command prompt

    I've just booted from known working install media to see exactly what it does when booting. The sequence of events is...

    1. Windows logo on a black screen
    2. circling dots appear beneath the logo
    3. light blue 'Please wait' screen with circling dots
    4. a command prompt window (very briefly)
    5. the initial Setup page appears

    Do you see steps 1-3? If so, it appears you have stopped at step 4, suggesting that something on the disc cannot be read.

    Does the disc boot properly in another machine? If so, try cleaning the laptop's drive lens then try booting from the disc again.

    If not, make new install media with Microsoft's Media Creation Tool, either as a bootable USB, on an ISO that you can burn to another disc. At Step 8 in Option One of this tutorial you can choose between making a USB or an ISO.

    Download Windows 10 ISO File
  3. Installation Hangs at Blue Windows Logo, Error Code C1900101-20017

    The BIOS update suggestion posted above by @Jegler helped me, @guhanath. I was on version 1.10 and updated to 1.90. The steps I took after that were just doing the official Windows 10 upgrade procedure.

    Then the Windows 10 installation went without a hitch, and I'm no longer on Windows 7. I'm going to consider this solved, thank you @Jelger for the suggestion to update the BIOS!
    KingDecimator, Jun 24, 2020
  4. KevinAR Win User

    Blue Squares with Dots on Boot - New Setup

    Rotating dots on blue background instead of default lock screen

    A week ago I switched on my PC (Windows 10 Pro 64 bit with ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro graphics card) which had previously been working and on which I had made no changes. It went through the normal boot. There are 5 users and normally it gets to the default lock screen (beach from cave) which I hit enter to display the user list. But this time instead of the lock screen it displayed a blue screen with rotating dots. The dots sometimes made complete circles and sometimes started to make a circle get part way round then jump to the beginning. Mouse+keyboard was not responding. I could access the shared content from another PC. I had previously setup the PC to accept Remote Desktop connection. When I attempted Remote Desktop from my Windows phone my taskbar would load on my phone but the desktop would not and nothing responded. When I tried to access from my laptop it would not respond at all. I logged into safe mode and switched to the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. This booted but took longer to get to the user list and didn't display the lock screen. Also the user list screen flickered blank and back on. I logged into a user. WIN+L triggered the user's lock screen, but never the default one. Edge displays a blank window but Chrome works correctly. I changed the default lock screen and tried with the ATI driver - same rotating dots. I have a spare nVidia card so I went back to safe mode, changed back to MS Basic Adapter, rebooted into normal mode, uninstalled the ATI software, shutdown, replaced the ATI card with a nVidia card, rebooted - but the same problem of rotating dots on blue background. I ran sfc /scannow which reported some corrupt files which it said it fixed but that didn't cure the problem. I ran chkdsk which found some problems which it fixed. I tried system restore but Windows 10 has never made a restore point! I never got round to making a repair disc. If I load with MS Basic Adapter then let Windows install the correct driver for ATI or nVidia card, the monitor changes to full resolution desktop but the taskbar doesn't appear and there are several black rectangles on the screen, niether mouse nor keyboard work, WIN+L causes the blue screen and rotating dots to appear. Anyone experienced the rotating dots? How did you fix them? All help greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kevin
    KevinAR, Jun 24, 2020

Blue Squares with Dots on Boot - New Setup

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