Windows 10: Bluish screen tint (not BSOD)

Discus and support Bluish screen tint (not BSOD) in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Greeting fellow Windows 10 users, A while ago I used to have a problem, upon finishing playing certain games in full-screen mode and exiting back to... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by wref11, Jun 30, 2018.

  1. wref11 Win User

    Bluish screen tint (not BSOD)

    Greeting fellow Windows 10 users,

    A while ago I used to have a problem, upon finishing playing certain games in full-screen mode and exiting back to windows my screen would acquire a bluish tint and make me sad.

    After searching for quite a while none of the solutions I found worked and I found out that by changing my screen's resolution the colours would go back to normal. Besides, someone has pointed out that it was a known issue and that it would be fixed with the Creator's update in a few month. Some half a year or more later the Creator's update did come out and fixed the bug.

    Then a month ago or so the GDPR update came out and "fixed" the fix. Now whenever I exit certain games, disconnect my USB mouse or sometimes just randomly it acquires the bluish tint. And changing the resolution does not work any longer most of the times. What does work for me is log out from the session, but it's hardly an ideal solution.

    So does anyone has an idea how to fix it for good or should I just wait the next update and hope they'll fix it again.


    I feel like w10 devs secretly love Unix and make a crappy buggy product on purpose so to encourage more people to try it out

    wref11, Jun 30, 2018

  2. Bluish tint of screen color

    I have a brand new Inspiron 11, 3000 series, Model 3168, on which the screen colors are tinted very much to the blue. Also the screen looks washed out, no matter what setting I put the brightness at.Very unhappy so far. It lost my wifi and is very slow.

    [Moved from: Windows / Windows 10 / Performance & system failures]
    DamperPants488, Jun 30, 2018
  3. Sasqui Win User
    Overclocking / Undervolting guide for Vega 56 or 64?

    Here's a quick laundry list:

    List of software to use for overclocking and testing
    Wattman (and how to find and use it, like an overview, including profiles)
    Unigine Valley or Heaven (use this for quick testing while changing settings in Wattman and checking for stability / artifacts) ...just suggesting this
    How to monitor cores / mem speeds and temps during testing (I've seen screen overlays, and others using GPUz)

    Step-by step overclocking in Wattman
    Fan speeds
    Power limit
    Temp limit
    Core speeds
    Memory speeds
    Sasqui, Jun 30, 2018
  4. Bluish screen tint (not BSOD)

    Laptop screen has blue tint

    I connected the laptop to my tv and it shows the right colours. (black and white photos are now correct, not with that blue tint). (Before this problem my screen had this blue tint for circa 10 seconds, after that it changed to the right colors.)
    Westland1940, Jun 30, 2018

Bluish screen tint (not BSOD)

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