Windows 10: Boot configuration lost for win10

Discus and support Boot configuration lost for win10 in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Woke up my PC from sleep mode today and found out there was an update applied played most of the day today and when I got one of my notorious video... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Doommarine654, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. Boot configuration lost for win10

    Woke up my PC from sleep mode today and found out there was an update applied played most of the day today and when I got one of my notorious video feed loss computer freeze I restarted Mt machine and now I have a boot configuration data failure error code 0xc0000001.

    Now I updated from win 8.1 for free and had issues before like I said the lock up resulting in lose of video feed and all forms of function so I had to do a full system wipe because win10 tools would refuse to work to refresh or fix anything and still do.

    I try navigating into the adv options from my win8 installation disk and I can't refresh or reset my machine. Refresh says the folder is locked. and the reset says I'm missing a drive partition.

    To be honest win10 is a nice step in the right direction but these issues man me love win8 more and frankly I'm tired of them.

    I'm about ready to buy a new hard drive and the win10 is to see if that will fix any of my problems because at this point I'm not wanting to do a full wipe and reinstall of 8 to 8.1 the to win10 because at that point I'm just ganna stick with 8.1 because I have zero issues.

    Any help would be nice to fix this issue /s. Thank you

    Doommarine654, Aug 11, 2015

  2. Need to Keep Win7 OS "as is" while evaluating Win10 UPGRADE

    I followed the Win 10 Upgrade procedure (from my OEM Win 7 Home Premium) with success on July 29 (although my Audio was soon lost in all scenarios). I made great efforts to explore and familiarize myself with the new OS (Win 10). What I discovered was
    that the learning curve was substantial (from my Win7 roots), and I cannot afford what amounts to a great loss in productivity compared to my productivity while using Win7. I opted to revert (Recover) to my pre-Win10 Upgrade Win7 OS.

    I am strongly in favor of eventually TRANSITIONING to Win10, but ONLY once I have had a chance to familiarize myself with the Win10 OS sufficiently to transition to the new OS without having a severe negative impact on my productivity.

    My Preference: Keep my Win7 OS "as is", and use the Win10 Upgrade in a Dual Boot configuration as a Learning base until I can confidently transition from my existing WIN7 OS.

    In that regard - can I run the WIN10 Upgrade again ... then use the Media Creation Tool to "clean install" the WIN10 Upgrade in a new boot partition ... then Recover my WIN7 on it's original partition (with everything intact)? That way I can use my WIN7
    and all existing programs and data that I am currently using with my primary Win7 boot, AND using my WIN10 "training boot" to add and evaluate my critical programs to my new WIN10 boot, one by one, before eventually fully transitioning to Win10 OS?

    In short: I MUST keep Win7 until I am familiar with WIN10 (and I am CONFIDENT that I won't take a significant Productivity Hit). I simply can't afford to lose productivity while trying to learn and quickly navigate the VERY Significant changes that WIN10
    will entail.

    PLEASE ... Detail precisely for me how I can keep my existing Win7 configuration while permitting me to evaluate and transition to the WIN10 OS.
    Greg Wood -, Aug 11, 2015
  3. Romip Win User
    Windows 10 Pro - Antimalware Service Executable high CPU and DISK usage

    No both cant call the same file the OS which you have booted into in a dual boot configuration will be the one which is scanned by default. it will setup the %sytemroot% variable which is used by programmes ( including windows itself) to determine
    the location of the operating systems partition. If you've booted into win10 then the system files required for win 10 will be loaded into memory for faster access the OS on the other partition will not be touched or scanned unless you manually configure
    defender to scan the other mounted drive. or drives
    Romip, Aug 11, 2015

Boot configuration lost for win10

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